100% Real Cheese Crisps Recipe (Grain Free)

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Ever remember the bad color textures that foods like chips and crackers provide? This easy cheese crisp recipe will come in handy for snacking! The best, most cheesy cracker, 1 ingredient list is 100 real food!

Next time you need a healthy alternative to a cracker dipped in sala or sauce or a break from carrots and celery, give them a try! And it only takes 15 minutes and a hunk of cheese.

Cheese crisps? Isn’t it healthy?

True, 100 cheesecakes are certainly not an everyday food, but if you’re craving chips, this is a much healthier alternative!

Cheese crumbs are higher in calories and fat than some snacks, and are not recommended for lactose intolerance. In our home, we have moderate amounts of raw, aged and high-fat milk in our food circulation, such as butter, cream, and yogurt. (The keywords here are “moderate” and “rotation.”)

Getting “real” about dairy

There is no better way to add salt to fresh vegetables and fruits. This is undeniable. But milk is in its most natural form – raw, organic, pasture (meaning grass-fed), and whole-fat – it has nutritional value and can be digested by most people. Even better if it is fermented because it is low in sugar and lactose and contains probiotics!

Food circulation is an important factor in getting good nutrition and avoiding food allergies. When I know what we are choosing carefully and when we eat, I can feel good about getting involved in things like real milk for a while.

As always, a good meal planning system (check out my favorite, real plans!) Helps prevent any kind of food abuse.

Because of this, I’ve put some dairy in my favorite 200+ recipes Health Mama Cookbook (Although milk is rarely required for prescription and is easily skipped if needed).

A variety of recipes frequently call for healthy milk substitutes such as almond and coconut milk.

How to make one ingredient Che cheese chips

Here are some key keys to making cheese chips. The first step is to choose the right cheese. You need a good, hard, low-moisture cheese like persimmon (a block or piece of it, not stuffed in a canister), cheddar or Asiago.

The second is a deeper look. Cheese crickets don’t work well enough to burn in seconds! Take them out when they are bullying and start to turn brown around the edges.

If your cheesecakes are too slow and spoiled, try mixing a variety of cheeses. I found that the combination of parsman and cheddar is better than just cheddar.

Mix it up!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and you want to add flavor to your cheese chips, try sprinkling it with spices before cooking. I like them with taco seasoning and thin slices of jelpino. Or try a pinch of Italian cooking.

This creative recipe is to cool the cheese in a muffin tin so that it becomes crispy in the shape of a bowl.

Here’s how to put one together for use with 100 cheese real cheese crumbs. It takes less time to prepare or to cook.

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100 Real Cheese Crisp Recipe

A thin layer of cooked parmesan and chador cheese makes a crispy and salty snack.


  • 8 Oz Low moisture cheese (Persimmon, Asianago, or Old Cheddar, Fresh Fish)
  • ½ Spoon Herbs or spices (Try paprika, taco masala, or Italian masala optional)


  • Lightly oil a cookie sheet or use a silicone baking mat or parchment paper.

  • Use 1 tablespoon scale to place small piles of cheese on the cookie sheet so that there is enough space left to spread.

  • Sprinkle with herbs or spices when using.

  • Turn the oven on the broiler and add the cheese.

  • Look carefully Learning time can take a bit of practice. When the bubbles slow down a bit and at the first sign of browning, it’s time to get them out.

  • Allow the cheese to cool slightly, then allow the plate to cool completely, using a lightly thin spatula.

  • When cool, use as if you were making salted or dipping chips in homemade sauces.

  • For storage, wait until completely cooled and pack between layers of wax paper in a shallow dish.


Service: 4Oat cheese | Calories: 360kcal | Carbohydrates: 4Yes | Protein: 36Yes | Fat: 24Yes | Saturated fat: 16Yes | Cholesterol: 80But | Sodium: 1040But

Ever made crispy cheese? Is there a better version to share? Do it below!

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