11 Essential Pushup Variations for Beginners


Push-ups are the most basic but effective step for power and conditioning.

This gentle muscular exercise trains your chest, shoulders, triceps and abdominal muscles. Add a little tweak and that irritation can quickly transform from a killer chest pump to a brutal cross. There are several variations, though. Some of which require extraordinary power.

Men’s Fitness Mike Simon shows each variation in the video above.

1. Traditional push

The starting point

2. Push wide grip

Shoulders engage more.

3. Push close grip

Make the tropes more engaging.

4. Push the key

Improves power and explosion.

5. Push one leg

More engaged in the basics.

6. Dead stop push

Also known as a “hand release pushup”, it can help reduce stress in the joints.

7. Freak push

Push-ups emphasize the stretch of the muscles, allowing you to change the stimulation on your muscles.

8. Spider-man push

Makes the core more engaged and improves the movement of the hips.

9. An armed inclination

Forces the chest to function in an unbalanced state.

10. Push-ups

Works more on the upper chest and shoulders.

11. Inclined push

Works more on the lower chest and triceps.

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