12 Full-Body, Muscle-Building Exercises that Use Sliders


Want to find out the pitfalls and benefits from the exercises you do? Grab some sliders.

Holly Perkins, author of CSCS, says, “One of the most important aspects for complex and compound movements, such as strength and function centers around squats and lungs,” To be leanGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Sliders are incredible because they destabilize these movements, and force your underused stabilizer muscles to work with your PM. Perkins adds, “As if you were able to super-charge any basic move by requiring 100% muscle for a particular movement charge.

Ready to challenge your body in ways you haven’t moved before?

Choose from the following list of 10 tricks and perform them that have no rest for reporters. After you have completed a complete circuit of 10 moves, rest for a minute and repeat for a total of three to five complete rounds.

1. Knee tuck

How to do it: Place your hands on the floor directly below your shoulders. Put your weight in the balls of your feet and place them on the sliders. Extend your legs until you are at the top of the pushup. Drag your knees to your chest, pull the sliders across the floor, then push your legs back to the beginning.

Expert Tip: Perkins says focus on the contraction of your abs. You want your stomach to control the pull momentum, not your hips.

Answers: 20

Slide out ahead

How to do it: Start at all fours with the pillow under your knees and the slider under your hands. Make sure your hands are directly below your shoulders. Then, move forward until your arms are fully extended, fingers pointing forward, keeping your knees on the ground. Perkins says, “When you are slipping, press your hands together so that they are finished touching, and stop when your hips are fully open but the ground is not touched.” Hold on for 3 seconds, then engage your core to get you to the starting position.

Expert Tip: To get the most out of this exercise (and minimize the risk of injury and inconvenience), take the time to stretch your hips. Hot with touches, long rotations of walking, and vibrant moves like happy baby poses, deep squat hip stretches, standing sumo squats, and pigeon pose.

Answers: 20

3. Hamstring curls

How to do it: Extend your legs straight out and sit on your heels slider, finger pointing. Keep your hands, palms down, with your hips. Press your hands into the floor and your heels into sliders to lift your hips off the floor 2-4 inches. Hold this position and pull your left heel toward you until it gets closer to your butt, keeping your right leg extended. Press in both heels as you push your left foot out of the starting position. Now repeat on your right leg.

Expert Tip: Perkins says keep your hips off the floor, and keep your lanes and core in place to stay balanced. Don’t let your hips fall apart.

Answers: 30 (15 each leg as you go)

4. In and Out Pushup

How to do it: Keep your hands sliders, your hands touching and your feet together. Perkins says, “Press your hands as you come down when you finish your hands with your hands like a standard push-up underneath the elbow.” Hold for 3 seconds, then pull your arms back to each other as you return to the starting position. This is a representative

Expert Tip: Keep your core as tight as possible. This challenges your abs, chest and triceps. If you are struggling, make the most of your feet.

Answers: 20

5. Reverse Long

How to do it: Tighten the long spine and your hands on the sliders on your hips. Position your weight in your right leg and slide your left leg backwards, down to the long leg until your left knee just falls to the floor. Drive to your right heel to push back to the starting position. On the other hand complete the same.

Expert Tip: Perkins says, “If you want to increase the challenge, you can add 10-30lb of dumbbells per hand.

Answers: 30 (15 each leg as you go)

6. Side Long

How to do it: Tighten the long spine and your hands on the sliders on your hips. Focus your weight on your right leg and slide the left leg straight while keeping your knees bent, but not locked. As below you are doing a pistol squat (on your right leg) and bend when the top of your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Wait for 3 seconds. Drive in your right heel and stand back.

Answers: 40 (perform 20 reps on left leg, then switch and complete for 20 reps on the right)

7. Sumo Squat

How to do it: Stand tall with two feet on the sliders. Turn your feet around 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM on Monday. As if you were standing on the clock. With your chest up and up, slide your feet outward as you approach a sumo squat from the bottom. Hold down for 3 seconds. Then, push back into your heels to stand back and stand. This is a representative

Expert Tip: Perkins says “either use your body weight or apply 25-35 lb dumbbells to your chest.” Get Started With Bodyweight If you are just getting started and slowly add weight as you get stronger.

Answers: 25

8. Forward lunge and touch

How to do it: Stand on the sliders with your feet together. Keep your spine straight and your head extended, keeping your left foot straight, until your left knee is at 90 degrees, bending both knees in one long leg. With that, move your right hand and tap the floor with your left foot. Press into your left heel to press backup and slide to the starting position.

Expert Tip: Perkins advised, “To increase the challenge, keep 10-15lb dumbbells in each hand.

Answers: 40 (Represent 20 on your left leg, then switch and complete 20 on the right leg)

9. Split squat

How to do it: Stand with your back to a steady bench or ladder, and place the slider under your left foot. Bring your right foot back so that your finger is on the bench and your right knee is bent. Keep your left foot forward 2 feet and hold on. Keep the bottom down from here until the top of your left thigh is parallel to the ground. Hold down for 3 seconds and then stand back.

Expert tip: “Although the slider is not moving in this exercise, it creates instability under your foot and increases your effort in your foot to maintain its position.” With that in mind, focus on keeping your heels moving and your movements steady.

Answers: 40 (perform 20 reps on your left leg, then switch and complete 20 reps on your right leg)

10. Mountain climber

How to do it: Begin with your hands directly above your shoulders and the bottom of your feet with the top of the slider position. Without locking your elbows or knees, pull your left knee into your chest, but keep your right leg longer. From here, switch the positions of the legs so that your left leg is extended and your right knee is close to your chest.

Expert Tips: Perkins says, “For the added challenge, complete them as soon as possible.”

Answers: 40 (20 on each leg, as you go)

11. Hovering press

How to do it: Start by pushing your hands on the sliders directly below your shoulders and with your feet raised to the top. Push the bottom down, keeping your arms close to your torso so that your hands are directly below your shoulders in the step below. Hold this position and hover for a few seconds. Then, slide your left hand forward immediately until it is fully extended. Pull it back and switch arms, extending your right arm.

Expert Tip: Don’t rush the arm extension. Time to work under stress to burn deep into your asses, shoulders, and triceps.

Answers: 10 (5 presses on each side, as you go)

12. Side tuck

How to do it: Sit on your left hip, place your knees with your feet and feet over a slider. Your feet should lean on each other and bend. Place your left hand under your shoulder and raise your legs on a side plank. “Your ankles, hips and left shoulder should be attached,” Perkins insisted. From here, bend your knees to tilt your legs to your butt. Stop and engage your muscles. Then, press and slide your foot to the starting position, keeping it in place. This is a representative

Answers: 30 (15 on each side)

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