14 Delicious Uses for Fennel (+ Health Benefits)

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I like to use herbs and spices in everything from infused water to breakfast sauce because they are full of nutrients and flavors that make any dish healthier and more attractive. Fennel is an herb and spice that can be tasted in many recipes (not to mention the health benefits) but many people leave it at the garden or grocery store.

Here you should give fennel a chance and it should work in the rotation of your seasonal food.

Fennel: The vegetable of the gods

Fennel is a vegetable that many people are not familiar with but they can recognize the taste of Greek, Italian and French food.

The stems are lined with green leaves with green tops called (like dill) fennel leaves. It has a textured texture (like celery) and tastes like livers or sniffs (sometimes in the wrong way or with the wrong label in a grocery store). All parts of fennel are edible.

Traditionally, fennel has been widely used in traditional and ancient medicine as well as in food because of its many health benefits.

In Greek mythology, fennel is associated with the Greek god of food and wine, Dionysus. It is said that a fennel stick filled with coal brings knowledge from the gods to human beings. Not that I recommend fennel, but it will be interesting to know! 🙂

Health benefits of fennel

So why branch out and try something new? Fennel brings a lot to the table that other vegetables don’t have, in terms of both taste and nutrition!

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Fennel contains vitamin C, which is important for many functions in the body, including the immune system. Vitamin C also helps support healthy hair and skin by stimulating collagen formation.

Fennel also contains several other nutrients:

  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • Histidine (an amino acid)
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • نیاسین
  • Vitamin K.
  • Vitamin B6
  • Beta carotene
  • Vitamin A

Fennel also contains antioxidants that support healthy heart, immune and metabolic health.

Supports healthy blood

The use of fennel can help keep the blood healthy in the body. Anemia is a condition in which there are not enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the body. Fennel may be able to help.

A well-established study has found that the amino acid histidine helps iron to hemoglobin faster than just iron. Fennel contains both iron and the amino acid histidine, so adding fennel to the diet can help make red blood cells.

Supports heart health

Fennel contains a good amount of fiber that we all know is essential for a healthy heart (and digestion too!). But fennel contains other nutrients that can support heart health.

Potassium in fennel can support healthy blood pressure. According to a 2006 study, potassium can support healthy blood pressure, although it takes up to 4 weeks for it to take effect. Potassium helps the body eliminate excess sodium (which can cause high blood pressure in some people).

In addition, eating fennel can support healthy cholesterol and triglycerides. People who used fennel had slightly higher cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Researchers call for a long-term study to confirm these findings.

Supports healthy digestion

Ancient medicine has used fennel to support healthy digestion and prevent bloating. Fortunately, modern science supports its use.

Studies show that many spices, including fennel, shorten the length of digestion. This is one of the reasons I use it in tea for nausea, constipation or bloating.

Interestingly, plants that are fragrant, sharp and bitter are more likely to be digested. Fit plants in this category include:

This explains why folk medicine recommends picking fennel seeds after eating to help digestion.

Supports milk supply and healthy babies

Ancient medicine uses fennel to help breastfeeding mothers and children. Fennel is used to soothe and relax the baby’s stomach. A 2003 study found that fennel oil had a better effect on children than placebo.

It can also be added to breastfeeding cookies to increase milk supply as it is a well-known galaxy (a food that increases milk supply).

Supports healthy cells

Another amazing benefit of fennel is that it can help healthy cells in the body. Cancer occurs when the body’s cells grow in unhealthy ways and the body cannot get rid of these cells. Many healthy foods contain compounds that help healthy cells, and fennel is one of them.

A study published in Phytomedicine It has been found that fennel can counteract the growth of cancer cells and stimulate the death of cancer cells. Researchers believe that anethole (fennel oil) helps reduce the inflammation that leads to cancer.

Delicious fennel recipes

Because fresh fennel is a nutritious food that has many health benefits, I try to include it in my diet regularly. If you love fennel like me, you want as many recipes with fennel as you can get!

My favorite way to use fennel in recipes is to enjoy its rich flavor.

Fennel recipes: Breakfast

Fennel is a great breakfast vegetable that is chopped or sliced ​​and added to dishes. Here are some ideas:

  • Cumin, Coriander and Fennel Tea for Digestion – This tea is a great help if you need a little help with digestion. Although the taste of this tea is a bit unusual (my husband calls it taco tea) it is heart-pounding and can be really helpful in relaxing other digestive matters.
  • Cha Tea Latti Cha Chai can be made with a variety of spices, including fennel, unless the basics are used (cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, cardamom husks, pepper, fresh) Ginger and vanilla extract. I like this healthy recipe that can be made further so that we can get chalets whenever we want.
  • Breakfast burger Like breakfast sauces, this recipe uses ground beef instead, to make a tasty breakfast for those who don’t like pork.
  • Breakfast Sausage – Homemade breakfast sausage is one of our favorite snacks as it is delicious and has no extra preservatives containing stored shopping sausage. Baba, garlic, rosemary, tayammum, and fennel combine to make a sausage that tastes like traditional sausage.

Fennel has a great breakfast flavor to awaken the senses!

Fennel recipes: Main course

If you get bored with the same recipes over and over again, try adding some fennel to keep the flavor alive. Here are some of my favorite main courses with fennel:

  • Greek Metloff. This Greek-inspired meatloaf is made from Greek herbs and spices such as lemons, mint, and fennel. It reminds me of gyro meat and served with cucumber sauce, it’s really delicious.
  • Coconut Chicken Curry – The spice in curry powder depends on the source. I want to make it with fennel and some other ingredients that make my curry hot, slightly sweet and less spicy than some other variations. This recipe uses my curry powder to make a curry dish quickly.
  • Thai Chicken Curry – Another curry dish, it’s just as easy and delicious and it tastes like my favorite variety.
  • Chicken Apple Stir Mitch – This quick meal is perfect for a busy weekend and is also a favorite of children. Fennel adds flavor to this simple dish, making it one of my favorite foods.
  • Greek Meatballs – This recipe comes from my desire to recreate some amazing meatballs that I had abroad. Fennel, mint, and lemon flesh are a perfect blend to authenticate the flavor of this meat. Paired with cucumber sauce, these meatballs are perfect for eating or appetite.
  • Greek Stir Mitch – Inspired by my other Greek recipes, this bustle is a simple, one-dish dish for a busy night. It combines fennel and mint with marjoram, oregano and basil for a fragrant Greek flavor.

If you have a favorite Mediterranean recipe, try adding some fennel bulbs or seeds for spices.

Fennel recipes: salads and side dishes

Fennel is also great in salads and side dishes. Here are my favorite ways to eat it:

  • Roasted Fennel – Toss the chopped fennel bulbs with some oil and fry in a 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. When done, drizzle with lemon juice or olive oil and sprinkle with parsley. This roasted fennel has a caramelized flavor that can go with any recipe you are making.
  • Sour Avocado Fennel Salad – With sweet orange and tart grapes, this salad is a great combination of flavors. Serve it with grilled chicken or any other dish that needs some lightening.
  • Arugula Fennel Apple Salad – This fresh salad is delicious with its olive oil dressing and a mixture of apples and greens.

Roasted fennel can also be added to any salad and topped with vanilla grit for quick eating.

Fennel: A vegetable for extreme health

If you’ve been wandering around for a while, you’ll know that a healthy diet is often the first step toward better health. Because the body needs nutrients to function properly. Fennel is a tasty vegetable that contains many nutrients that help keep the body healthy. Try one of these recipes and see for yourself.

What is your favorite way to use fennel?


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