15-minute Workout: Pump Up Your Pecs


The best exercises are not always shiny simple A lot of routine work is done. We’ve got a weight that blows your eyebrows heavily and kills muscle fibers at every critical angle.


To keep the workout up to 15 minutes, you need to press a little on the bench. Work consistently in the weight, resting between the warm-up sets until the plates start to change. This bite means you won’t be prepared to lift your heavy load from four to six exhibits – so you should use lighter weight – but this trade for faster exercise. Off. To minimize the hassle, rest for a couple of minutes after your last warm-up before getting heavy.

1) Bench Press
Set: 1 Answers: 4-6

2) Inclined Dumbbell Press
Set: 1 Representative: 8-10

3) Parallel bar dip
Set: 1 Answers: 12-15

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