5 Key Strategies to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions


Everyone often takes New Year’s resolutions, stays on them for a month, doesn’t see results and gives up. This is the case behind the “January Rush” – and that’s why most gyms return to their usual crowds by the middle of March.

But you don’t have to be one of the average boys who abandons a fitness plan once they lose their initial momentum. We spoke to Nick Ebner, a New York City-based trainer and strength coach, to CPT to tell us how to be dynamic in life and get results. Below are five common questions, along with Ebner’s answers.

What’s the key to staying active after the January rush?

Don’t just show up at the gym and say, “I want to get in shape.” A plan is usually worth nothing. You should not track your goals on anything physical, such as “I want six pack abs” or “I want to burn my love handles.”

I recommend one final goal of performance, or several. Make it measurable, like “going to the gym three times a week”, or “make sure you exercise for 180 minutes a week.” Depending on the goal, you may need to change your nutrition, sleep and other lifestyle habits to achieve these goals, but you will need strategies.

How long does it take to see the results of the exercise program?

It depends on the individual. The three factors that I find most important in watching the results are the age of the trainee, previous exercise / training history and consistency. If you are a young former athlete and training 3-5 times per week, the results may appear in 2-4 weeks. Also, if you are young and a new trainee, the results often come as well.

But if you are 45 years old and you have never worked, and you have eaten bad food for the last 20 years, the results will probably take a long time. Fortunately, with consistency, results will come faster.

What is an easy way to express myself that I am developing?

If your goals are physical combination, do someone’s bioregulatory assessment, which is accurate to the point of physical fat and hormonal, every 12-6 weeks. If your goals are performance-wise, keep a workout journal or program logged to see if what you’re doing is working.

How can I ‘cheat’ my diet and still look better than I did last year?

Set a realistic goal on how clean you think you can achieve your diet in comparison to how much you want to cheat. After 4-8 weeks, if you do not see your changes, you will need to adjust your ratio. Make a few changes until you’re looking for your results and set a deadline to test if what you’re doing is working. For most people, big changes are better than big changes.

How can I make a short workout more effective?

Frequency, food, and sleep! If you show up more often, you can train to get less workout. If you feed your body the fuel you need, you can train less and see changes in body composition. Your body changes even when you sleep, so if you sleep less than 7-9 hours each night, you will not get much benefit.

If you do not want to spend more time in the gym, use any or all of these strategies. You can get better results in half the time.

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