5 Ways to Make Your Pushups More Productive


Push-ups are one of the most basic and effective exercises in your upper body.

But while this is an easy exercise, people often make amazing mistakes when trying to push. These five tips will help you master the basics while doing so and change the standard pushup from the chest / shoulders / triceps to physical exercise. Which means more muscle, increased strength, and faster results.

Check out the ways you can build more muscle, and make your pushup workouts more effective.

1. Depend on your core

Try to squeeze or “break” your cover, to avoid rounding your spine and pushing it “behind the banana.” Imagine that you are about to enter the stomach. Naturally, it will be easier to protect you. Braking reduces the risk of injury through the implementation of a neutral spine and engages you in the core, which can enhance the overall physical workout.

2. Squeeze your glutes

Your body is one of the largest muscles in your body, and is often the most inactive. Squeezing your lips will protect your back waist, improve posture, relieve physical stress, and help maintain a neutral backbone.

3. Pack your stories

A common trend during push ups is to widen your elbows. Despite its spread, this error can cause shoulder and rotator cuff issues. Instead, keep your elbows to your sides, trying to keep less space between your armpits. At the beginning of each pair, place your joints with your hands, under your shoulders, and your shoulders under your shoulders. This will improve the long-term health of the shoulder, and will further enrich your tropes and lats. Lining the joints also produces a better range of movement in the shoulders and chest.

Think of it this way: If you are opening a door or removing someone from you, you are not going to flatten your arms – you will keep them close to your body. This is how it works.

4. Hold the floor

Instead of putting your fingers together and pointing straight up, try this instead: Adjust the position of your hand so that your thumb is facing each other. Open your fingers forward and hold the floor. This immediately creates more stress in the body, tightens the loins and triceps, and helps the upper muscles to engage more.

5. Push the earth away from you

Instead of removing yourself from the ground, consider removing the floor from yourself. The production of this force translates to stress throughout the body, and creates a breaking effect throughout the body. By lifting yourself off the ground, you will use more muscle, which will make physical exercise a push up.

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