A Guide to Hybrid Lifts


Some exercises were done to work together. Have you ever noticed that Power Klein’s closing position is the same as the starting squat starting position? Or that the bottom half of Romania’s deadlift sets you up perfectly for a downward-facing row? We say, go with it: combining two or more exercises that flow well – called a “hybrid” lift. The easy way.

Below are some classic hybrids that you can use. Represent each exercise in the hybrid the Try to streamline the movement. Make sure to choose a moderate load, which you believe can handle your weakest lift in the series. The goal of six reps per exercise.

1. Clean / Front Squat / Push Press

Stand with your feet between your toes and shoulder width, and hold the bar outside your knees. Keep your lower back flat, press your heels and explosively stretch your hips and knees to raise the bar to the shoulder level. Lift your elbows so that the weight is at your fingertips, and sit down. Come up, quickly dip your knees, and push the bar over your head.

2. Deadlift / Noise

Stand with your feet hip width, and hold the bar outside the knees. Keep your lower back flat, bend your heels and raise your knees and hips until you are standing longer. Throw your shoulders.

3. Pull RDL / Bentover array / high

Stand with your hands in front of your thighs, in addition to the shoulder width. Push your hips back, and bend your knees until you notice that you will lose the armpit at the waist. From there, squeeze your shoulder blades together and place the bar on your stomach. Lower the bar and stretch your hips and knees with the material while pulling the bar in front of your body until your arms are parallel to the floor.

Trainer Tip: Set a habit

If you are part of a crowd that is determined to start work this year and you are already missing out on the day, promise yourself that you will show up at least to the gym. That’s all you have to do – just grab your bag and clothes, and walk to the door. You can turn and walk backwards if you want. Speaking, Brian Gross, life coach and elite trainer in Montreal, says that is a habit to make. Eventually, you will be more inclined to stay and work, and before you know it you will become a regular workout. “Making minor adjustments to your daily routine will go under the radar of your conscious thought and create positive habits,” says Gross.

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