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11 Essential Pushup Variations for Beginners

Push-ups are the most basic but effective step for power and conditioning. This gentle muscular exercise trains your chest, shoulders, triceps and abdominal muscles. Add a little tweak and that irritation can quickly transform from a killer chest pump to a brutal cross. There are several variations, though. Some of which require extraordinary power. Men’s […]

Loaded Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

List box[Hide][Show] I loved making potato soup, clam chowder, and other potato soups and stews. Now that we don’t eat white potatoes very often, I haven’t made any of them in years. While I was cleaning my cabinets, I found a recipe for my old potato soup, and decided to try the sweet potato version […]

The Top Diets for Weight Loss and Health

January is an important month. This is often an important place for people who are dragging their feet about making healthy choices, such as maximal walking and healthy eating. That is why, every year, the most popular diets are reviewed in US News and World Report (41 of them), they categorize a variety of diet […]

Why We Need Meat (& So Does the Planet)

Baby: Welcome to my mom’s podcast. This podcast is sponsored by BLUblox. They produce glasses that hold the stylish and effective blue light at any time of day. There are several different options. Their white lens is a clean lens designed for people who work under artificial light during the day, but they do not […]

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