Avocado Oil Benefits: Is It Healthier than Coconut Oil?

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Olive oil is known for its many benefits, but another oil is gaining popularity for its efficacy and health benefits: avocado oil.

Avocado oil is popping up as an ingredient in many healthy foods. People love it because of the lack of aroma in cooking, light taste and beauty. It’s a basic ingredient in the Mayo brand, which claims to be healthier than the rest, as cooking oil for some types of potato chips, and a lot of other uses.

But does avocado oil really survive to a healthy hype?

short answer:


But… (did you know that should be the only right ?!)… There are some important things to understand about the use and use of avocado oil.

What is avocado oil?

Avocado is a unique plant (as evidenced by its nickname, “Alligator pear”!). Most fruits are high in carbohydrates and contain little or no fat, yet avocado is high in beneficial fats.

Avocado is also unique because it contains more potassium than bananas and has more protein and fat than any other fruit.

This increase in popularity can be compared to the rise in popularity of coconut oil, but nutritionally it is more similar to olive oil. Like olive oil, avocado oil comes from the meat surrounding the seeds, while most plant oils are extracted from the seeds.

Avocado Oil Nutrients

Light-flavored oils contain high amounts of oleic acid, monosaturated fat, and vitamin A, E, and D. It contains a decent amount of magnesium and antioxidants, which most people do not use in sufficient quantities.

Mark Daily Apple describes how it can make other foods healthier as well:

The fat is not only healthy in and of itself, but it is also more bioavailable to other nutrients, especially car carotenoids, in avocado. Research has shown that avocado or avocado oil increases the absorption of carotenoids in food by 2.6 times to 15.3 times.

Avocados are one of only a few natural sources of potent compound beta cytosol. This powerful phytosterol positively affects lipid and cholesterol levels in the body. Even some research has shown that beta-cytosol can prevent the division of cancer cells.

We have all heard about the benefits of antioxidants on this occasion, but studies show that avocado oil has a unique beneficial ability to infiltrate cells to mitochondria and actually improve cell function. This helps to reduce avocado aging and strengthen the body against disease and disease.

Avocado Oil Benefits

As you can imagine, avocado and its unique properties of oil make it beneficial in many ways. Furthermore, avocado is not a common allergen and has less people with avocado oil than coconut or nut based oils.

For this reason, it is becoming a popular alternative to recipes and beauty treatments. These are the most documented benefits of avocado oil.

Nutritional absorption

Avocado is a good source of nutrients in itself, which contains about half of avocado.

  • 26% of Vitamin K RDA
  • 1/5 of Folate’s RDA
  • 17% of Vitamin C Recommended
  • About 13% of the RDA of vitamin B5 and B6
  • 14% of Potassium’s RDA
  • 17% of Vitamin C RDA

It comes with 160 calories, 2 grams of protein, and 15 grams of healthy fat. Although it contains 9 grams of carbs, 7 of them are fiber, so there are only 2 “net” carbs, making it a low carb friendly plant meal.

At the top of it, avocado and its oils can absorb the other foods we eat.

Why here:

Many foods contain beneficial compounds called carotenoids, especially in brightly colored vegetables and fruits. Diet depends on dietary fat for carotenoid absorption, but carotenoids are naturally low in fat intake.

A study published in Journal of Nutrition 2005 showed that even a small amount of avocado oil increased the absorption of carotenoids, but at most 15x! This means that adding a small amount of avocado oil to salads can improve the body’s ability to absorb alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and gluten.

Avocados for gum health

This sounds strange, but there is strong evidence that avocados and avocado oils are really good for oral health. In fact, a 2006 study revealed that the consumption and consumption of avocado oil is inversely related to periodontal disease.

In other words, the more an avocado oil the person consumes, the less likely it is to have gum disease. The study concludes that some of the oils feature certain anti-inflammatory cytokines that are present in gum disease.

Smooth skin

We have known for years that eating avocados can be very good for the skin, but new research suggests that oil can be even more beneficial.

Avocado oil is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin E. It contains poly hydroxylated fatty alcohols that can reduce skin damage, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. This makes it excellent for skin and many people find that it is a great moisturizer by itself. It can also be used as a recipe for makeup removal, oil cleansing and lotion.

It is a great alternative to coconut or almond oil, especially for those who are allergic or intolerant to these oils.

A study in 2001 Journal of Dermatology This suggests that avocado oil and cream containing vitamin B12 is a useful remedy for pimples. Even the University of Maryland Medical Center lists this compound for the treatment of psoriasis.

Even mainstream beauty websites are available with avocado oil skin boosting benefits! A strain of avocado oil helps reduce itchy and dry skin and even bug bites!

Try it out: For the purpose of natural skin serum, add some dried pluton leaf in avocado oil!

Source of monounsaturated fat

Technically in the fruit classification, avocado is eligible for one of the most fat fruits in existence. In fact, it’s more than 3/4 calories from fat!

It is important to know that the fat contained in avocado oil is mostly oleic acid, which is a monosaturated fat. There are many studies that show the potential for oleic acid to reduce inflammation and even reduce the risk of certain cancers.

It is the same fat that gives olive oil its healthy food status and gives a good reputation for the Mediterranean diet.

Easily relieve joint pain

Avocado can have some incredible benefits for those with joint pain and arthritis.

In France, avocado was part of a special formula that was prescribed for strength of the cartilage and its ability to help repair. Combined with the natural anti-inflammatory properties of avocado, it is easy to see how this oil can be beneficial in reducing joint pain.

Its effects are felt by the internal use of avocado and its oils, suggesting that it may benefit from proportional properties. It is interesting to see that this formula reduces pain and is being marketed in Denmark for this purpose but no structural changes have been found. In other words, avocado can help reduce joint pain but may not repair the actual damage to the joints.

As with all the other benefits associated with avocado, its use can certainly be beneficial. Since avocado increases the absorption of nutrients in other foods, it can benefit couples in other ways as well.

Avocado Oil for Strong Hair

Avocado’s unique essential fatty acid composition can also help with hair health. This is one of the reasons that I chose to add avocado butter (mainly concentrated avocado oil) to my Valencia nutritional conditioner line.

I have experimented with adding avocado oil to my castor oil treatment for my hair and with great results in my homemade aloe serum.

Try it out: To make the hair thicker and reduce hair fall, I make oil based oils on my scalp at night. I add a teaspoon of avocado and a few drops of castor oil, rosemary, cleary sage and lavender essential oils. I put some drops of it into my scalp before bed every night and wash it in the morning.

Healthy heart oil

There is debate about whether olive oil or coconut oil is healthy for the heart, or if butter is healthy or full of arteries. (Here’s my take on this debate.)

On the other hand, avocado oil has shown consistently positive effects on heart health. In fact, large studies have shown that monounsaturated oils in avocado are best for the heart. Avocado is considered a cholesterol-lowering diet and can improve the balance of HDL and LDL in the body.

Avocado Oil has shown benefits in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease by reducing risk factors, including:

  • Reducing LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
  • Improve HDL (“good”) cholesterol
  • Reducing triglyceride levels
  • Improve blood clotting factors and reduce the risk of dangerous clotting
  • Improving insulin sensitivity

A great (and tasty) cooking oil

Olive oil is controversial for high-heat cooking and frying. Avocado Oil is a great alternative with a mild flavor. It has a higher smoke point than olive oil and preserves its nutrients at high temperatures.

Unlike the extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, avocado oil blends well with the fruit and sauce, which has no taste. It closely substitutes “regular” fruit without harmful vegetable oils.

Personally, I use it in many recipes, for stir frying, sautéing, and almost every other type of kitchen.

Diet and allergen friendly

Avocado oil is great for many different diets and sensitivities.

It is considered an approved oil for:

The fats in the avocado are considered so comfortable for the digestive system and are easily digested.

Cooking Tips:

Use this versatile oil in almost any other oil space in your kitchen.

  • Replace the avocado oil with butter or vegetable oil in baking
  • Use as a base for stir fry
  • Add garlic or herbs to this oil for cooking oil
  • Add vinegar and spices for an easy salad dressing
  • Make your own fruit (or buy one already made) with avocado
  • Use on grilled meats and vegetables

Warning with Avocado Oil

Many people with latex allergies cannot tolerate avocado or its oil. Personally, I have issues with latex but can handle avocado oil. Consult a doctor to be safe. Indeed. , Anyone who is sensitive to avocado should not use it or its oil, but it is not a common allergen.

Where to Buy Avocado Oil

Many local grocery stores will carry this, but I usually get it from the online order market or Amazon.

Avocado Oil: Bottom line

No food itself is a miracle cure, but this oil looks like a great addition to a healthy, real diet. Many people like avocado and its oils for its health, skin and hair benefits.

Try internally to improve the nutrients in the diet, as it can help absorb other nutrients. Externally, it is great for skin and hair and is a widely used skin treatment.Benefits of Avocado Oil

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Loren Jefferies, certified in Doctor of Medical and Pediatrics. As always, this is not a personal medical consultation, and we recommend that you talk to your doctor or work with a doctor at Study MD.

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Ann Shipley, a board certified in interior medicine and a certified Functional Medicine Physician in Austin, Texas. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk to your doctor.

Do you like avocado oil? How do you use it?


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