Bath and Shower Spray for Soap Scum and Rust

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This bath and shower spray is just the cleanest in my natural bathroom cleaning arsenal. The way it bites through hard rust and soap dirt though it may be your new favorite. Even better, it’s easy and pulls together fast!

The prescription is concentrated and does not require any water. Not only do we need to worry about germs growing in our bathroom cleaners, but we have to go a little further!

How to make a natural bath and shower spray

The harder the cleaner, the harder the dirt should be. We don’t need to use harsh, synthetic chemicals to deal with difficult bath and shower dirt. Natural cleanliness can be as tough as their traditional counterparts.

When hard water minerals are mixed with soap, it forms a filmy, white layer called soapy substance. Hard water is also notorious for leaving rusty stains behind. The best way to nudge hard water stains and soap ditches is to stop them before they start.

The water softener attached to the entire house filter helps prevent hard water reservoirs from damaging surfaces. If this is not an option, a bathtub or shower filter may help. Even so, sometimes we need a solid bath and shower spray to work.

I recommend storing this cleaner in a glass spray bottle. Over time, the acid in vinegar can break down certain plastics, and this is something our family usually tries to avoid. I received some beautiful and functional glass bottles from both Grove Collaboration and Amazon.

Scrub vs. spray?

I have a sourcing powder that is great for these hard jobs, but sometimes I want another option. There is no abrasion in this bath and shower spray so it will not allow more delicate surfaces to be scratched. You can use it on tiles, acrylic, and fiberglass tubs and showers. Avoid spraying on metal fixtures only because of vinegar.

Scoring pads can help get rid of more stubborn stains, but they do just that: Scratch. Over time, this can damage the protective coating on certain bathroom surfaces. If we are using the right hygiene even though rust and soap do not need to be scratched!

For extra cleansing power, apply bath and shower spray then leave the mixture on for fifteen minutes to do the job. Then wipe with a damp cloth.

Do you need even more for bathroom cleaning? You can also spray some baking soda before spraying with a cloth or sponge and spray on extra hard areas.

Don’t play soap and vinegar well

We are using simple ingredients here, but it is important to choose the right ones. Vinegar is acidic and helps to deal with hard minerals. Dish soap helps remove soap dust and other trapped dirt. Regular soaps, especially castel soaps, do not work in this prescription.

Dish soap is actually a soap and works differently on a chemical surface than castel soap. Although I like to use Bruner’s Castel soap for hand washing, baby wipes, and even plant sprays, it’s not my choice here.

When vinegar and soap are mixed, there is a chemical reaction, and it is not good. According to Lisa Bruner, vinegar makes soap unsafe. This means that the soap is no longer soap and can no longer do its job. Instead of a powerful cleaner, we are left with a perky white mess.

Because dish soap is a soap that plays well with vinegar and we get an even better cleaner. If you do not have natural dish soap, Sal Sides will work too. And I’m talking about regular dish soap for handwashing dishes, not dishwash detergent.

The best vinegar for bath and shower spray

I use plain white vinegar for cleaning. White vinegar is cheap, natural, and works well. Save good apple cider vinegar for things like apple kale salads or spicy fire cider.

Promote fragrance

Vinegar and dish soaps (or sal soaps) work well for cleaning tubs and showers. I would like to add some essential oils for extra cleansing and disinfecting power. Here are some options that smell good and are great for cleaning:

  • lime
  • lime
  • Wild or sweet orange
  • grapefruit
  • Antimicrobial compound
  • Tea tree
  • Pine or fir needle

Before and after

It looked like a shower before cleaning. It’s usually not bad, but I let it go for a while so that the effects would be more dramatic once it was cleared.

Bath and shower cleaner before the photo

And it looks like the aftermath. Is there a big difference ?! This cleaner was after spraying, letting it set for 10 minutes, and then sweeping with a microfiber cloth. I didn’t need to add a little baking soda to the hardest places.

Bath and shower cleaner after photo

Bath and shower cleaner spray to deal with rust and soap vague


Bath and shower spray cleaner prescription

Handle hard water and soapy soil without damaging surfaces. This spray tub is great for reshaping and helping to keep it that way.


  • 16 ounces Glass spray bottle
  • 1 and 1/2 Cup White vinegar
  • 1/2 Cup Dish soap Or 2 tablespoons year sod
  • 20 Drops Essential oils of choice (s) Optional


  • Pour in the final vinegar, combining all the ingredients in the bottle. Depending on the exact size of your bottle and sprayer, you may not need all the vinegar. Be sure to leave a small room upstairs to allow mixing.

  • Combine and shake well before each use.


To use: Spray freely on bathtub and shower surfaces, avoiding any metal installations. Wipe with a microfiber cloth or sponge.

What are your favorite ways to keep your bathroom clean? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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