Behind the Scenes With U.S. SailGP Team: Tech, Training, and Teamwork


Although checkered boat design and GPS navigation have made slow, relatively humble (but pleasant) attempts at everyday ships, pedestrians have nothing to say about today’s most excellent racing race.

You’ve got the Golden Globe Race, the only non-stop world event in what is considered to be the most dangerous sailing activity. The well-known America’s Cup, a prestigious prestigious race that dates to 1851, in which challenger teams won the World Series, then defended Louis Vuitton before heading to Round America in a round-robin style. Against the playoffs, the semifinals, and the finals, AC45S is competing to thwart catchers who have been tweeted by each individual team. And a new race for the Yachting Circuit, which was just launched in 2018: Cell GPP.

F50 cataracts
F50 Cataracts that fail Courtesy Image

What is Cell GP?

“Cell GP is a new sailing league that is around the world,” says Helmson Rom Kirby, of the US Cell GPS team in the United States.

Already, the regattas have taken place in Sydney, Australia. And San Francisco, CA. New York City is third, followed by Queens, the UK and Marseille, France. The program was founded by software billionaire Larry Allison (Oracle Corporation) and Russell Quotes, a five-time US Cup winner.

Although catamaran was used to thwart the America’s Cup, teams are now participating in the 50-foot F50, which is predicted to exceed 50 knots (60 mph). This is approximately 15% performance rating than AC50 class. (Read all about the new fleet upgrade here.)

Kirby says, “We are racing the fastest boats in the world.” You make one wrong mistake, one communication mistake – you can kill anyone, like that. The key to achieving a successful team is to be a comedian and have that confidence.

Kirby, 30, of Newport, Rhode Island, a 22-year-old from Long Beach, California, comprising Wing Tramor Riley Gibbs, a five-year member of the U.S. Sailing Team. Flight controller Hans Hankin, 26, of Coronado, California; Millie McMickey, 24, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Dan Morris, 30, of Newport, Rhode Island.

Kirby says, “People can expect some racing nearby.” You’ll almost be able to touch the boat. We will head to the beach, and people will be able to see it up close and personal. “

Rome Kirby, helmsman of the US Cell PGP team
Rome Kirby, helmsman of the US Cell PGP team Courtesy Image

Way to look

In person:

These teams will run in the Hudson River in downtown Manhattan. There are some different spectators. Ride official Spectator boats (New York Cruise Lines and Classic Harbor Line) or sail PGP Cruise Select (Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise), Sail GPP Cruise Plus (World Yacht), or Sail GPP Cruise Premier ( Classic Harbor) and select more premium packages. Line) to go as close to the action as possible. You can also watch from the edge of the official race village at Brookfield Place in Battery Park City, which is free to the public. Nub tickets now:

Buy Tickets

On television:

CBS (Delay in broadcast; details of live broadcast will be announced soon)
Friday, June 21 – 8: 30-10: 00pm ET
Saturday, June 22 – 8: 30-10: 00pm ET

With Britney Smith, Men's Journal, Dan Morris, Mac Agnes, and Rome Kirby
With Britney Smith, Men’s Journal, Dan Morris, Mac Agnes, and Rome Kirby of the US Cell PGP Team. Rob Leahy

How to train like a sailor

“We try to train them above what we experience in races,” says Craig Macfarlane, head of performance at US Cell GP, which means that the heart rate in the training area means faster. Activity. ” If they come across any kind of negative, they can handle it. They can handle extra stress, high heart rate, long runs.

When it comes to nimble, elegant machines, the F50’s journey is one of the key features, harmony, strength, and endurance of any comprehensive training project.

“We know that there is performance in sports as well as in life.” “The stronger you are in critical patterns of movement such as squatting, hanging, lungs, pushing, stretching, twitching, you will move more easily and more effectively. Planning strength training will help lean muscle mass Promotes and relaxes and improves metabolic rate, which in turn helps you burn more calories and build better body composition. In short: Benefit from any sailor training. Can

US Cell PGP Exercise: Total Body Strength and Conditioning

Duration: 20 minutes

warm up

  • Cardio x 6-8 minutes: Keep your body warm on a treadmill, rover, stationary bike, and more.
  • Animation and Activation Every 30 x seconds: Leg swings Switch (use the PVC pipe to stand upright and straight when you lean one leg forward); Overhead squat With PVC pipe; Good morning With PVC pipe; Shoulder Openers With PVC pipe (hold the PVC lightly and rotate the torso side by side); The world’s largest attraction
  • Agility / Balance / Coordination* Skater (Background jump and stick); One leg catch and pass with Madison Ball (Perform with partner); 15 meter band-resistant sprint ints mirror reaction agility exercises (Partner imitates others as they spirits, pause, and pivot)

Instructions: Follow the instructions indicated at each step of the exercise. Take 1 minute to rest and move between blocks. “Due to the intense nature and physical requirements of this workout, I recommend only repeating it three days a week, with one day of recovery or one less intense training day in between.

O power

4-4 minutes to build strength and endurance

  • 8 x Barbell tempoback squat (135bb)
  • 8 x Barbell Tempo Bentover Row (135bb)
  • 8 x Plywood puppies
  • 8 x Go to the pullup

B. Conditioning

6 minutes to work on mechanical and physiological conditioning Tobita (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 3)

  • Row Max attempts (Set damper to 10)
  • Burpee Jump Over (Powerful)
  • Try it or attack / Arduino Motors Max
  • Madison Ball Slam (20-30lb)

C Metkin

8 min block – Race intensity

  • 200 meters queue up (Set damper to 4)
  • 15 x Kettle Bell Swings (60lb +)
  • 9 x Dead hair over the shoulder (70lb +; alternative which you should toss)
  • 0m / 5m / 10m / 15m Pyramid shuttle (Run to each marker, then go back to the beginning, the spread will fall, then the backup will pop and repeat again.)

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