Best 20-Minute HIIT Workouts to Burn Fat, Build Muscle


When there is no time to escape, your workout needs to enter a new level of intensity. Interestingly, what is the most effective way to get good training when you have less than 30 minutes to spare? The answer should be obvious: high intensity interval training. We’ve come up with five 20-minute HIIT workouts that will build muscle and muscle.

Before we begin, it is important to understand that when you are temporarily depressed, you need to re-evaluate your rest breaks. Think about your one hour of regular exercise and zero in on how much time you spend lifting. You will realize in most cases that it will not be more than 20 minutes. Too crazy, right?

The key is to increase the volume where possible and take advantage of the comfort ratio of your work. If you can’t work and rest most of the 20 minutes, you may end up before the curve. This is how a 20 minute HIIT workout works, whether using weights or cardio equipment.

This 20 minute HIIT exercise will maintain your fitness (and ego)

Exercise 1: German skin training

German Volume Training is a tried, tested, and correct training method for both muscle growth and fat loss, and it’s no joke. Most effective in compound motion, it’s a real ego check in 20 or so minutes.

Instructions: Take a large lift of your choice (squats, overhead presses, and bench presses are the most common) and choose your typical 10-rep maximum of 60%. Read twice You are looking for a percentage of your 10RM, not your 1RM here. Then, perform 10 sets of 10 reps with this weight, with good technique, tempo and quality. Rest only 1 minute between sets. Make sure you follow it.

Pro tip: Based on the fatigue factor, it is smart to prepare similarly for heavy lifts. If you are accustomed to squatting or dead flying with a training belt, use it here. Although the weight is light, the overall demand is high, and you will be tired of being part of a good portion of this exercise. Protect yourself.

Exercise 2: Hill Sprint and Bodyweight Burnout

The biggest return on investment is a great, safe way to test your cardiovascular health in a short period of time. Go out and find a 40 meter hill on a good grade. You can relax as much as possible between the seats, but know that you have to complete in 8 minutes and 20 minutes.

Set 1-4: 40m mountain sprint + 20 push ups
Set 5-8: 40m Mountain Sprint + 5 Hand Walkout (Watch Video Demonstration Here)

Pro tip: Leave something in the tank when spraying. Go fast – really fast – but know that there is another gear you can reach that you keep safe. It’s the best way to stay safe and keep trying. You are finally repeating up to 8 rounds.

Exercise 3: Kettle Bell Chaos

InstructionsFor this exercise, you will need three kettles. A pair of the same weight, and the same bell that is a little heavier.

  1. Kettle Bell Complex – 5 × 6 Representatives: Using your lightweight pair of kettlebells, do the squat swing, full swing and snatch. (Watch the video demonstration here.)
  2. Single Sleeve Kettle Bell – 3 × 10 Representatives on Each Side: Keeping your wrists straight, place your heavy kettle bell upwards (bell toward the ceiling), then press your arm, extending your elbow. Carefully lower the back to get started. (Watch the video demonstration here)
  3. Turkish Get Up – 3 Minutes Emrap: Using your light kettlebell, get up to 3 minutes continuously, touching each representative. It is like this: facing the lie holding the kettlebell in the left hand, arms outstretched, eyes on the bell, feet bent at the knees. Extend the right arm and leg at a 45 degree angle. Roll forcefully on your right hip and arm, the left arm is still locked in place. When your right palm is pressed to the floor and your left arm is thrown behind you with the right overhead, keep your right knee down on the floor. Keeping your left arm straight and keeping your eyes on the bell, press your left foot to raise the hips and come to the right hand. Lift the right hand off the floor to bring the knees up, maintaining the left arm position with the biceps close to the ear. Look straight ahead and stand up, squeezing the glacier and pulling your shoulder blade back and forth. Return to start reverse movement.

Exercise 4: Proler and Carrie

It requires a gym with turf (or outdoor space). A propeller and heavy dumbbells.

Instructions: Map a distance of 40 meters and perform a prolar push using the equivalent of your bodyweight for the entire distance. If you weigh 200 pounds, press the 200-pound sled. It is better to go 20 meters to one end, then 20 meters back. Use high speed. Once finished with your propeller push, carry a farmer’s carry immediately – it’s a fast moving heavy dumbbell that you can hold and walk around. Repeat the maximum cycle in 20 minutes.

Exercise 5: Push / pull ladder

When you have your body weight and pull-up / dip station you can get a great workout of the upper body.

Instructions: You will superset push-ups on the bridge plus inverted ladder style. Start with 10 push-ups and 1 pull-up. Depending on the set, you will reduce the number of push-ups performed and increase the amount of pull-ups. Following this shape, try to complete two rounds of the ladder:

  • 1:10 push up, 1 pull up set
  • 2: 9 push ups, 2 pull ups
  • 3: 8 push ups, 3 pull ups
  • 4: 7 push ups, 4 pull ups
  • 5: 6 push ups, 5 pull ups
  • 6: 5 push ups, 6 pull ups
  • 7: 4 push ups, 7 pull ups
  • 8: 3 push ups, 8 pull ups
  • 9: 2 push ups, 9 pull ups
  • Set 10: 1 push-ups, 10 pull-ups

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