Best Compound Lifting Program to Get Shredded


  • Deadlifts, rack bridges and their grip variations
  • Clean, snatch, and Olympic elevator variations
  • Pull ups, chain ups and back rows
  • Squats and their variations
  • Lungs, split squats and their variants
  • Overhead press stand
  • Row upon row
  • Bench presses and push ups

Incorporating the above numerous into your exercise routine, such as basic exercises can accelerate fat loss and preserve leanness (the key to mass spread), all without endless cycles of steady state cardio post-workout , Or on separate days.

Best compound lifting program for cut work

This program has a lot of demands on the central nervous system (due to the large mobility). If at any point during this phase you feel sluggish or over-stressed, it usually means that your body is telling you to push things backwards. Listen, and have a frustrating week.


To target the whole body more than once each week, this six-week program consists of two agate push / pull days and two vertical push / pull days that provide adequate rest to specific muscle groups. You will also feel short rest time below. This is because there are no supersets in this program (perform all sets of an exercise before proceeding as straight sets). This is against the grain for most conditioning programs, but it allows you to stay focused and unsteady with large movements, while keeping your heart rate high for the majority of simultaneous workouts. Suffice it to say, don’t use your real representative’s maximum efforts here. Lose 10-15% of your work weight for each exercise so you don’t run out of haste or risk of injury due to the short duration.

Aim for a 3-5% weight gain each week in the program, as you step back from rest breaks. Try to shave five to 10 seconds from your rest time each coming week.

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