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For those guys who need to get rid of the muscle swelling you can only get from pumping iron, building your own home gym has become a necessity over lockdown. Epidemics have shut down Jammu across the country (some states still order the ban), forcing fitness enthusiasts to be serious about maximizing their home gym. It fits perfectly with Bufflex’s Selectic line, which offers a plethora of options and weight choices in a tailor-made compact form for the hard workout rooms. In space-saving fitness gear, the first Bouflex came with its dumbbells, which weigh 5 to 52.5 pounds, the size of a double boot. Next came some super cool kettles. And now, its latest invention is the Select 2080 Barbel with Creel Bar, which adds a compact, total gym gear fest for your home.

(Note that they were released in October 2020, but with the ongoing epidemic on supply and shipping issues, they are still in stock, and even then they can be difficult to find or months Can be questioned.)

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Thanks to the solid and user-friendly design of Buffalo’s rear-adjusted weight sets, the 2080 gives you 20 to 80 pounds in 10 pound increments with the choice of using a standard straight bar or curl (or EZ) bar. The curl bar, with its W-shaped design, is designed to help relieve pressure on your wrists when exercising, such as standing curls, sitting preacher curls, and lying triceps extensions. The weight plates sit at an angle in the plastic container and have three small forks that go into each other, causing them to bend smooth dials at both ends of the bars. A plate is permanently attached to the bars. Your lowest weight of 20 lbs.

Bufflex Selectic 2080 Barbel
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The setup involves a bit more than buffalo kettles or dumbbells, which are basically ready and instantly curled out of the box. For barbells, you will need to assemble the base, which includes a metal frame and two plastic buckets that weigh. The distance between the plastic holders takes a bit of fogging to allow the dial to be easily adjusted and the weight to be hooked up appropriately, but it only takes a few minutes to tighten and loosen the bolts holding the tray. Are Frame Once you dial it, the system works perfectly, allowing easy weight selection and quick transitions between the curl bar and the straight bar.

For those who do not want to lift the barbells off the floor after repeated work or decide to change weight, Bufflex offers a media stand that raises the height from the ground to 2.5 feet. And that includes a slave. Slabs where you can place a tablet or smartphone for exercise movement or training videos. And Bufflex gives you access to 14 free vids that provide basic instruction on standard barbell exercises such as twist rows, curls, overhead presses, dead lifts, and triceps extensions.

It certainly doesn’t weigh too much for most people to do the most effective squats at 80 pounds, or to really test their strength in other moves, but the Bufflex also weighs a maximum of 120 pounds. Plus, the 9149 offers 40 more pounds of upgrades. Not even heavy iron, but arm exercises and one-leg exercises like longs and deadlifts are enough to challenge you at home.

Bufflex Selectic 2080 Barbel
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Why do we like it

The option of both bars is a great choice to add and, once you set it up correctly, it works well when you want to lift new weights. The adjustment knob is smooth and easy to bend, and there is a plus or minus on either side of the clear window, indicating weight in kilograms and pounds. In your usual places, you have to stare deep into the bars like the gym-grade bars, and feel solid and strong like the bars you are most familiar with.

While this system isn’t really challenging for tough gym mice that have been locked out of their favorite pain castle, it’s strong enough to build muscle, maintain some mass, and achieve the most. Offering weight (especially with upgrades). Fight well, from the comfort of your own home. And less than 5 feet tall and one foot wide and at a height, while repeating you the equivalent of 14 barbells (with a fixed weight), it’s the perfect addition to your growing home gym.


Not everything is perfect with the 2080 Selectic system. Traditional barbells that are standalone and can be filled with all kinds of weight plates that use collars that weigh on the ball. This allows you to lift and push weights and move with the speed of pushing weights around and more pleasant and less stressful exercise (on hands and wrists). It mostly comes in handy with swinging exercises like Carl and Extension.

With barbells that have a fixed weight, and the Boflex 2080s, you don’t get this comfort and ease of movement. And because Buffalo Barbells used almost square plates, which can feel awkward, some movements can feel weird and frustrating, especially if you want to use a hollow grip. This is definitely not a contract breaker, and you will quickly get in the habit of knowing when and how to adjust your grip to move as smoothly as possible.


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