Caffeine Might Slow Weight Gain From Diets High in Fat and Sugar


Caffeine may have hidden powers: it seems to lose weight, a study says Journal of Functional Foods suggestion. A herd of lab rats ate a fat diet for a month, and one of the group received four cups a day, equivalent to four cups of caffeine.

They gained 16% less weight and 22% less body fat than those who avoided caffeine.

“Considering these results, companion tea and caffeine can be considered as an anti-obesity agent,” said Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia, director and director of the distribution of nutritional studies at U.S. President I. This research considers the potential mechanisms for preventing overweight and obesity, as well as the metabolic disorders associated with these conditions, to understand the role of companion tea and caffeine.

Go get another cup. Limiting weight gain and how many lipids are stored in fat cells can help to eliminate some of the health risks of caffeine and a lack of a high fat diet. Be sure to drink a whole cup of coffee in just one day … or don’t use after 3pm, as it may impair your sleep.

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