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How to Breathe the Right Way With Breathwrk

Baby: Welcome to my mom’s podcast. This podcast is sponsored by Valencia. My new personal care company that develops products that simply go beyond safe and natural and contain beneficial ingredients that nourish your body from the outside. Many “clean” products do not work easily. That’s why I’ve spent the last decade researching and perfecting […]

Maca Root Benefits for Hormones

List box[Hide][Show] I use herbs and spices to help my body. Maize root is a favorite because it helps the body make hormones so much. Because hormones govern many of the body’s functions, corn is a natural natural supplement to help women’s hormones. Mica: Anything l. A root Corn root (Lipidium MainiRadish is a tuber […]

Neti Pot Benefits & How to Use One

List box[Hide][Show] If possible, I always prefer natural remedies at home for cold and flu symptoms. When it comes to cold and flu, we use neti pots daily and it makes a big difference! This ancient nasal technique is incredibly beneficial and can provide natural relief for colds, allergies, dryness and more. I promise it […]

Natural Aids for Broken Bone Recovery

List box[Hide][Show] Just a few days ago, one of our children broke his leg while playing outside. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and was back on her feet in just four weeks. I believe that the natural bone fracture treatment that we used to help his leg heal as quickly as possible. How is dissolution done? […]

My Big Fat Greek Salad Recipe

List box[Hide][Show] I love oregano for its medicinal properties as well as its amazing taste. So whenever I can use it in prescription, I am happy. This Greek salad is an easy way to use oregano and other Greek flavors in a tasty dish that satisfies the whole family. We like to make it when […]

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