Circuit Workout Dustin Poirier Used to Train for UFC 257


Leading up to UFC 257, the world was in a state of turmoil, with Dustin Powier having the biggest fight of his career, a rematch against former Division Two champion Connor McGregor. There he was accompanied by longtime strength and conditioning coach Phil Darau, who was tasked with creating a program to keep mixed martial artists in high shape on Battle Island. (We had a sample circuit workout from the trainer, which you can try below.)

“For Dustin, this headline event wasn’t about returning from Connor,” says Darrow, who has been working with Powerier for five years. “It was about showing him where he is in his career and what he is capable of.” Despite his history with the fighter, he was surprised by the completion. “I knew he would leave, but I had no idea it would start soon That shot up. ”

A moment of pride for Daro? Unrestrained legs don’t kick, but Potier’s MetGregor has the ability to attach to the muscles around the octagon. “I wanted him to keep Connor down and force him against the cage,” says Daru. “That’s exactly what he did, and you can see how dry it was with his opponent.” Dominance eventually led to a knockout punch, which came in the second round.

The match was over in eight minutes, but what the onlookers didn’t see was the months of preparation that led to that moment. “Dustin prefers to start his own camp as much as possible,” says Daru. “And since we’ve been working together for a while, a strong foundation is already in place. Allows special training and fatigue management to be targeted.

Poyer believes the training initiated by Daru is a refreshing way to incorporate the work of strength into his fight. “Phil has really pushed my explosive moves forward,” says Poirier. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. ”The circuit below is a perfect example of this.

In a fight, sessions with Poir are lighter than you think. “Living in a training camp is a serious business, so I think it’s helpful to break it down during our work,” says Daru. The trainer sometimes finds himself a fighter, at least verbally. “I don’t need to encourage Dustin, he’s the ultimate self-starter, so we have a chance to have fun. Once it’s time to get down to business, he gets dialed.”

This is exactly what Poire did before he left for the island to fight the island, a combination of intense energy and deadly focus. Daru wrote down some routines that the fighter took with him on the road, including a bodyweight program that he could perform during his mandatory shortages prior to the incident. The trainer admitted that he was watching a showdown at home thousands of miles away, and when the knockout punch came, he woke up his whole house.

“I know that if you put Dustin in a dog fight, he will be out of victory,” says Daru. “I’ve seen it over and over again. And now the world has seen it.”

This explosive circuit exercise made the Dustin Power an absolute weapon

Daru uses a number of sports-related exercises that appeal to Poirier. “I participated in the MMA myself, so I know it could be down the list of priorities when I go to the match,” says Daru. “There’s a lot of effort involved in fight drills and sprinting, so I need to make my workouts useful and engaging.”

As mentioned earlier, Darwin also prefers movements that reinforce that what Poirier has done in the octagon will be achieved. Particular attention is paid to the buttocks, hips, and hips. That means a lot of explosive moves – at high capacity. Copy the requirements of the five-minute round, with repetition immediately after execution.

Because elite fighters are paid to get wallpapering, this circuit is designed to be physically challenging without causing hardship. “It’s all about improving performance without doing too much,” says Daru. “Reaching this point of positive adaptation and super-compensation.”

Instructions: This is a peer down version of a normal day at the gym for circuit workout power. Perform one exercise after another. For the fixed number of representative numbers, after each. Rest for 45 seconds. Complete 5 rounds. If you really want to test yourself, shadow box for 1 minute as an active rest between exercises, then give yourself 1 minute real rest between cycles.

Throw the med ball
Throw the med ball Justin Steele

1. Mad Mad Ball Rotation Throw X5 reps by each side

Choose a medicine ball in a challenging but controllable weight and position yourself so that the right side of your body is standing against the wall. Assume a movable position, feet shoulder width apart, right foot forward, left foot back. Hold the medicine ball in both hands, extend the arms, then turn on your back to pull the ball towards the left waist. In this process, rotate your hips and throw explosives from the bottom of the wall with full force. You want your power to come from your power. Once away from the wall, grab the ball, then repeat. After 5 reps, switch sides so that the left side of the body is straight to the wall – left foot forward, right foot. You will pull the med ball towards your right hip.

Throw made ball overhead
Throw made ball overhead James Michaelfielder

2. Made ball overhead X5 reps

Using the same medicine ball, come to a different position, the legs should be wide, but facing the wall. Bring the medicine hair up, allowing the elbows to bend slightly for maximum strength. When you move forward with one of your legs to counter the force, throw the explosives against the wall. Fully behind the scenes, picture yourself shaking an opponent in the room.

Mad Ball Slim
Mad Ball Slim Maris Bug

3. Made Made Salem X5 Reps

Hold a heavy medicine ball in both hands and stand with the legs hip-width apart. When you get up on the balls of your feet, at the same time over the ball, extend the arms. Grab your back to bring your tour down and drive the ball hard to the floor. Make a picture of yourself on the mat with physical slogans of an opponent.

Landmine Two Arm Push Press
Landmine Two Arm Push Press James Methilfender and Theresa Somerset

4. Mine push press x 5 reps

Put yourself at a mine station. If you do not have one, tie a bell to the corner of the two walls, using towels to protect the surface. Poirier usually fills a barbell with 55 pounds, but find a weight that is manageable for you. In front of your chest, stand on the station with both hands, elbows bent, holding the barbell with your hand, legs slightly wider than hip width. Bend your hips slightly, lean forward against the load. Press the barbell vigorously until the arms are fully extended. Once at the top of the movement, join your core, and hold for 2 seconds. Returning to the beginning, bring the weight down in a controlled motion.

Rack bridge
Rack bridge Beit Bishop

5. Pull the rack x 5 reps

Set the stopper pins of your squat rack on your shin. Place the loaded barbell on the top of the pins. (You will be able to lift more weight than your normal weight used for a traditional deadlift because the weight is higher than the floor.) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, then bend at the knees and hold the bar. Occupy the hips. Keep a flat back with a mixed grip, straightening the knees and lifting the weight until you reach the body lock. Hold this position for 2 seconds. Bring the barrel back under control by bending the knees and lowering the torso.

Zarker Good morning
Zarker Good morning James Methilfender and Theresa Somerset

6. Zikr Good Morning X5 Reps

Place yourself on a squat rack with stopper pins above the waist. Remove the barrel from the rack by placing both hands on the loose fists of your elbows. Step back from the rack and place yourself at a gentle bend at the knees, feet shoulder width apart. Hold the hips and bring the torso forward until it is parallel to the floor, keeping the barrel closed at your elbows. Return to the starting position in a powerful motion while driving through the hips and engaging in engaging movements. Picture yourself running your opponent through the walls of the cage with double under hooks.

Side board
Side board جوس مندوجوانا

7. Finisher: Side Plank x 30 seconds (each side)

On the floor on your right, with the whole body fully extended, the left leg is decorated on the right. Move yourself under your right shoulder, under your right shoulder, with your hands in your fists, up to the rest of your body. Engage your core and keep your hips off the floor to maintain weight with your right arm and right leg and keep your body in a straight line. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Outside of Octagon, Poirier is doing commendable work with the Good Fight Foundation, to which McGregor donated K 500K before his UFC 257 match.

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