DIY River Rock Acupressure Mat

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There are great benefits to going barefoot. The acupressure mat is a great way to bring these benefits into the home. Here’s how to make a river mat and why you want to.

Why do I walk on rocks?

Walking barefoot across rocks doesn’t seem like fun, but it’s a form of insanity. The number of nerve endings in our feet is over 200,000. These nerves give feedback to the brain and adjust their muscle, gait and body position accordingly. This phenomenon is known as proprioception.

When we wrap our feet in tight shoes and block this sensory information, both our mind and body suffer. Encouraging nerve endings along a number of regions, including rocks, is helpful in our promotion. It’s not as much as going through rocks in rocks. We need feedback directly from the ground up.

Encouraging nerve endings in our feet is often called reflex. It is not out of date, but it examines science and medical studies. It’s as easy as putting pressure on specific areas of the foot. It can help reduce restless legs syndrome, lower blood pressure and more.

Vags stimulates the nerves

I have already talked about the benefits of stimulating my affected nerves. Foot reflexology is an easy way to do this. By putting pressure on the nerves in the foot, we:

  • Increased vaginal modulation
  • Reduce sympathetic modulation
  • Low blood pressure

The benefits of the foot reflex process don’t stop there though!

Foot reflexes are less harmful to life

A 2014 report Complementary therapies and clinical practice Found reflex has a huge effect on pain. According to 68% of respondents, if not better than traditional physiotherapy, the reflex system worked the same way. 95% of patients were more relaxed and 86% had less pain, including chronic pain.

Other studies use reflex anxiety for pain. I study 2019 European Journal of Oncological Nursing Looked for reflexes for lymphoma patients. The foot reflex group had less fatigue, less pain and better sleep.

Foot reflex for children

Children can also benefit. A French study in 2019 used reflex anxiety for children’s pain. There was a significant improvement in children with chronic or persistent pain from headaches and muscle problems. His pain and anxiety were less after each session.

Benefits of Reflexology for Women

In 2019, researchers observed anxiety during pregnancy. For the first time, the mother with moderate and severe anxiety was divided into groups. The mothers in the reflex group had much less anxiety than the control group.

Along with other natural PMS treatments, reflexes can also help with PMS symptoms. Magazine in 1993 Obstetrics and gynecology Looked at the reflex for PMS. After a two-month, 30-minute weekly session, women found significant improvement in their PMS symptoms.

A 2018 study examined the effects of reflexology on mothers with premature babies. Mom made more breast milk from the placebo group, a reflex foot massage.

Make a river rock mat

Many of us don’t have a river in our yard. And while living out and getting acupuncture is great for vision, heart health and more, it can be difficult for us to do it all the time. Making a river mat may not replace outdoor time, but it can take in some of the benefits of nature.

This mat can be used as:

  • A decorative door
  • In the sink for washing dishes
  • Under a table
  • In the bathroom for a spa experience
Stone acupressure mat

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DIY river rock acupressure mat

Give your feet some natural massage with a mat made of smooth river stones.


  • 1 New door mat
  • 10 Pound River pebbles
  • Glue Gorilla glue or epoxy


  • Make sure the mat and pebbles are completely clean before starting.

  • Arrange the stones on the mat so that they fit together like puzzle pieces. Don’t want big distances between you. This part takes the longest!

  • Dip a small amount of glue on the back of the gravel and press it firmly onto the mat for a few seconds. Follow the instructions for the glue you are using.

  • Allow the glue to dry and cure completely before moving the mat.


Note: Make sure the glue will adhere to both the rubber and the rock.

The best rocks for making river rock mat

I chose smooth rocks that were quite flat. Too much sulfur rocks will not stay on the mat and can put a little too much pressure on the bare feet. Adolescents find it more difficult to work with small stones, so I chose a few inches in diameter. If you can find large, flat stones it will work well, the medium size was the same as I could find at the local store.

Where to find rocks for river rock mat

We talked about what kind of stones to use, but where do you find them? I found my stream rock at a local store in the craft section. You can also find them in the Gardening or Landscaping section of a store. I chose the craft version because my local gardening section had a lot of rounds.

You can also find polished river rock online or more matte, flat rocks here.

You will need ten pounds of rock for this project.

Do you use acupressure? Would you try to make this mat?


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