Facial Massage Benefits for Naturally Beautiful Skin

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My awesome friend Loren, the host of Thin Privacy, is posting a guest today! She is the person to whom I go for skin care of everything and recently she introduced me to the benefits of regular facial massage. She is such a pro, so thank you Lauren for sharing your hints!

Hello Valence Mama Community!

I couldn’t be more excited to announce that Katie and I are changing a blog today. For those of you who are new to skinny privacy, I am a podcaster, writer, and business person.

Today I’m here to share some tips, tricks and tricks for my favorite article: FACIAL MASSAGE !!

We will get all the benefits of facial massage, 4 ways you can do facial massage and Megan Merkel’s favorite way of keeping a tight eye: ‘Buckle massage.’

When you read Kardashian’s way of thinking, go into the secret to read Q&A with Katie. She’s talking about all of her healthy habits, how the system helps her run business and family easily, and morning routines.

Plus, get involved in everything from facial massage.

First, you need to get into the benefits and why you need to ride.

The amazing benefits of facial massage

  • Increased circulation
  • You get a natural facelift
  • All skin care products will improve performance
  • Good ES lines and posts
  • It will show more to the skin / youngster !!!!

Plus, it just looks good. You can easily do facial massage (!!) at home, or you can find a professional for yourself.

Let’s get all these ways at home, and what to ask your esthetician.

4 ways to give yourself a facial massage

I swear by the face massage – I can’t even do makeup without working right now. My husband wants to give me at least 10 minutes, 10 more minutes to do a daily facial massage. It’s one thing now. It’s so easy and free !!

Let’s start with the easiest (and cheapest) and work your way up!

1. Your hands

It should start with a great scream with my makeup artist and friend, Jules Wick. Jules asked me to watch this YouTube video when I was feeling extra swollen in NYC. No kidding, I spent 20 minutes watching the entire video and 239,743,247 times better!

Warning: Once you do this, you will never go back to make-up on bloated faces. What happens here is like drains of the lymph system when the fine lines and wrinkles are removed. I do a lot of work around the eye area. Many people with dark circles or diabetic eyes want fillers … I’m telling you, if you become a regular face massage you won’t even need it!

2. Electric facial massage

This is something I’ve been experimenting with for a long time to say with confidence: It works. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again … Like Katie, I don’t really want to recommend anything unless I try it a lot. The integrity of thin privacy is important to me so I don’t want to recommend anything that isn’t worth it.

This little vibrating machine is worth it! It’s not cheap, but I like it. Some girls love their Lobotins, I like my face massage. I will have a tougher, wrinkle-free face than beautiful shoes. But it’s just me.

If you are wondering how to get this device, ask for one for Christmas. By the way, this is not fun – sincerely about this masseuse. You go in small circles all over your face. I’d like to apply organic, cold-pressed oil before massage. Always apply it before applying makeup and really focus around the eyes so you don’t have to overwhelm it in circles. I try to neck myself as it helps to exclude the lymphatic system.

Even I sometimes use it on my chest. I will apply vitamin C serum and use it on my chest at night. Regardless, it wakes you up and the rotation goes on. You will feel worse, harder and inferior.

To learn more here, this tool is described as: “A micro-framing massage device that smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhances the absorption of your daily skin care products, And with 27,000 micro-framing massages per use, provides a pleasant ‘spa-like experience.’

I highly recommend it. It’s something that happens in the skin more than anything else.

Here’s a video showing how to do this at home.

3. Goa Shaw

If you haven’t already heard about Go Sha, let me fill you in.

Face shaving is a massage technique designed to relieve facial muscle tension, promote blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage – it helps to break the fascia. Attaching tissue that hugs muscles but can sometimes interfere with optimal circulation – and can even help your face look thinner (even temporarily). Devotees swear by the ability to remove headaches and jaw pain and to brighten the skin (due to increased circulation). Even to eliminate the ability to attach layers of muscle. Some even consider it a botox alternative.

It restores and repairs all your cells fighting inflammation – which we have always wanted. This is an ancient Chinese process and it just works!

Personally, rose quartz tools are my favorite because I’ve heard that Cleopatra is a big fan of rose quartz crystals. She washed them in a bath, so yes, there is something beautiful and healing about rose quartz tools.

Warning: If You Google Go, Don’t Be Afraid! The body of the face is different from the body. Watch the video and you will find it.

You can see Goa Shaw on my face in this video and some of his techniques here.

4. Professional lymphatic drainage face

Next time you leave the flight, ask and you are unsure of the results. They are very good. Take the facial specialist down your neck too.

Full transparency: Sometimes it requires a little explanation. You need to tell them that you want the face of the lymphatic drainage that helps fight the float as you travel. Also let them know that you are suffering from dehydration because after a lot of travel your chances are dry.

And finally, tell them you’ll love it if they too are focused on your neck / chest. You should never neglect your neck, chest and hands. Face care is great, but aging is everywhere so prevention is important.

What to ask when you visit a trusted drainage facility:

  • I really want to emphasize the facial massage that anyone who drains my lymphatic drain. You really need to run this point because sometimes you can say it and they will work on the face for only 5 minutes. I need 75% of the time to focus on my face. Sometimes I’ll even throw a little scalp massage in there, if my hair hasn’t been fresh.
  • There is a great way to massage the face – face up and down the neck (going down the neck is really important because you want to drain all the liquid that is moving through your face).
  • Product shine and harden
  • Guava Shaw tools, jade rollers, or cups for face cups are always welcome
  • I ask them to use anything cold. Ice globes, ice rollers, or the face of a cryotherapy really make me go.
  • I love it when they warm my face and cool it down in the end, but I just tell them to focus only on the lymphatic drains – that means under the eyes and the face. Surround me with puffiness.
  • There is no single Felist who is the absolute best. You just need to find someone you love with your energy and energy.

Before you get there, you should know about another facial massage I’ve been doing lately. Absolutely massage! Or yes, that sounds weird, really weird if I’m honest. Kind of weird but bear with me because it’s a hot gesture you don’t want to lose.

Well, so what is buccal massage?

This is the part of the face that involves rubbing inside your mouth. The jaw-dropping section of carefree involves a massage therapist or esthetician resonating with your inner cheeks and jaw muscles.

If you are easily bored, your new best friend is AKA.

It is also one of the best-kept beauty secrets of Meghan Markle. it’s fine. In addition, it’s very easy. It’s just something you can do for free. It completely shapes the bones of your mouth, jaw and cheek and really increases the production of collagen. How can I know this? Since I’ve done this 100 times with my favorite fascist in San Diego, MO.

Usually, Mo will do a 30-minute facial massage, then a 15-minute massage in the mouth, and then apply it to the product. It gets deeper into the cheekbone area and drains the lymphatic system in the best way possible.

Meghan likes to be treated by Nicolas Jas, a London-based fascist. Meghan says:

I do facial exercises from my favorite aesthetic expert, Nicola Jose, who basically draws you in from the inside. I swear it works, as crazy as you think. The day I do this, my cheekbones and jaws are more authentic.

Yakov Jurskovich as a leader in buccal massage and facial massage movements. Yakov has worked on me before too. She is also amazing and well-trained. You can watch my entire video with Yakov here.

Face massage is a big part of my routine and if you really want to target certain areas such as the buccal area, you will see even more results. This will show you the model that draws the face. This is incredibly restrictive, not just corrective, which is what I’m all about. This really is the best natural treatment for face strengthening.

Face massage really should be thought of as going to the gym. You go to the gym to train your body, so why not prepare your face?

You also want to do this to remove your lymph nodes. Last time I went to see the MO, he said my buckle area was too full. Sometimes the other day, it may leave you with a little bruise, but the process is not as painful as it actually looks.

My facial therapist, MKA heel, could share her gestures while looking for / seeking your Goddess Buckle massage. The MO has been doing my faculties for years and there is something about the energy that only vibrates with me.

Anyway, here are the hints of Moe.

Tips for looking for a professional buckle massage:

  • Google and Yelp are your best friends. It’s hard to find an esthetician that offers it, so try to find someone who is dual licensed – which means both an esthetician and a massage therapist! This type of stationery has extensive massage training. Alternatively, you may also find a massage therapist or chiropractor who offers this type of special massage.
  • To talk Talk to your practitioner in advance. Express your concerns and state what you want to work on (AKA micro-management of the situation). Explain if you have a TMJ, or if you want to focus on lymph drainage, etc.
  • Tell them what you want. Let them know if they feel too much pressure (or not enough), or if you want to focus more on that dedicated area. Any good practitioner wants you to feel comfortable during the massage and ultimately satisfied with your experience.

Tips For Buckle Massage At Home:

  • Also use clean hands or gloves to massage.
  • Use your left hand to the right of your mouth, and your right hand to the left, using one hand at a time. Insert mouth with thumb!
  • Massage your four fingers in and out of the mouth using the thumb externally. Massage starting at the corner of your mouth and moving towards the corner of your jaw (circular motions feel great). Hint: If you suffer from TMJ, chronic cleansing, etc., a long stroke down the master (upper jaw lifting jaw) will help relieve excess stress.
  • Be gentle and slow! Take your time, and start lightly. If you have too much pressure, the next day you may feel itchy. So start simple and be mindful. A lot of stress and emotions are suppressed in the jaw, so do it easily to get started.
  • If you really want to improve the lymphatic drainage, then be sure to massage around the neck. That way, any excess fluid / toxins / lymph that comes into motion, drains and drains from falling somewhere (instead of getting stuck and giving you a hamster cheek).

Intra-oral massage is also amazing for extra lymph nourishment, moving toxins, deafening cheeks, and the relief of TMJ.

There you have it. Here are all my tips and tricks for doing a face massage, whether it’s at home or watching a pro.

Precautions. Be practical. Don’t wait until you are 50 years old … stop being jerks.

If you can’t tell, the skin is in it. My skin is preferred. You should take care of it every single day. Wash your makeup, wear SPF everywhere, massage your face, invest in a good product that works for you and uses your oils.

Thanks to Katie and the fitness mama community for having me! Hopefully we’ll be changing to another blog soon, but in the meantime be sure to check out Katie’s post on TSC for tips on the well-being of everything else, plus her podcast In the episode where she talks about the welfare of everything, how will she improve her life? , Parenting and online platform construction.

Do you guys have any beauty tips to tell that I have to try at all ?!

x, Lauren

How to use facial massage for naturally beautiful skin

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