Fish Oil, Superfoods, and Immunity With Nora Gedgaudas

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In this installment, I’m here with Nora Gedgoods, a board-certified dietitian and clinical neurofeedback specialist. He has over 20 years of clinical experience and is also a very detailed researcher. I always like to listen to his research. And as you will hear today, she is deeply involved in every subject they research. Especially in this one question, we deal with some of the questions I keep getting from you guys, the current data and science like fermented code on liver oil, about fish oil in general, the real nature of What are superfoods, and data-driven ways we can. Everyone strengthens our immune system, especially at this time of year. So with Nora, as always, let’s get involved now, without too much information about the event, and without further ado.
Nora, welcome back.

Nora: Oh, Katie, it’s nice to be back with you and your great audience.

Katie: I’m always excited to chat with you. I know the first time we met we talked for hours, I think, and there were a lot of topics to talk about. And happily, we record and let other people join our conversations. I love it … I have a whole host of topics for you today. But I want to make sure that before we go too deep into anything else, let’s start by touching on what the research is saying right now and what you’ve found in your research on fermented cod gym oil because This is what many have recommended. People for a long time. This is what I think became popular through the Weston A Price Foundation, and Weston A Price’s work and their research on nutrition and physical decline. And I know there’s some new data, and in general you’ve done a lot of research in that area. So I’d like to start there. And as I said, we’ll jump into a lot of topics, but let’s deal with that first.

Nora: So, the idea of ​​fermented cod gym oil is actually a recent thing. In fact, it never was; nothing was called fermented cod gym oil by Weston Price. There are some people who are involved in promoting or selling fermented liver oil. But you have to realize, you know, oil and fat don’t make yeast. You know, eating fat, right? Carbohydrates add yeast and protein, you know, when they sit around. So, you know, the idea of ​​estimating fat or oil, you know, seems to be doing something positive, but in fact, it seems to be doing more than just spoiling the quality of the oil. doing. And, you know, some of the people I knew about, you know, the Weston A. Price Foundation, which has a very close relationship with Dave Witzel, you know, who owns the green pastures and who fermented them. Jim’s oil is used, what is it called yeast.

There were numerous health complaints. And you know, at the time, Dr. Kayla Daniel was vice president and chief scientist at the Westin A Price Foundation, or whatever. She had won, you know, the Integrity and Science Award, and all this, very, very good and capable researcher. And he was receiving a lot of health complaints from members saying that they, you know, feel less well, you know, take the fermented Charter Republic oil, that they are having an adverse effect. And, so, there was a lot of resistance in this case, you know, Sally got under investigation because she strongly believes in its benefits. And similarly, numerous individuals, some of whom are famous, and some of whom have chosen to remain anonymous, raised their money, their money out of their own pockets, and funded about 10 large denominations. And basically a research sent samples of this thing to some of the best labs in the world to be analyzed to determine.

Because, you know, the results of the data or whatever lab results Dave Witzel presented, you know, he had his own proprietary testing methods that no one could apparently copy. You know, when it had its own, you know, personal analysis, but that thing was never independently analyzed. And they felt the need. A man who was a longtime ally and in fact a longtime friend of mine who was an ally of the Weston A. Price Foundation, you know, for decades, he faced his commitment to heart failure as a result of completion. ۔ Large amounts as recommended. And when he stopped taking it, he did something better; he was really inside; he was taken to the hospital. It was Ron Schmidt anyway. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. He was very sincere about his condemnation because he did research to prove that rancid oil and rancid code liver oil could be cardiotoxic. And he didn’t know it, and he’s carrying a huge amount of stuff. So he wanted to; you know, he was one of the people who contributed to the research fund.

And the thing that came back from the best labs in the world was that you know, they did research on the fish oil product they’ve ever measured. And, you know, unfortunately, there was a bit of a blackout in the media within the organization. And, you know, Kayla, you know, tried to reason with the forces that were within an organization. And there was a lot of resistance. And so, Kayla felt it was her responsibility as a scientist, as a responsible scientist, to publish their findings. And she was “quite bitter” about the way it was handled. And, unfortunately, he also spoke in his essay, but science is clearly solid in his essay.

And if anyone wants to read more about it, they can go to Kyla Daniels’ website or you can do it in your search bar, preferably through Dick Dogo, or Quantum, or Swissco, as opposed to Google, “hook, Line, and smelly. “And that was his first article. And since then she has followed research publications. But I personally know people who, you know, have had very unhealthy health effects, what can we say, and who may be out of this world? ۔ And of course, I can’t make claims one way or the other. All I know is that I will not use fermented cod gym oil. In fact, when I first looked at the research that came out of these labs, you know, I just recently decided that I was going to go for this product, and I did one of them. Bought the case, which was not cheap. Work to do. And it all went to the dumpster, and I won’t touch it.

And, you know, a good rule of thumb, if a fish oil you fill with flavor, is bad. You know, it should be; good quality fish oil tastes really light. It should not have fish and overall taste. But you know, the liver oil of the Charter of Democracy is basically a vitamin A. I see that the oil of the Charter of Democracy is essentially a vitamin A supplement. And if it has high levels of D, it’s because, you know, it’s gotten stronger somehow. Has been included. In fact, the Green Pasteur product contained certain amounts of D2, indicating that it was extracted from other oils and vegetable oils or anything else. I’m just trying to remember them all because it’s been a few months.

But yes, I mean, I’m not a fan and this is not a product I would ever recommend to anyone. And honestly, you can’t get as much as the word nutrition, in physical degradation, about “fermented cod Republic oil.” Weston Price mentioned the oil of the Charter of the Republic once or twice. What he writes about it was not like a big focus. But he spoke of it as a possible alternative for people who either did not have access to the liver or did not like to eat the liver, perhaps this was what they could do to get there. But obviously, eating liver is the best possible job for you because you’re getting a wider supply of nutrients; I consider the liver to be the ultimate superfood, you know, more than chemo chemo and even turmeric. Go The liver has so many nutrients. It’s just doing a lot for it

Katie: I’m glad you raised the liver because it was some follow-up. Like, I think when it comes to fermented cod gym oil, I agree with you that we need to look at all such new figures. And I think the point people were looking for was that it was a very nutritious food. So I love that you have nurtured the liver because I have heard that the liver is called the multivitamin of nature. I think that’s something we don’t talk about much, you know. So I’d like to hear just a sort of review of why muscle-like foods are such foods and can also find out about fish oil in general, because it’s a And the question that follows is. You mentioned a bit, like what to look for in fish oil, but it’s a controversial one, right?

Nora: Yes, you know, that’s fine. And so I don’t really use cod gym oil personally. I think, you know, Nordic Naturals has to be a clean slate, but it won’t be high, super high in a lot of things. But at least that is unlikely to be the case. But, if I choose my recommendation, I; you know, if you don’t like the liver, learn to love it or find a way to add it to your diet, you know, This is a role model for you. . And they are; you know, I can give you my number one hack to get liver in my diet from where; I mean, there’s a significant amount in your diet. I know people will like it sometimes; and I’ve recommended that you prepare a small amount of it beforehand and add it to ground beef. But it is difficult to get meaningful money when you are trying to hide it like this. And I discovered this hack. And, you know, it definitely changed my life because I don’t like the taste of beef liver. I just don’t I like poultry liver, but it’s not as nutritious as beef liver. So you say, I guess that’s the way I’ve used it the most, but I’ve also used it in sauces. But that’s to say; we’re getting cold, you know, for months, at least, some of us who weren’t living in Florida. And pepper, you know, is like all kinds of food, you know, for that time of year. And let’s say you make a big pot of pepper, okay, and you’re getting ready to serve it, and it’s bubbling on the stove, you can guess, depending on how you How many peppers in the pot? Well, and for how many people you are making, you can take a huge amount of liver, like half a pound. I’ve really thrown in like a pound, which is probably a little too much if you don’t want to taste it at all, but you can make it half a pound good and not worry about tasting it.

You take half a pound, order half a pound according to which you get the raw liver of the raw dish and throw it away, you know, there is a food processor or blender, and you clean the scratch. Unless it is a pure liquid. And before serving the peppers, pour the liquid into the pot and stir. And what you get is a creamer version. It’s crazy how good it works. And the second thing I did was take it in pure liver and put it like a silicone type ice cube tray. And so when I have the sauce, you know, or something, I can just throw a cube of it, you know, get it a little molten at room temperature, so it’s not so frozen. But, you know, take that cube and think about it at room temperature when preparing food. And if I have “spaghetti sauce” or something like that, just toss in it before serving. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. And you don’t get it; obviously what most people don’t like about the liver is a weird texture that you get when it’s overcooked. And that’s how these fears are allayed. So this is a great way to get into it. But, you know, when you’re eating a whole meal like this, when unlike anything extracted from a whole meal, you’re getting all the ingredients that are made by nature to work together. You, you know, and when to eat. And so, in general, organ meat has the most nutrients of any kind, you know, animal source food, you know, that we might be inclined to eat. Most people think about meat though, they think, you know, steak and chicken and more. And we have developed a kind of taboo in our culture against the use of organ meat. Okay, I guess, Pin intended, but it seems, right? You know that their tastes and textures are related to the flesh of many organs that are unfamiliar, and because of this, many people do not find imitators.

لیکن ان چیزوں کے ل a ذائقہ تیار کرنے کے طریقے موجود ہیں۔ اور ، آپ جانتے ہو ، آپ یہ جزوی طور پر صرف ایک وقت میں تھوڑی دیر میں چپکے سے کرتے ہیں ، آپ جانتے ہیں۔ اور آپ کو تخلیقی ترکیبیں بھی مل جاتی ہیں ، جن کے بارے میں میں یہ سوچنا پسند کرتا ہوں کہ میں نے اپنی “پرائمل فیٹ برنر” کتاب میں سے کچھ تخلیق کیں۔ آپ جانتے ہو ، میں ایک طرح سے اس کتاب کے ل rec ترکیبیں تیار کرنے گیا تھا ، لات ماری اور چیخ رہی تھی ، کیوں کہ میں واقعتا to نہیں چاہتا تھا کہ ، میری چیز سے وابستہ ایک کتاب ہے کیونکہ یہ میری چیز نہیں ہے۔ اور جب میں کھانا پکاتا ہوں تو ، یہ بھی اس کی ایک چوٹکی اور اس کی تھوڑی سی قسم ہے ، اور میں ترکیبوں پر عمل نہیں کرتا ہوں۔ اور جب میں دوسری کتابیں پڑھتا ہوں جن میں ترکیبیں موجود ہوتی ہیں ، تو آپ جانتے ہو ، میں کبھی بھی کتاب کا وہ حصہ استعمال نہیں کرتا ہوں۔ تو مجھے ہمیشہ ایسا لگتا ہے کہ میں نے آدھی کتاب کے لئے ادائیگی کی ہے جو میں استعمال نہیں کروں گا۔ لیکن مجھے ان لوگوں کی طرف سے بہت ساری مثبت ای میلز ملی ہیں جن کے بارے میں آپ جانتے ہو ، واقعی میں واقعتا the ترکیبیں پسند کرتا تھا۔ اور اسی طرح ، آپ جانتے ہو ، آخر میں ، مجھے خوشی ہے کہ میں نے یہ کیا۔ اور میرے خیال میں بہت ساری اچھی ترکیبیں موجود ہیں اور میں ترکیبوں میں کچھ عضو کا گوشت شامل کرتا ہوں۔ تو میں امید کرتا ہوں ، آپ جانتے ہو ، لوگ اس کے ساتھ تجربہ کریں گے۔ ان چیزوں سے پیار کرنا سیکھنا واقعی بہت اہم ہے۔ اور اگر آپ نہیں کرسکتے تو ، اگر آپ قطعی طور پر نہیں کرسکتے تو ، آپ کو معلوم ہوگا ، ایک کمپنی ہے ، اور مجھے یقین ہے کہ آپ ان سے واقف ہوں گے ، اینٹیسٹرل سپلیمنٹس ، اور برائن جانسن واقعی ایک بہت ہی اچھا آدمی ہے۔ اور جو کچھ اس نے کیا اس کے پاس ہے… اور میرے پاس اس کے ساتھ ہر گز کوئی مالی تعلقات نہیں ہیں ، آپ جانتے ہو ، لیکن وہ واقعتا اس کا احترام کرتا ہوں جو وہ اپنے کاروبار سے کرتا ہے۔ اس کے پاس نیوزی لینڈ میں گھاس سے کھلایا ہوا جانوروں کی ایک بڑی تعداد ہے ، اور ، آپ جانتے ہو کہ ، چراگاہوں اور اس طرح کی چیزوں پر۔ اور جب جانوروں پر کارروائی ہوتی ہے تو ، وہ بنیادی طور پر تمام اعضاء اور ؤتکوں کو لیتا ہے اور کم سے کم عمل شدہ فیشن میں ان کو سمیٹ لیتا ہے تاکہ آپ مختلف اعضاء کے گوشت اور ؤتکوں سے غذائیت کی قیمت حاصل کرسکیں جو یا تو آپ کو ذائقہ پسند نہیں کرتے ، یا واضح طور پر ، آسانی سے دستیاب نہیں ہوسکتا ہے۔ ان چیزوں میں سے کچھ تلاش کرنا واقعی مشکل ہے۔

اور اس طرح لوگوں کے لئے یہ دوسرا آپشن ہے ، میرے خیال میں ، آپ جانتے ہو ، اگر اعضاء کا گوشت ایک ضمیمہ شکل میں خریدیں تو اگر ان کو ان چیزوں تک آسان طریقے سے رسائی حاصل نہ ہو۔ اور ، آپ جانتے ہو ، یہ زیادہ مہنگا ہے۔ آپ کو صرف کھانے کی بجائے گولیوں کا ایک گروپ نگلنا پڑتا ہے۔ لیکن یہ میرے خیال میں ، کسی کے ساتھ ایک حیرت انگیز ضمیمہ ہے ، آپ جانتے ہو ، بنیادی طور پر صحت مند آبائی آبائی غذا ، آپ جانتے ہو ، مختلف اعضاء اور ؤتکوں کا اضافہ ہے جو آپ کے پاس جانے والے معمول کے اسٹورز کے ذریعے آسانی سے قابل رسائی نہیں ہوسکتے ہیں۔ قصاب جن کے پاس آپ جاتے ہیں۔ میرا مطلب ہے ، آپ بھی کر سکتے ہیں… اور بڑھتا ہوا ، میں واقعی میں لوگوں کی حوصلہ افزائی کرنے کا حوصلہ افزائی کرتا ہوں کہ آپ لوگوں سے تعلقات قائم کریں جو آپ کا کھانا بڑھاتے ہیں ، اور کھیتوں میں جاتے ہیں ، اور جانوروں کی آنکھوں میں دیکھتے ہیں جو آپ کو ختم ہوسکتے ہیں رات کے کھانے کی پلیٹ کسی جگہ ، اور معلوم کریں کہ انہیں کس طرح کھلایا جارہا ہے ، اور اس بات کو یقینی بنائیں کہ وہ ہو رہے ہیں ، آپ جانتے ہو ، کھانا کھلایا جاتا ہے اور صحیح طریقے سے برتاؤ کیا جاتا ہے ، تاکہ آپ اپنے کھانے کو کہاں سے آسکیں ، کے بارے میں اچھا محسوس کریں۔ کہ آپ کو ایک اور براہ راست تعلق محسوس ہوتا ہے۔ کیونکہ میں کہوں گا ، ان تمام چیزوں میں سے جو ہماری جدید غذائی سپلائی سے محروم ہیں ، ہمارا رشتہ ہے ، اس سے ہمارا سیدھا رشتہ ہے۔

اور جو نفسیات اس کے ساتھ آتی ہیں ، میرے خیال میں ، اس طریقے کا ایک حصہ ہے جس طرح سے ہم ان کھانے کو ہضم کرتے ہیں اور اس میں ضم کرتے ہیں۔ آپ جانتے ہو ، بالکل مثال کے طور پر ، میرا مطلب ہے ، میں نے تجربہ کیا ہے ، آپ جانتے ہو ، سکڑ سے لپٹی ہوئی چیز خریدنے کے لئے کیا پسند ہے ، اور پھر اسے پکائیں ، اور پھر دیکھتے وقت کھائیں ، آپ جانتے ہیں ، ٹی وی پر یا کچھ چلتے ہوئے جب میں کہیں بھاگ رہا ہوں تو بمقابلہ کسی ایسی چیز کی آنکھوں میں دیکھا جس کو ، آپ جانتے ہو ، بعد میں میرے کھانے کی پلیٹ پر زخم آگئے۔ میں آپ کو بتا سکتا ہوں کہ اس کھانے کو لینے کا تجربہ بالکل مختلف تھا۔ اور یہاں قریب قریب ایک تعظیم تھا جو واقعتا really میرے لئے عقیدت کا ایک احساس تھا جو کھپت کے ساتھ آیا تھا ، آپ جانتے ہو ، ایک جانور کا گوشت جس کا میں نے مجھ سے جان لیا تھا ، آپ جانتے ہو ، اسے زندہ دیکھا ہے۔ اور چاہے وہ شکار کے ذریعہ ہو ، یہ وہی معاملہ تھا ، یا یہ اپنے جانوروں کو پالنے ، اور قصاب کاری کرنے ، اور ان پر کارروائی کرنے ، اور کوئی اور بھی ہے ، براہ راست تعلق ، زندگی اور موت کا ایک پورا دور ہے جس میں ہم ایک ہیں حصہ

اور ہمارے پاس جدید معاشرے میں وہم ہے جو کسی طرح اس سے الگ ہے۔ اور یہ جدید دور کی ذہنی بیماری کا حصہ ہے ، میرے خیال میں ، یہ خیال ہے کہ ہم کسی طرح فطرت سے الگ ہیں۔ آپ جانتے ہو ، ہر لحاظ سے ، میں دیکھتا ہوں کہ سبزی خور اور سبزی خوروں کی خاصیت اور اس کی مقبولیت ، خاص طور پر ، اس قدر علامتی علامت بننا ہے کہ ہم اس قدرتی دنیا سے کتنا دور ہوچکے ہیں جس میں ہم تیار ہوئے ہیں۔ اور ہم ہمیشہ پریشانی میں مبتلا ہوجاتے ہیں جب ہم یہ سوچتے ہیں کہ ہم کسی طرح فطرت سے الگ ہیں یا کسی طرح اس سے اوپر ہیں۔ کھانے کی کھپت نہ تو ایک سلسلہ ہے اور نہ ہی سیڑھی ، یہ ایک دائرہ ہے۔ مجھے لگتا ہے کہ ہمیں اس میں اپنا حصہ تسلیم کرنے اور اس پر دوبارہ دعوی کرنے کی ضرورت ہے۔ مجھے لگتا ہے کہ یہ ہماری زیادہ سے زیادہ صحت سے متعلق دعوی کرنے کا ایک حصہ ہے۔ تو ، بہر حال ، اس پر میرا کام ہے۔ اور یقینی طور پر اعضاء کے گوشت میں ، قدیم یا قدیم نام نہاد ، آپ جانتے ہو ، آبائی معاشروں میں ، ان کو ہمیشہ ہی انتہائی مقدس اہم غذا سمجھا جاتا ہے۔ ٹھیک ہے ، وہ غذا جو خاص طور پر چربی اور چربی سے گھلنشیل غذائی اجزاء میں سب سے زیادہ تھیں ، وہ کھانے کی چیزیں تھیں جن کو انتہائی دور تک ، انتہائی اہم سمجھا جاتا تھا ، اور سب سے زیادہ ان کی عزت کی جاتی تھی۔ لیکن عضلہ کے گوشت کو ہمیشہ ترجیحی طور پر پٹھوں کے گوشت کا انتخاب کیا جاتا تھا۔ آپ جانتے ہو ، اور اب ہم اس میں پلٹ پھپک چکے ہیں۔ اور ، آپ جانتے ہیں ، زیادہ تر لوگ صرف اعضاء کے گوشت کے بارے میں بھی نہیں سوچتے ہیں۔ جب وہ گوشت کے بارے میں سوچتے ہیں ، تو وہ یا تو عمل شدہ گوشت کے بارے میں سوچتے ہیں یا پھر وہ گائے کے گوشت یا مرغی کے بارے میں سوچتے ہیں۔ اور ان سبھی چیزوں کے بارے میں نہ سوچیں جو آپ میں داخل ہوئیں ، آپ جانتے ہو ، وہ جانور جس میں غذائیت کی اقدار کی بہت ، بہت اعلی درجے کی حامل ہے۔ لہذا ، عضو کا گوشت ایک بہت بڑی چیز ہے ، لیکن میں آپ کے ساتھ گانا بجانے میں تبلیغ نہیں کرتا ہوں۔

کیٹی: آپ بالکل ٹھیک ہیں۔ یہ وہی ہے ، جیسے ، فطرت میں کھانے سے رابطہ۔ اور میں جانتا ہوں کہ آپ لوگوں کو اس کو دوبارہ قائم کرنے میں مدد دینے کے لئے بہت سارے کام کرتے ہیں۔ اور ہماری کمیونٹی میں بہت سارے اور بھی ہیں جو لوگوں کو اس میں مدد کے لئے وسائل دیتے ہیں۔ اور میرے خیال میں جگر کے ساتھ ، خاص طور پر ، یہ نوٹ کرنا ضروری ہے ، آپ نے اس کو چھو لیا ، لیکن خاص طور پر ابھی وٹامن ڈی جزو ، اور مجھے لگتا ہے کہ یہ ایک اچھا طبقہ ہے اور اسی طرح کے کسی اور شعبے میں جس کے بارے میں میں بات کرنا چاہتا ہوں۔ لیکن ہم سالوں اور سالوں کے اعداد و شمار سے جانتے ہیں کہ وٹامن ڈی اور مناسب وٹامن ڈی کی حیثیت حاصل کرنا ، جس میں جگر میں وٹامن ڈی ہوتا ہے ، ایک مضبوط مدافعتی نظام کو برقرار رکھنے کے لئے ، اور سانس کی بیماری جیسے چیزوں کا جواب دینے کے قابل ہونے کے لئے یا ایک اہم عنصر ہے۔ اب ہم فلو کے موسم اور سردی کے موسم میں جا رہے ہیں۔ اور اسی طرح ، میں اس پر ہاتھ ڈالنا پسند کروں گا ، میں جانتا ہوں کہ اس پر آپ نے ایک پوری بڑی رپورٹ تیار کرلی ہے ، لیکن اس کے سارے پہلوؤں کو ہمیں اس طرح کے وقت میں اپنے جسم کی مدد کے ل to جاننے کی ضرورت ہے اور یہ بھی ، ہوسکتا ہے کہ کچھ چیزوں میں سے کسی ایک متنازعہ چیز کو چھونے کے ل that جو ہمارے خیال میں ہم شاید اپنے آپ کو بچانے کے لئے کر رہے ہیں جو حقیقت میں ہمارے جسم کو نقصان پہنچا سکتی ہے۔

نورا: بھلائی سے زیادہ نقصان کرنا۔ ہاں ٹھیک ہے ، وٹامن ڈی چیز ، لہذا جگر جیسی چیز میں وٹامن ڈی کی اعلی سطح نہیں ہے۔ یہ جگر میں ذخیرہ نہیں ہے۔ وٹامن ڈی کا سب سے امیر قدرتی ذریعہ در حقیقت چراگاہ جانوروں کی چربی میں ہوتا ہے ، آپ جانتے ہو کہ ان جانوروں کی چربی میں ہی ہوتا ہے۔ اور قدرتی غذائی وٹامن ڈی کا سب سے امیر قدرتی ذریعہ دراصل 100٪ چراگاہ لارڈ ہے ، آپ جانتے ہو کہ سور کی چربی ، جہاں خنزیر کو تازہ ہوا اور دھوپ کی روشنی میں ادھر ادھر گھومنے کی اجازت دی گئی ہے ، اور وہ تیار کرتے وقت دھوپ کو لفظی طور پر نیچے پیٹ رہے ہیں۔ وٹامن ڈی کا ایک جتھا آپ جانتے ہو ، دوسرے ستنداریوں کے برعکس ، بہت سارے دوسرے پستان دار جانوروں کے علاوہ ، آپ جانتے ہیں ، شاید ہم ، کہ ان کے جسم پر بہت زیادہ بال نہیں ہوتے ہیں۔ اور یہ دھوپ کی بہتر رسائی اور وٹامن ڈی 3 کی اعلی ترکیب کی اصل میں اجازت دیتا ہے۔ لیکن ہاں ، وٹامن ڈی بالکل ضروری ہے… ٹھیک ہے ، دیکھو ، چربی میں گھلنے والے تمام غذائی اجزاء ہیں ، آپ جانتے ہو ، لیکن ہوچکا ہے ، میرے خیال میں یہ انڈونیشیا کا ایک مطالعہ تھا جس میں وٹامن ڈی ، اور بقا کی شرح ، اور انفیکشن کے بارے میں بات کی گئی تھی۔ شرح جب موجودہ کی طرف آتی ہے ، آپ جانتے ہو ، وائرس ڈی سفر ، آپ کے مرنے کا امکان 90٪ زیادہ ہوتا ہے اگر آپ کے وٹامن ڈی کی سطح فی ملی لیٹر 20 نین گرام سے کم ہوتی تو ، آپ جانتے ہو ، جیسے 5٪ سے بھی کم مرنے کا امکان آپ کی D کی سطح 60 نین گرام یا 60 سے 80 نین گرام فی ملی لیٹر کے درمیان تھی۔ یا در حقیقت ، میں سمجھتا ہوں کہ اس مطالعے کا اختتام ہو گیا ہے… مجھے لگتا ہے کہ ان کی حقیقت میں صحت مند سطح 40 سے زیادہ تھی۔ لہذا ، آپ جانتے ہو ، وٹامن ڈی ، میں زیادہ تر چیزوں کے ل 60 60 اور 80 کے درمیان زیادہ مناسب سمجھا۔ اور بات یہ ہے کہ جب ہمیں سوزش ہوتی ہے اور ہم انفیکشن اور اس طرح کی چیزوں کا سامنا کرتے ہیں تو ، ہم واقعی میں تیزی سے ڈی کے ذریعے اڑا دیتے ہیں۔ لہذا ، میں پسند کرتا ہوں کہ ہماری زندگی میں ڈی کی شکلوں میں جمع ہوں جو تھوڑا سا زیادہ جیو دستیاب ہوں۔ لیکن میں مداح نہیں ہوں ، جیسے ، ہر وقت صرف وٹامن ڈی کی گولیوں کو پاپ کرتا ہوں۔ ظاہر ہے ، اسے کھانے سے حاصل کرنا واقعی اہم ہے کیونکہ آپ کے پاس ایسی غذائی اجزاء ہیں جو اس کے ساتھ کام کر رہے ہیں۔ میری کتاب ، “پرائمل فیٹ برنر” میں ، میں نے ان تین امیگوز کے بارے میں بات کی ہے ، جو وٹامن ڈی 3 ، وٹامن اے تھے ، اور میرا مطلب ہے ، حقیقی وٹامن اے ، ریٹینول ، جگر میں آپ کو جس طرح کا سامان ملتا ہے ، جس میں ہم صرف تھے جانوروں کی چربی میں پائے جانے والے ایک بار پھر ، وٹامن کے 2 کے بارے میں بات کرتے ہیں۔

اور پولٹری کی چربی ، خاص طور پر ، اور پولٹری جگر K2 میں بہت زیادہ ہے اور سب سے زیادہ قدرتی تکمیلی ماخذ ، اور دراصل K2 اور K4 کا واحد قدرتی اضافی ذریعہ ہے ، جو واحد شکل ہے جس میں پایا جاتا ہے ، جیسے ، انسانی دماغ ، جو دراصل زچگی کے نال میں لیا جاتا ہے۔ اتنی مشہور MK-7 چیزیں دراصل نال میں خون میں جذب نہیں ہوتی ہیں۔ اور واقعی انسانی غذا میں کے 2 کی اس شکل کی کوئی بنیاد نہیں ہے۔ اور میرا مطلب ہے کہ ، یہ ایک ساری متنازعہ چیز ہے جس پر میں تھوڑی دیر کے لئے بکھر سکتا ہوں ، لیکن میں زیادہ دور سے دور نہیں جانا چاہتا ہوں۔ MK-4 وٹامن کے 2 کی شکل ہے جس کا استعمال ہم نے تیار کیا ہے۔ لہذا یہ بات مجھے سمجھ میں آتی ہے کہ یہی سب سے زیادہ قدرتی اضافی فارم ہے۔ اور ایک بار پھر ، اس کمپنی سے مجھ سے مالی تعلقات نہیں ہیں ، لیکن یہاں ایک خاص جینیاتی تناؤ ایمو آئل ہے۔ اور یہاں ایک کمپنی ہے جس کو واک آؤٹ ہیلتھ پروڈکٹ کہتے ہیں۔ اور ان کے پاس کسی بھی کھانے کی کسی بھی MK-4 کی سطح کی پیمائش کردہ K2 کی اعلی سطح ہے۔

اور یہ بنیادی طور پر ایک کھانے کا مادہ ہے۔ آپ کو معلوم ہے کہ یہ تیل کی شکل میں کھانا ہے۔ آپ جانتے ہو ، لہذا آپ دن بھر وٹامن ڈی کی گولیوں کو پاپ کرتے رہ سکتے ہیں۔ اور ہم جانتے ہیں کہ وٹامن ڈی کیلشیم کو جذب کرنے میں مدد کرتا ہے ، مثال کے طور پر ، آپ جانتے ہو کہ ، وٹامن ڈی کی طرح کی دوسری چیزوں کا بھی ایک مجموعہ ہے۔ لیکن کیا حقیقت میں یہ طے کرتا ہے کہ کیلشیم کس طرح استعمال ہوتا ہے اور یہ کہاں جسم میں جدا اور جذب ہوتا ہے ، اور جسم میں استعمال ہوتا ہے ، یہ فیصلہ بنیادی طور پر “وٹامن کے 2” کے ذریعہ کیا جاتا ہے۔ اور اس طرح اگر آپ وٹامن ڈی کا ایک گروپ لے رہے ہیں اور آپ کو کافی مقدار میں کے 2 نہیں مل رہا ہے تو ، آپ ان چیزوں کا حساب کتاب کرنا ختم کر سکتے ہیں جن کا حساب کتاب کبھی نہیں کرنا تھا۔ آپ جانتے ہو ، آپ کا دل ، آپ کا دماغ ، آپ کے جوڑ ، آپ جانتے ہیں ، آپ کا اینڈو ٹیلیم ، آپ کی شریانیں ، میرا مطلب ہے ، اور یہ سب ، جو یقینا، مطلوبہ نہیں ہے۔ لہذا ، وٹامن ڈی کے ارد گرد کی تمام تحقیق کے ساتھ ، جو آپ جانتے ہیں ، مجھے خوشی ہے کہ وٹامن ڈی اس کی اہمیت کے لئے پہچانا جاتا ہے ، لیکن ہمیں یہ سمجھنا ہوگا کہ غذائی اجزاء فطرت کے خلا میں کام نہیں کرتے ہیں ، یہ کہ کھانے پینے کے اندر ، وہ آپ کی صحت کو بہتر بنانے کے ل other ، دوسرے غذائی اجزاء کے ساتھ پیچیدہ ہیں جن کے ساتھ وہ محافل میں کام کرنے کے لئے ڈیزائن کیا گیا ہے۔

اور وٹامن اے ، اور ڈی 3 اور کے 2 ، آپ کو معلوم ہے ، میں انہیں تینوں امیگو کہتے ہیں اور انہیں ساتھ ساتھ سوار ہونا چاہئے۔ آپ جانتے ہو ، آپ واقعی میں ایسی غذائیں لینا چاہتے ہیں جو آپ کی غذا میں ان تینوں غذائی اجزا کی نمائندگی کریں یا ان غذائی اجزاء میں جو ان تینوں غذائی اجزا کو اپنی غذا میں ان کی انتہائی قدرتی غذا پر مبنی شکلوں میں نمائندگی کرتے ہیں ، اگر آپ ان سے بہترین فوائد حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔ . اور ظاہر ہے ، وٹامن اے اتنا ضروری ہے ، آپ جانتے ہو ، مثال کے طور پر ، آپ کے اینڈوٹیلیئم کی صحت کے لئے ، اپنے میوکوسا ، آپ کے پھیپھڑوں کی صحت کے لئے۔ وٹامن اے انتہائی پیدا ہوتا ہے۔ اور ویسے ، دوسری جنگ عظیم سے پہلے ، اینٹی انفیکشن تھراپی کی بنیادی توجہ ریٹناول تھی ، بیٹا کیروٹین نہیں ، آپ جانتے ہو ، پلانٹ پر مبنی کوئی پرو پروٹین وٹامن اے نہیں ، بلکہ ریٹینول ، وہ چیزیں جو صرف کر سکتی ہیں جانوروں کے منبع کھانے کی اشیاء میں پایا جائے اور ظاہر ہے ، جگر ، ایک بار پھر ، سب سے امیر قدرتی ذریعہ ہے۔

اور لہذا اگر آپ صحتمند پھیپھڑوں چاہتے ہیں تو ، آپ کو صحت مند قدرتی سنترپت چربی کی ضرورت ہے کیونکہ پھیپھڑوں کا سرفیکٹینٹ ایک غیر مطمئن انو ہے۔ آپ اپنے پھیپھڑوں میں سرفیکٹنٹ بنانے والی کثیر مطمعتی چربی کا ایک پورا گروپ نہیں چاہتے ہیں۔ اور اس کی وجہ یہ ہے کہ ایک غیر موزوں انو یہ ہے جس سے آپ کا جسم پھیپھڑوں کو سرفیکٹنٹ بنا دیتا ہے ، کیا یہ اس کی فطرت کے مطابق سیر شدہ چربی آکسیکرن کے لئے فطری طور پر مزاحم ہے ، ٹھیک ہے؟ زیادہ سے زیادہ چربی والی چربی ، جتنی جلدی اس کا شکار ہوجاتا ہے۔ سنترپت چربی چیزوں کی حفاظت میں مدد کرتی ہے۔ یہ چربی میں گھلنشیل غذائی اجزا کو جسم میں رعب سے بچاتا ہے۔ یہ آپ کے ؤتکوں کو تیز رفتار آکسیکرن سے بچانے میں مدد کرتا ہے۔ اور اسی طرح ، آپ جانتے ہو ، ایک بار پھر ، جانوروں کے ذریعہ کی جانے والی کھانوں میں ابھی سے بہتر دفاعی صحت کو برقرار رکھنے کے لئے کلیدی اہمیت ہے۔ اور واقعی ، اس میں ہر ایک کی توجہ ہونی چاہئے ، واقعی… آپ جانتے ہیں ، اگر آپ… بہت سے لوگوں کو جانتے ہو ، وہ سمجھتے ہیں کہ جانے کا راستہ خود کو بند دروازوں کے پیچھے بند کر رہا ہے ، ہرمیٹک طور پر خود کو بلبلے میں بند کر رہا ہے ، اور ڈایپر کو پٹا لگا رہا ہے۔ ان کا چہرہ ، اور دستانے پہنے ، اور جہاں تک ممکن ہو اپنے ساتھی انسانوں سے دور رہیں۔ اور اس طرح انسانی قوت مدافعت کا نظام تیار نہیں ہوتا ہے۔

یہ اس قسم کی چیز نہیں ہے جو اصل میں قوت مدافعت کو مضبوط کرتی ہے۔ در حقیقت ، یہ حقیقت میں اب متنوع اعداد و شمار کی پوری دولت کے ذریعہ ظاہر کیا گیا ہے ، کہ آپ خود کو کسی بھی معنی خیز طریقے سے بچانے کے بجائے اپنے مدافعتی فعل کو کمزور کرسکتے ہیں۔ آپ جانتے ہیں ، ہمیں جس چیز کا احساس کرنا ہے وہ یہ ہے کہ جو بھی مشہور شخصیت وائرس جو وہاں موجود ہے ، اب ، وہ دور نہیں ہورہا ہے۔ It’s not like a noxious or toxic gas that, you know, we can hide behind closed doors, and it’s gonna dissipate, and then we can come out and have normalcy again. Viruses are part of our natural environment. They have been for millions of years. And for at least the last 2 million years that we have been evolving as a species, we have done so in the presence of millions of these things, if not billions of these things. And we’re still here. And we’re here because we have an immune system that knows how to adapt itself to immune challenges, and it gets stronger through exposure. Now, I’m not suggesting that somebody who’s immune-compromised or is in some way and has multiple comorbidities, who’s super vulnerable, needs to run out and immediately expose themselves. What I am saying is that those people, especially, need to be focused on improving the health of their immune function and not trying to hide from the virus. I mean, that should be the priority, right, that doing what is necessary to rebuild your immune system’s strength and resiliency is your way out of that concern. That’s the number one way out of that concern. For the rest of us that are otherwise healthy, that don’t have, you know, untold comorbidities or vulnerabilities, for us, the best path forward is through what can be termed true herd immunity. And, you know, of course, Sweden has already accomplished this. And for the most part, so have we. You know, we see so-called… They’re calling it a casedemic now. You know, oh, all these new cases. Well, there’s all this new testing.

And that testing is highly, highly suspect. There is no accurate testing. ٹھیک ہے؟ There is no such thing as accurate testing. But false positives are a real consequence of most of this testing. So, you get high numbers of people testing positive, whatever that means. But when you look at where the rubber hits the road, which is an actual death rates, those have been plummeting now for months. And so, what you see with, you know, these divergent curves is really, if anything, evidence of herd immunity… If cases aren’t… Well, what they’re calling cases. So, in medicine, what is normally referred to as a case is an actual active infection where someone is sick. Okay. Positive tests do not a case make. A positive test is just, you know, some kind of indication that there has been exposure, but it’s not necessarily evidence of illness. And, you know, we have to be very careful about the language that we use. And unfortunately, the media is not at all careful, and vested interests are not at all careful.

And that’s creating a lot of unnecessary hysteria, when, in fact, you know, the vast majority of people, like, we’re talking 99.96% of everybody is going to be just fine. And the people that aren’t going to be just fine… You know, even the CDC claims that only of 6% of the deaths. And I mean, we know. We’ve all seen these headlines and we’ve all seen the fact that the CDC has made their idea of diagnosing, this is extremely liberal, right? I mean, they don’t even have to have a test result. It’s like if somebody has a cough or a sniffle or, you know, a couple of symptoms, that really could be almost any respiratory illness, that’s sufficient to just slap a label of this particular virus on that and call it that. And if a person has a half dozen things wrong with them at the time they die, and they happen to test positive, well, that will be listed as a COVID death. And we have to kind of try to reclaim our sanity a little bit and take a look at what is actually happening and how hysteria is being promulgated in an unnecessary fashion.

So, you know, I’m not trying to turn this into conspiracy theory hour, although, just because something is called a conspiracy doesn’t mean it’s not necessarily true. But, you know, there are a lot of ways of looking at all this. This whole subject matters become a bit of a hall of mirrors. And a lot of rational discussion and a lot of rational look at the actual data and the numbers and evidence at hand has been overlooked in favor of a lot of fear and hysteria that are leading to I think much bigger health concerns, which involve, oh, I don’t know, poverty, the entire shutdown and controlled demolition of the economy, stress-related illness of all kinds, massive declines in mental health, massive increases in drug abuse and alcoholism, increases in all kinds of social unrest but also skyrocketing levels of suicide.

And we’re seeing now, many, many, many more deaths by orders of magnitude if you wanna look at the curves associated with death related to those issues. I mean, poverty alone is viewed by the World Health Organization as the number one cause of mortality worldwide, right? Well, now, it’s not just a third world problem anymore. You know, all aspects of modern society are now being subjected to the potential for poverty and starvation, and the starvation that, you know, problems that may ensue, you know, from all of this hysteria could result in, I’m trying to remember if this was a UN number, but 300,000 deaths or more per year, which, again, makes the deaths from COVID look like a speed bump by comparison. So, you know, we need to be a little bit rational and we need to be more focused on health than disease, right, on the restoration and support of immune and other health as opposed to doing things out of fear in order to try to avoid disease. It’s a very different mindset, but it’s a much healthier one.

And so, you know, in the long run, we’re gonna have to learn to live with whatever is in our environment. And I think that human contact is as much a nutrient and human touch, for crying out loud, is as much of a nutrient for us and is literally a life essential nutrient for each and every one of us as human beings, as is quality nutrition, fresh air, water, and sunshine. And avoiding one another and learning to live separately from one another, and in relative isolation from one another is the greatest recipe for death and destruction than anything else I can think of. This is… Once our lifestyles become dehumanizing, what’s the point, right? So, anyway, I’m just sort of on my rant here. I don’t know if I’ve deviated a little further from where you wanted me to go, but I’m happy to get roped back in if you want me to cover something in a little bit different way.

Katie: No, I think that’s such an important mindset shift and approach right now and especially now, as we know more. And like you said, the virus isn’t just going to go away. We can’t just isolate forever and hope that it eventually goes away. That’s not how it works. And to me, it’s a similar analogy to a shift I had to make internally when it came to food. After years of trying to lose weight, I had developed this sort of, like, deprivation mindset around food. And I had to make a mental switch toward the focus of nourishing my body and giving it enough calories and feeding it because I loved it versus depriving it because I was mad at it.

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And I feel like when it comes to our immune systems, that’s the shift we need to make as well, like moving away from the fear-based side, and like all of that, and moving into the supporting our body, supporting our immune system from a positive perspective, looking at the positive things that are within our control, versus just being afraid of the things that are outside of our control. And like you said so well, not to say people with comorbidities should not take cautions, that’s certainly not what we’re saying at all, but that acknowledging that there are many things within our control that maybe aren’t being talked about enough and that we also live our lives constantly in the sympathetic state of nervousness and fear, because being idle, I think, that’s actively suppressing our immune system as well.

Nora: Absolutely. There’s hardly anything more immunosuppressive than stress. And, you know, that does bring me to one of the big no-no’s. I mean, I hate to put it in negative terms, like the number one best thing you can do for your health is something that you don’t wanna do, and that is watching the news. You know, turn CNN and all of the rest of it off. And I mean, you know, it’s a tall order during a highly contentious election. But, you know, there was a really wonderful article published in “The Guardian” a few years ago. And the title of the article… And this was based on a bunch of research that had been done, that actually looked at the effect of people who regularly watch the news, looked at the effect of that upon their health. Now, this article was published long before, you know, this whole big scare that started about it, you know, less than a year ago now. But the title of the article was, “News is bad for you, and giving up reading it will make you happier.” And one of the things that they said in the article was “News is bad for your health, It leads to fear and aggression and hinders your creativity and ability to think deeply. The solution, stop consuming it altogether.” And there was another quote in there that stated that most of us do not yet understand that news is to the mind what sugar is to the body. ٹھیک ہے؟ And by the way, sugar is one of those other things that will absolutely suppress your immune function. And what are people doing right now? They’re sitting at home on their couches, not going anywhere, not moving around very much, and they’re eating comfort foods. And, you know, the vast majority… What has actually been found is that the countries that were the most locked down, and Argentina probably was the most lockdown country of any of them, like people have not gone out of their homes and some of them for like eight months. I mean, extreme lockdown measures.

They also had the highest rates of mortality. So the more lockdown a country is, the more isolated you are, the more sequestered you are. You know, in a confined space, the less healthy you’re likely to be and the less positive outcome you’re likely to have. You know, and conversely, in Sweden, you know, the death rate there from, you know, even infection is 0.058, no 0.0058%. You know, it’s next to nothing and they never locked down. The highest rate of mortality they had was through poor management of elder care facilities, which refreshingly, the Health Minister admitted that he’d made a mistake in how he initially handled that. But for the most part, things have gone back to normal there. They haven’t seen deaths in Sweden from this in months. So, you know, the restaurants are open, people are going to work. And the degree to which an economy can operate independent of the rest of the world in today’s society, today’s increasingly globalized society.

You know, their economy is doing a lot better than everybody else’s. But it’s interesting, the same article in “The Guardian” showed how mainstream news misleads and overrides rational thinking. And I have these notes from the article. “Mainstream news is irrelevant to anything that has the potential to improve the quality of your life. News has no true explanatory power. News is literally toxic to your body and brain.” It constantly triggers your limbic system and cortisol, and that then dysregulates your immune system and ravages your brain. In other words, your body finds itself in a state of chronic stress. And high-stress hormone levels cause impaired digestion, lack of cellular growth and healing, nervousness, and susceptibility to infections. It also leads to brain shrinkage. How convenient? The other potential side effects include anxiety, depression, aggression, tunnel vision, and desensitization. Also, watching the news regularly has been shown to increase cognitive errors and feeds the mother of all cognitive errors, which is corporate and political confirmation bias, not to mention social polarization.

News also inhibits thinking. Thinking requires concentration. Concentration requires uninterrupted time. News pieces are specifically engineered to interrupt you. They are like viruses, ironically, that steal attention for their own purposes. News makes us shallow thinkers, but it’s worse than that. News severely affects our memory function according to at least one Canadian study. News is an intentional interruption system. Also, news works like a drug, literally altering the structure of your brain. The more news we consume, the more we exercise the neural circuits devoted to skimming and multitasking while ignoring those used for reading deeply and thinking deeply with any meaningful focus. News wastes our time. News makes us passive. News stories are overwhelmingly about things you can’t influence. It grinds us down until we adopt a worldview that is pessimistic, desensitized, sarcastic, cynical, and fatalistic.

The scientific term is learned helplessness, right, which is also associated with clinical depression, which is another major deadly epidemic of our time. News also kills creativity. Like, you know, we need independent reporting that police’s our institutions and uncovers actual truth. This is why we have to support quality alternative media, you know, like your show, for instance. And this also is why alternative media happens to be in the crosshairs of the mainstream media right now. So, you know, don’t be living every moment of every day in quarantine indoors. You know, you should be out. You know, here’s the irony, we’re talking about vitamin D. What was one of the first things that they did, you know, when they locked us down? They made it “illegal” which is not illegal. There have been no laws passed, you know, quarantining or forcing mask-wearing. Those aren’t laws, these mandates are… Anyway. It just kind of makes me crazy. But they shut down the beaches.

You know, they tell people, “You can’t go to the park. You can’t walk in fresh air and sunshine.” You know, I might lose my mind if I walk, you know, into a nature area and I’m walking on a nature path, and I see people walking on the path wearing masks. Really? You know, and shutting down the beaches, keeping people away from fresh air and sunshine as if that is supposed to be something protective, you know, a lot of what’s going on makes no sense. Just as most things bureaucratic make no sense. I don’t know of any example of where bureaucracy has ever done anything to benefit humanity. We need to take a step back and take a more, like I say, rational look, and we need to be open to voices that aren’t necessarily in lockstep, so to speak, you know, with the mainstream orthodoxy, right. The mainstream talking points. And then, as far as I know, you know, personally, there’s far too much censorship happening, there shouldn’t be any censorship happening.

And it’s not just that there’s censorship happening, there’s mass censorship happening. And that’s not the way we get to the bottom of something that, by the way, I mean, we have to get this right. And we can’t get this right by suppressing dissenting discussion, you know, by suppressing discussion, in general. Talking points aren’t going to save us. And so, there’s… You know, wow, at this point, with respect to this whole debacle that we’ve all been in the middle of now and for about the last eight months. I went into researching this whole thing, kicking and screaming. I really just… You know, people talk about it, you know, I roll a little bit. It’s like, “Okay, I’ve got other things to do” because every year, they try to scare us with something. Every year, they’re trying to sell, you know, a new sickness, a new vaccine, or whatever.

But eventually, you know, just simply by the sheer prevalence of the issue, I was forced to really take a look at it, and I realized I had to take a responsible look at it. I couldn’t just go with my automatic instincts about it, just kind of being, I don’t know, something questionable. I really needed to look at and follow where the data led me. And that’s what I did. I was perfectly willing to go wherever the data led me and I really worked hard at keeping myself and my own biases in check. And, you know, after now, I can honestly say, I easily put close to 400 hours into this from all different angles. So, I mean, I could come at this from so many different angles.

One of the things I did for my audience and for my prospective audience, is I created an extended report. And gosh, I rewrote it so many times because I was tempted to go in so many different directions with it. And I really, really wanted to, you know, express as many truths as I’ve been able to uncover and could support with really good quality, credible documentation and data. But what I chose to hone in on and focus upon was a much more kind of positive approach that was going to be actionable and practical and self-empowering for anybody that read it. Because it’s not hard to scare the crap out of somebody with all this stuff there is to know about this. And really, the things that are scary is to have very little to do with any risk of getting sick from a virus. But what I wanted to focus on was the self-empowerment of individuals who were already afraid and were concerned about getting sick and concerned about what to do to keep themselves healthy. And so, with a particular focus upon these types of respiratory illnesses, of which there are about a couple of hundred different kinds, you know, and all of that, but with respect to respiratory illnesses, I did my due diligence, and I created an extremely, shall we say, nutrient-dense report that anybody can access for free.

All of the work that I’ve done in this arena, all 400, however many hours that I’ve done in this respect, I consider it personally kind of unethical, I guess, to charge for that information because there’s just too much at stake. And I really want people to be empowered with good quality, credible, accurate information. And so, I created the initial report and anybody can access it by either going to, which is my educational website, or my homepage on my regular website, which is And you can put in your email address, and a link will be sent to you where you can access the report for free. I will not abuse your email, I promise. And on that same page, once you’ve read through the report, and you’ve absorbed that information, I’ve also been adding a tremendous amount of additional information coming from all different angles regarding all aspects of what’s going on.

And again, I carefully vet my sourcing. I don’t just go and say, “Well, I saw this YouTube video that said…” You know, although, good luck watching a YouTube video that’s gonna contradict the mainstream narrative. Those tend to disappear very quickly now. But I digress. I’ve been very, very careful to vet the information and to choose information that truly comes from credible, verifiable sources. If there is independent journalism involved, I will not post anything unless that journalist has supplied me with all of their sourcing and until I have gone to all that sourcing. I mean, this is how many rabbit holes I’ve gone down. I will go and I will look up the references, and then I’ll read those references. And I’ll go to the references those references provided, I’ll look at those references. And I have gone down innumerable rabbit holes in order, you know, to ascertain that the information I’m providing, at least has a basis of credibility, right? And of course, science isn’t the last word. It’s the latest word, right? All we can do is the best we can do with the current data at hand. But there’s quite a bit more that we know now that we didn’t know eight months ago.

And there have been a lot of mistakes and miscalculations made, that we’re still paying the price for and that are still driving public policy. And we kind of need to sober up a little bit from the drunken hysteria and really start to pay attention to information that’s not just simply being spoon-fed to you through a media that already is being driven by and controlled by vested interests that have, you know, that certain business interests and corporate interests that are vested in making sure that more of the same continues. And, you know, we know that the top four billionaires in the world have increased their bottom lines now by something, is it 586 or 589, well, probably close by now to $600 billion. Well, you know, I think it’s worth questioning that because some of these individuals have a very high degree of control over what is published or broadcasted in the news, and what is shaping public policy and health policy.

And so, nobody is really coming to save us here. It’s really important that we accept some individual responsibility and that, you know, we become the ones that we’ve been waiting for, right? We have to learn to think independently of our peers, and of social media, and mainstream media. And we need to just be willing to be open enough to take in other information, and to give people some credit or, you know, a little bit…or not credit, but to, you know… I mean, I have to take into account the fact that it’s hard to find alternative information, right? Because so much of it has been carefully parsed out to us, you know, in a carefully spoon-fed manner. So, we have to learn to dig. We have to become, as I like to think of myself, you know, truth archaeologists. And we have to learn to dig beneath what appears to be, you know, the surface truth and figure out what it is that we actually need to know. And again, I do believe that we need to be shifting our focus away from how do we, you know, hide from this virus? How do we, you know, hide from each other?

It needs to be instead, how do we meet the challenge, right? How can our immune system best meet the challenge of these things? And again, looking at things from an ancestral perspective and understanding how our immune systems evolved in the first place. Look, you know, you can’t be afraid, you know, of, say, I don’t know, lifting a heavy weight, right? Because while my muscles are weak, so I really shouldn’t try to lift anything heavy, right? These are the people that are hiding at home because they think they have a compromised immune system. Well, you know, sitting and hiding at home is not strengthening your immune system. It’s not getting any better. So the focus really needs to be instead of not doing the thing you think, you know, is going to, you know, put you at risk is, you know, take some baby steps towards strengthening your immune function. And obviously, understanding that you don’t have any wiggle room with respect to what it will take nutritionally for you. You know, you need to not compromise your diet and compromise the quality of the food that you consume, right, and the things that you indulge in. You really don’t have room for a lot of, you know, indulgences, when you feel that your immune system may be compromised. That’s when you kind of need to take the bull by the horns, take responsibility for that and work on strengthening your immune function, instead of just making it worse, you know, by putting on masks and hiding at home and isolating yourself from other people, including the people that you love and trust the most in this world.

Katie: Yeah, that’s such an important point for all of us, too, it’s like, we all need to take personal responsibility for ourselves. And that’s gonna look different for each of us. And we’re all responsible. We are our own primary health care provider, ourselves. We do work with practitioners, but we are our own primary health care provider and we need to take that responsibility seriously. And I think the other point you made so well is absolutely spot-on is when we believe we’re absolutely certain about something, I think we have an obligation not just to be open to other viewpoints, but actually to actively read and consider other viewpoints to make sure that we’re well informed in our opinion. And I think what we need so badly in the world right now is more people willing to do that, to critically question their own beliefs to make sure that they’ve learned and to have empathy for other viewpoints. And also adults, who can be examples of looking at someone and saying, “I may have a different opinion than you, but I still love and respect you as a person. And let’s have a constructive kind conversation.” I feel like especially right now we’ve lost a lot…

Nora: It takes frontal lobes to do that, you know. And the problem is… You know, and I talked about this in my first book, “Primal Body, Primal Mind.” In the primal mind section, toward the end of the book, I talked about, you know, what actually happens to the brain of a person under chronic stress and fear is…what literally happens is an immediate hypoperfusion to the executive functioning part of our brain, which is literally the part of our brain that makes us the most human. When we go into fight or flight mode, you know, everything gets shunted away from critical thinking because, you know, when you’re in survival mode, you don’t have time to sit down. And, you know, it’s not selectively advantageous to sit down, you know, and start to contemplate when the saber-toothed tiger’s coming at you. You know, you just want to act. You know, you’re immediately in survival mode, literally fight or flight. And so, all things are… The aspects of our brain that are responsible for actually thinking through something, maybe in the context of the past or in context of, you know, all available data and all of that kind of thing, that stuff goes out the window. Blood flow to that part of the brain shuts down. And, you know, in my view, it’s kind of a hallmark of the society in which we’re living. We’re either prone to knee jerk emotional reactivity toward everything. And, you know, fearful, you know, behavior based on fear, which makes us very malleable, by the way. We’ll do almost anything when we’re afraid if somebody tells us, “Oh, I know how to fix it. I know you’re afraid. I know how to fix it, just, you know, do what I tell you.” We have to really, really resist that. And the other part of that, of course, is that people are also more likely to behave aggressively and judgementally and impulsively when they’re in that…you know, when they’re in a state of neurologically sympathetic dominance, in other words, fight or flight. And that’s a hallmark of the society in which we live right now.

It’s all basically almost definable by those characteristics. And, you know, it’s a great argument for why another… You know, maybe the antithesis to watching the mainstream news would be to instead go sit in a quiet space and focus on your breathing for about half an hour. The half-hour that you would have spent wasting your life getting stressed out by the news, you can’t do anything about anyway, go sit in a quiet corner and meditate. You know, just take count. You know, get into your own body and take inventory and just focus on your breathing for 30 minutes. You’re gonna do far more for your health and well being, reclaim that part of your brain that this debacle has taken away from you. And the only way we get out of this is if we’re able to think clearly, right? And there’s a huge part of our brains right now that the majority of people in our society just simply don’t have access to by virtue of their feelings of fear and worry and hysteria. We need to let go of that because it’s not serving us, and it cannot serve us.

We need to be focused on really, really, really doing whatever is possible to reclaim. And by the way, it’s tremendously helpful to your immune function to do that, on top of your ability to think your way through, you know. I mean, we all have a lot to think about right now. We have a big mess, a big, big, big mess to clean up, and nobody’s going to clean it up for us. And if we’re gonna clean it up for ourselves, we have to have the presence of mind with which to do that. So turn off CNN, go sit in a corner and meditate for half an hour. Take a deep breath, exhale it slowly, don’t sigh it out, and reoxygenate your… Take the mask off when you meditate or do… I mean, every chance you get, you should be taking the mask off. And I have about 115-page report I’ll be publishing in the next few days that provides all of the most current science on that whole subject matter.

In fact, the CDC just came out just the other day with a study that showed that 75% or more of everybody that got ill, that had developed this illness and had a bad outcome with this illness, wore masks mostly or always. And we’re not just talking the cloth mask, which most people know are bad, but all of them. And in the article that I’ve written or the report because it’s quite lengthy… But I’m really thorough. Like I say, I’m very responsible with the way that I approach these things. And, you know, I even covered the subject of N95 masks, which everybody thinks is like the gold standard of protection. It’s not. It can’t be. These things aren’t designed to protect from viruses. They’re designed to protect from bacteria in a surgical situation. And from particulates from, you know, either noxious gases in some cases or particulates, particularly with respect to, like, dust and smoke and things like that. But they don’t really protect from respiratory viruses. And they actually can do more harm than good in that regard. So, all of the evidence will be provided. And there’s an enormous amount of information.

Katie: I mean, we’re running, unfortunately, to the end of our time but you’ve given so many resources, and I know you have so many on your site. I’m gonna keep an eye out for the mask report as well. But also, I’ll make sure I’ll link directly to all the other ones you’ve talked about and also to your programs. We didn’t have time to get into… I’ll make sure to link to them at

Nora: I keep forgetting, I actually have a business. Yeah. So, I do have a couple of, you know, educational programs. I do have a year-long, you know, 52 weeks certification course, that is a huge number of practitioners, including medical doctors and naturopaths and chiropractors, but also just average persons who are wanting to take a deeper dive into various subjects related to health. I’ve never gotten a bad review about that course from anybody. They all say, “Oh my God, I’ve never seen this much information. It’s amazing.” Also, I have my program, my most recent program, the most requested program I’ve ever had by my audience called “The Primalgenic Plan.” It’s a three-week meal by meal total health transformation program. And it’s focused on adopting a more optimized ancestrally-based and, you know, ketogenic way of eating.

And it should be… Just in quick passing, you know, there is absolutely nothing more…no dietary approach that’s ever shown a greater protection against influenza-like illness than a ketogenic dietary approach. Something about a ketogenic dietary approach that influenza-like illness does not like at all. But there as many different ways of approaching that is there are people claiming to practice it. I’ve taken the painstaking steps of optimizing this for as many people as humanly possible. And so “The Primalgenic Plan,” I’m, you know, happy to offer your listeners 30% off for that. And, you know, I’m sure you’ll have a link on your website as to the code that people can use on your website in order to access that discount for this next month so, you know, through the end of November.

Katie: Yeah, I’ll make sure to put it at the show notes at, along with all your resources because there are so many. Yeah, and we’ll definitely put it on social media as well when this airs so people can find it directly. And like I said, our time always flies by, but Nora, thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure as always.

Nora: Oh, thanks, Katie. You know, it’s such a privilege to know you, but it’s a real honor and a privilege to be a guest on your show. And I’ve really enjoyed. I’ve really enjoyed talking with you.

Katie: Thank you. And thank you as always for listening, for sharing your most valuable resource, your time, with both of us today. We’re so grateful that you did, and I hope that you will join me again on the next episode of the “Wellness Mama Podcast.”

If you’re enjoying these interviews, would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on iTunes for me? Doing this helps more people to find the podcast, which means even more moms and families could benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time, and thanks as always for listening.

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