Healthy Taco Bowl Recipe (Grain-Free)

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I can’t help it; I’m probably a lazy cook, but I just like an easy, healthy meal, which is quick! (That’s why my cookbook is full of recipes for a pan that takes 30 minutes or less.) This grain-free taco bowl is a pan food that has instant prep, minimal cleaning, And there are tons of veggies.

Quick hint from the mother of pickle eaters: If it tastes like taco, they will eat it!

Taco Bowl: Eats fast on busy nights

This recipe for taco bowl combines all the best flavors of Mexican food without corn chips or flour tortillas filled with vegetable oil! A stir-fried presentation opens up all sorts of possibilities, such as adding fresh or frozen vegetables that are not commonly found in a taco.

The use of all the favorite Mexican restaurant toppings, too, depends on your family’s diet: raw cheese, cultured sour cream, fermented salsa, guacamole, fresh avocado or tomato, planter, or lime extract.

For nights when fresh produce is available, it’s easy to switch to tacos in a variety of lettuce envelopes and offer traditional tacos.

Home Taco Seasoning Hack

If you like Mexican food as much as our family does, it makes sense to use ready-made tacos instead of individual spices that add tacos. Of course, I don’t mean to buy those packets of Taco Mix from the store! Make your own homemade taco seasoning in bulk so it’s always useful and fresh.

I printed the prescription and tapped it on the side of my jar to make it easily accessible when I needed to refill it.

Taco struggles for breakfast?

Cereal-free breakfasts can be a challenge. This helps me reuse the rest of last night’s breakfast (and family meal budget). If that sounds like an overall suggestion, consider cooked meats and colorful peppers dipped in mixed fruit or vegetable fritta and topped with a sprinkle of cheese and hot Mexican sauce. Looks like out of the box!

Surviving taco bowls can also be easily filled for lunch. (Even good cold!)

I hope you try it!

Try these other favorite healthy high-protein, grain-free recipes:

  • Beef and cabbage. Make this dish similar to Taco Scrabble, but use cabbage, carrots, basil and oregano for a completely different flavored profile.
  • Chicken and Vegetarian – Chicken breasts, broccoli (even frozen!), And basil are all around this easy but nutritious stir fry.
  • Beef and broccoli. More traditional Asian stir fry flavors, healthy alternatives such as coconut amino for soy sauce and coconut oil for processed vegetable oils.
  • Chicken Apple – A completely different set of flavors, similarly cut into flammable items. Fennel is a powerful detoxifier and blends well with the slight sweetness of apples.

What is your go-to or Mexican food? Would you like to try the recipe for this taco bowl? Share below!

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