How an Attorney Shed 110 Pounds


Guy: John Bauer

Age: 50
Home: St. Charles, MO
Profession: Assistant litigation
Height: 6 ‘4’
Start Weight: 345 lbs
Current weight: 235 lbs.
Weight Loss: 110 lbs.

About the nearest, out of unsuccessful success on their tennis team John Bauer Mendota (Ill) High School has the honor of being a high school athlete. Throw in the fact that he was overweight, was in a French club, sang in the choir, played the band in the law – well, hey, it doesn’t seem like a high school diploma to understand that this jerk was special Were not as kind. Then.

PE classes were particularly bad.

“It was scary,” Bauer says. “I hated the gym class. The gym locker was the worst place in the building. I leaned more behind my back than my face, but I knew it kept going.

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Bauer continued to pay pounds in college and law school. He made some visits to the pool and fitness center, but could not come close to ending bad eating habits.

Bauer says, “My college diet was pretty bad.” I did some exercise, but never did high energy or aerobic. It was never something I focused on, and it The talk continued at the law school. I started drinking crazy amounts of Diet Coke, and I remember making cookie buckets and eating it at law school. It was useless.

After getting married and having a baby, he had gained 345 pounds. When she saw a picture of herself with her first daughter in 2002, she finally raised her weight.

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“I remember looking at the pictures I was holding and seeing how little she was and how old I was,” Bauer says. “It was a stimulus – seeing how far I was out.”

For the next decade, though, it’s worth losing weight and starting out – 80 pounds less. Weight watchers, and then bounce between about 250-250 pounds. But, in 2011, it was the more accurate term to deal with its first 5K run – “walk.” Then he joined weightlifting to fix the waist issue. In 2013, he did the first 10K and got serious about nutrition.

Its first principle? “I cut down on Coke Zero every week at two o’clock, gave up eating after 7pm, and tried to eat clean 90 clean times. I went super high protein. Foods just clicked.”

He dropped 60 pounds, 208 pounds, while eliminating diet soda. After that, he was introduced to the triathlon. And so, in the late ’40s, the former band geek began to feel like a player for the first time.

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“My trainer gave me a training plan, and suddenly I was faced with this challenge, and I loved it,” says Bauer. “It was never in my dreams that I thought I could,” he said. My first triathlon was a 500 meter swim, a 22 mile bike and a 5K run. This was the hardest thing I did. I’m close I was very proud

Bauer Triathlon Exercise Plan

This was the beginning of the sprint triathlon. Bauer hired a triathlon coach and finished two half Ironman (70.3 total miles) races in 2015, completing his transition from a high school nerd to an abusive assistant prosecution attorney and Jack.

His workout for the triathlon this spring / summer / autumn is a mix of three articles, including three days of swimming, biking and racing, including a weekend “brick” work day. , With which to ride a motorcycle ride immediately following the triathlon race day.

  • Monday: Swimming
  • Tuesday:
    • Weight (Morning)
    • Ride (Afternoon)
  • Wednesday:
    • Past (morning)
    • Run (noon)
  • Thursday:
    • Weight (Morning)
    • Ride (Afternoon)
  • Friday: Run (morning)
  • Week: “Brickwork”
    • Swimming in open water (if available)
    • Ride / Run (usually 3-4-hours total)
  • Sunday: rest day

Bauer’s Weight Room Exercise Plan

When winter triathlon training continues intermittently, he returns to the gym to focus on lifting. Five to six days a week, Bauer gets up at three o’clock in the morning and goes to the gym at 4:30. He has weighed in at around 235 pounds, but believes that weight workout will be helpful in his triathlon times.

“I’ve never done weightlifting. I’ve never done a deadlift. I’ve never done a squat before,” Bauer says. “What’s surprising to me is that my endurance has really improved. I’ve gone swimming and running, and I feel like I’m suffering more than ever.

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“Right now I’m not focusing on comparing myself to others, focusing on completing forms. I can’t sell as much as my friends. But I need to learn more about it and how I can avoid injury. There is a real joy to doing it properly. Many people say that troth rolls should not carry much weight, and I will be back in the spring, but my running and cycling are really important in the weight room. Will benefit from the work done. “

  • Toe: Chest (bench and auxiliary)
  • Tuesday: Legs (hamstring domain) – Back squats and assists
  • Wednesday: Back and trap (deadlift and auxiliary)
  • Thursday: Weapons
  • Friday: Legs (Quad Dominant) including Front Squats
  • Week: Back / chest
  • Sunday: Always Off (Family Time)

Weight loss: Beyond the triathlon

In the spring season, Bauer plans to return to the triathlon. He has also gone mountain biking, trail runs, running obstacles, and getting thrust. Now he’s working toward becoming a certified personal trainer to use some online clients.

Bauer says, “I think my wife whiplash whenever I bring in something new.” She’ll look at me and say, ‘You’re not the guy I’m married to. ۔ ‘She’s joking, but it’s true.

At some point, he would like to deal with the whole Iron Man, but right now he wants to spend more time with his family, than spending time and miles on attending his two daughters and son’s school athletic and arts programs. Choosing Steel Man.

John Bauer Weight Loss
Bauer hits the gym six days a week. Courtesy of John Bauer

Still, with a pair of half-iron maneuvers and a buff physique under his belt, Bauer admitted to returning to Mendota to join the class and look at some of the jokes that had plagued him in high school now. Overweight and out-of-shape.

“I admit that I have had those moments, but you will not be motivated for revenge,” Bauer says. “And, I don’t believe in motivation – I believe in discipline. There are many days in which I am not encouraged to go to the gym, [or] Good food takes this discipline.

“And, you don’t want to be bad with other people who have let themselves go. Besides, no one is themselves when they are in high school. Many people have changed physically or personally for over 30 years. One thing that motivates me is that I receive messages on Facebook from people who return to high school who tell me that I am influenced by them. I never thought I would impress anyone.

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