How Musician Michael Franti Got Into the Best Shape of His Life at 54


You know the saying: old habits die hard. For musician and filmmaker Michael Fronty, the habits finally took hold in March 2019 when he stepped on the scale and looked 240 pounds. But he had some serious doubts about overcoming them. However, he lived this way for decades, walking the streets, working 18 hours a day, sleeping four hours a night (if he was lucky), and crutching sugar to lower his energy levels. To use as

Not surprisingly, he felt tired most of the day. In addition to practicing yoga twice a week, he says there was only one other exercise that was trying to burn as many calories as possible on stage every night. After most of the shows, he usually ate half a pizza and washed it with Margarita before the tour bus fell into bed.

And while this lifestyle is not good for most traveling artists, Franti thought, Dude, I have to do something different. So he decided to make some changes.

“The only problem was that at age 53, I had two knee surgeries [on the same knee from overuse injuries], And now for that matter I couldn’t bounce back the way I did at the age of 23, 33, or 43. And what’s more, he just welcomed a passionate baby boy into the family who couldn’t wait for him to sleep at all.

Have something to give

After all, Franti had no idea how “sick” he really was.

“I just felt like spending a lot of time together and the extra middle I put in my gut was part of being over 50,” he says.

And although Franti was a former recreational runner and former Collegiate basketball player, he wasn’t sure where he would start. But as luck would have it, in the same heat, Karsina Faria reached out on social media to help her form a fan who was also a welfare coach.

“He told me it would take six weeks to develop new habits, six months to get them to feel it without difficulty, and, a year after creating new habits, they would stay with me for a lifetime.” “I did not believe it. Or, it wasn’t so much that I didn’t believe it, I didn’t believe I was capable of doing it. “

But this June, Frontier vowed – if he feels better after working with Farias after six weeks, he will go ahead hoping to achieve his goal of losing 25 pounds and gaining some muscle. Will grow

“The pharaohs told me that well-being is not about dropping 10 pounds – although it may be a goal – but, rather, it’s about building big habits,” he says.

Creating new habits

First, they reviewed the frontline diet. His desire to capture anything with sugar in it; Licorice, chocolate, ice cream, cakes, cookies; Your name was before you left. He then cleaned up another junk food and followed a high-protein, plant-based meal plan.

“I made a food calendar and started preparing weekly meals to get on the tour bus,” he says.

And what’s more, he switched to juice, soda, and kambocha for plain olive water, intending to drink 3-5 liters a day.

The only calories she drank came from plant-based protein powders, blueberries, oats, peanut butter, water and ice. “It was mostly like food, so when I was done, I was full,” says Franti. “I had to make sure I was eating on schedule [roughly four meals a day] So I never feel hungry. “

Next on the list was his activity. Gone are the days when good yoga and stage performances were called “exercise routines”. Franti began training five days a week, mostly focusing on HIIT training and keeping things interesting with dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, kiss balls, and even a palette ring. ۔ He also continued to practice yoga a few times a week and started using an activity tracker to monitor his daily activities, which was a “game changer” because he says he didn’t walk much before. “I got on a tour bus in a car and that’s it,” he says.

But after adding the tracker, “Even in the days when I wasn’t working, I made sure I got in my footsteps.” “Before I knew it, strength and mobility were coming back to life on my knees, and the low back issues that had plagued me for years were fading.” Soon he was able to run again.

The biggest war

Cutting sugar and sticking to HIIT was difficult, nor was it as hard as improving her sleep hygiene. “Gold was the biggest challenge for me,” he says. “I’m very worried, and part of it is not being able to close my mind at night.” The biggest culprit was another deputy: alcohol.

“Alcohol put me to sleep first, but then about two hours later, I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep,” he says. So, first Franti cut his drink after two drinks a week, then one, then none – no small feat.

Also, he made sure to turn off all the screens one hour before bed (since the blue light emitted from the tech is shown in the dirt with hormones that affect your sleep) but other than that, “they All the stuff I was reading from emails and news and Instagram was putting pressure on me and spinning my wheels all night.

As a result of these efforts, Frontier was forced to sleep more over time: after what had changed from three to four hours of the night to five, he tried to add another 15 minutes and so on until he had more. I didn’t sleep well for six and a half hours last night.

Watching progress

Each week he checks with Frias to see what works, what doesn’t, where he falls short, and how he can improve in the days to come. But the results speak for themselves: Franti slept more, drank less, gained strength, and lost 25 pounds in six months of travel. “But by then, something even more important had happened.” “I felt better.”

During her work with Freyas and the dedication she gave herself, she realized that losing weight (and the initial numbers she saw on this scale) was really hollowing out the level at which she really lived. The change was real.

Now, Franti says, “I’m less tired, less stressed, and lighter on my feet. I can walk miles easily. I’m able to run every day. I play basketball five days a week. I play ball. I’m physically strong in every way. I’m more relaxed, and I sing better because of it. My eyes are clear, and I look clean, but most importantly, I’m more. Be happy

A new outlook on life

Fronty says he learns ways to change bad habits and plans to apply them to other areas of his life. “As a father, it’s easy for me to choose my child,” he added. “My wife and I have a lot of restrictions on training, food preparation and better eating together.”

In addition, he says, his whole outlook on welfare has changed. “It’s not just about eating organic salad and then eating like shit, and it’s not really about having a mindfulness class two days a week and never sleeping,” he says. The feeling of wellness is great, knowing every day that you have done something good for yourself and they are more equipped to handle life’s stress handles. Health feels healthy and happy.

Since then, Frontier has lost another six pounds and has even started hosting a yoga retreat at a shop, Solshin Bali, a property where you can meet him, his wife, and Taj, who is now 20 months old. I will meet, will meet. Hunting during coronavirus quarantine. Although you can’t catch France at any time in Down n Dog, you can check out their latest album, Work hard and be good, Debuting on June 19.

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