How Obstacle Course Racing Is Making a Comeback


The obstacle course racing was the endurance of the last decade – the liver of sports. It stopped badly with COVID-19. After lost years, obstacle course racing is regaining itself.

Joe De Cena, CEO and founder of Spartan, the largest OCR company in the industry of weekly fighter brands such as Tuff Madder, Rugged Maniac, Sage Race, Bonfarg and Victory, says: Couldn’t be worse. ” Gauntlet. “We bring people together now in 45 countries. In 2020, we were not allowed to do that all of a sudden. We were completely shut down.

As of last June, De Cena was forced to cancel the rest of the Spartan events and three-quarters of the 500 crew. Smaller companies were in even worse shape.

Women's Spartan Race
Women’s Spartan Race Thanks for the icon

Tough Coder CEO Kill McLaughlin said in a press release issued last summer by the Endurance Sports Alliance, which warned that without further congressional support, more than 80 percent of the industry would be affected. With 50,000 running, the triathlon, cycling, and hurdle events will end each year in the United States.

Inspired by OCR Boat Camp – Affected races that test physical boundaries without marathon solidarity, and the “80s Tuff Cow” pain fest in England. The Spartans’ early races were events at De Cena’s Vermont Farm, but the fast-growing outposts around the world surrounded hundreds of entry-level 5K and full-day events.

Kill with an epidemic that doesn’t easily take in the crowds of pumped, face-painted, war-weary rivals advancing to their comfort zones, OCR’s biggest challenge so far is the 2021 ind light. Together, the war is re-emerging.

“We know it’s safer than any other country. We like grocery shopping.”

“I think the numbers will be deliberately reduced in a little while, and slowly but surely as the world returns to normal we will see a steady recovery of the OCR industry,” said the founder of Barrier Racing Media and a. Exciting racer Matt B. Davis says. With more than 200 obstacle course events under its belt. “We’re not going to see a massive start of 300 people. The tide is getting smaller and more socially remote. But it’s an outdoor event that we know is safer than anything indoors.” It’s wet, like grocery shopping. We know people are ready for real races to run again. That’s not the virtual thing we’re going through in 2020.

Playing dirty: After tough weather, OCR athletes, who compete solo and as a team, want to do it.
Playing dirty: After tough weather, OCR athletes, who compete solo and as a team, want to do it. Thanks for the icon

More than 70 Spartan and Tuff Mother programs in the United States are scheduled for 2021. This includes 24 hours of the world’s toughest cash (14-15-15, Laughlin, NV) and several studio branded events in Washington’s National Park. DC, Cityfield in New York City, T&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, and Notre Dame Stadium in Indiana, among others.

Rugged Maniac, which calls its 5K hurdle courses a “holiday for adults – except our playground has a three-story water slide and fire jump,” is back in the United States and Canada with the 2021 roster. Sage Race is mastering the 6-mile and 3-mile “blitz”, which has led to some more innovative barriers to business, with more than a dozen events returning to the East Coast and Midwest. Bonfrag, dubbed the “world’s only naval cell obstacle course race”, plans to run 10 events this year.

Competitors can expect new protocols, which include temperature testing, congestion reduction (up to 70%), dedicated streets, touch point cleaning, and more post-race celebrations.

“I’m an eternal candidate, but I’m sure as the world unfolds, there will be events like ours where people will finally get out of the cage,” de Cena said. “They’re going to emigrate, they’re getting dirty, and they’re doing everything they couldn’t. So we’re going for it. We have to do it.”

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