How to Plan a Healthy Thanksgiving Menu (Recipes + Printable)

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Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. Still, there is no denying that Thanksgiving is a regular part of the menu for those who impose dietary restrictions, and in general, most of us feel overwhelmed like a turkey!

Years ago, I decided to take my Thanksgiving menu in a healthy direction. Now I can say with confidence that it is really possible to host delicious And Healthy Thanksgiving food.

I can safely say that none of us remember the traditional version of the classic Thanksgiving recipes and in fact do not prefer the taste and quality of simple but homemade dishes.

Our favorite (healthy) Thanksgiving recipes + menu plan

From our family to you, here are our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. When I was completely grain free and had (mostly) paleo I took them back, so they are definitely healthier!

If you’d like to try this menu, I’ve included the full shopping list below.

Mom Withdraws: No, I don’t make all these recipes from scratch every year! This is just a list of our favorite choices that we make over time. Some years we are more enthusiastic than others (read: when it is not the year of survival or the year of epidemics around the world).

In general, I prefer to make the main part of the meal from the beginning and keep the dessert easy. Even some fresh fruit or grain-free chocolate chip cookies from the fruit market keep my staff happy.

Let me soak in so many, all tasty recipes!

I am feeling hungry

I want to keep these things while cooking / baking; I also have a nice glass of wine!

Prepared eggs (traditional or Japanese)

Japanese fake egg mint

Although I have personally avoided eggs for the past few years due to food allergies, my children and husband never let me forget them! We have it every year.

To put it bluntly, (since I don’t eat them), this is a thank you recipe that the kids have taken, thanks to the skills they learned from my favorite online cooking class for kids.

If you’re tired of the traditional deviant eggs (there’s nothing wrong with them!), Try the amazing Japanese twist on the classic.

Charcoal board

Charcoal board

Absolutely appetizing for my vacation or party. Requires very little bite or fairy and you can load it with colorful vegetables and fruits without anyone doubting that it is really healthy! Serve with homemade olives or dip in healthy fats to further enhance nutrition.

This is how to assemble a beautiful charcoal board; no artistic skills are required.

Tip: Sprinkle with maple syrup and the rest of the sea salt, add a few nuts in the pan for a few minutes to improve.

Thanksgiving food

How to make Thanksgiving TurkeyTurkish (of course!)

First, I recommend that you brighten up your turkey a few days before the holiday. I chop an onion and a lemon and put it inside the cavity before tying. Then, I rub butter on the outside and sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic and basil. I brown at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes to seal in the juice. After that, I reduce the heat to 325 and roast according to the size of the bird.

Sewer grain free vegetable stuffGrain-free goods

Flavored roasted turnips and sweet potatoes with apples, celery, and onions. A great way to add some extra vegetables to your diet and try some delicious root vegetables. The hints of sage and tayammum give it the traditional taste of filling without gluten or artificial ingredients.

Healthy green beansGreen bean casserole

Top with homemade (real) cream sauce, green beans and fried onions in a pan of coconut flour. The whole flavor (and more) of the traditional version in this version is without the mystery soup-in-a-can.

Healthy sweet potato casseroleSweet potato casserole

In our house, we prefer mostly sweet potatoes baked with real butter and sea salt, but if you like the version above the marshmallow, this is a good alternative. This includes homemade eggs and honey-based “marshmallows” that are very similar in taste and texture. (It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.)

Creamy Garlic Mashed Cabbage Potato RecipeMashed “Faustitos”

If you love potatoes in every way, but we love the low-carb cabbage recipe, which is a delicious alternative to pureed cabbage and regularly mashed potatoes all season long. (No worries, I skipped in the butter and cheese so it would qualify as a Thanksgiving recipe!)

Homemade cranberry sauceCranberry sauce

A slightly sweeter recipe that leaves out “equal parts sugar” in traditional recipes. The hints of orange and pineapple naturally sweeten it. Survival is great as a garnish on a Turkish sandwich.

Bacon sprouts made with baconBacon and sea salt made Brussels sprouts

Who says kids (or adults) have to dislike Brussels sprouts? Fried until caramelized and topped with bacon and sea salt, Brussels sprouts can be a turning point!

Screenshot 2018 11 12 o'clock 8.36.44 AMButternut squash soup

If you want to serve a soup course, I recommend it. We love this sweet soup that tastes like a bowl!

Healthy Persimmon Asparagus Prescription
Pearsman and C. salt asparagus

The next morning, when the rest of the omelette is used, a delicious side is just as delicious. Even kids like this kind of asparagus, and we usually serve it with Dutch sauce.

Thanksgiving dessert options

Cereal Free Pumpkin Pie RecipePumpkin pie

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. (Breakfast the next day is just as good!)

Healthy Pumpkin Cheesecake RecipePumpkin cheesecake

If you’re not a big fan of pumpkins or want to feed a large group, this recipe adds the finest pumpkin flavor to a cheesecake.

Gluten-free carrot cake recipeCarrot cake

A healthy version made with coconut flour, lots of eggs (protein!), And spices. Optional cream cheese frosting.

Grain-free and dairy-free pecan pie recipe
Pecan pie

This is one of my favorite cereal-free dessert recipes. With no refined sugar and lots of eggs for protein, this is a relatively healthy dessert for special occasions.

How to put it all together (step by step)

Do the words “menu plan” cool your spine?

Here’s how to get a healthy Thanksgiving menu on the table in 5 management steps:

Step 1: Write a Thanksgiving menu plan (or borrow me!)

About two weeks before Thanksgiving, I draw my holiday recipes into real plans (the tool that makes all my menu dreams come true) and decide what I’m going to make. I also check the pantry and make sure I have staples that are not locally available so I have time to order from my favorite online sources.

Doing this ahead of time saves a lot of stress. That way before I can really drive the shops ins and make most of the pots forward. Then, on Thanksgiving, I have to prepare turkey, roast some vegetables, and reheat the dishes I made.

Free printable shopping list

Here is my complete printable shopping list for a healthy Thanksgiving menu.

Step 2: Shop, prepare, and cut

I go to the store with my list about 5 days before Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, when you can spend most of your time just in the productive part of the store, shopping is straightforward (and affordable). Most of the items on the list (Brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc.) stay good for days.

We plan a day at home after the purchase and I put in my children’s knife skills to help me peel and chop fresh vegetables. I also prepared any vegetables that would blend into soups or casseroles. (Quick pot is effective for this!)

I save an extra bowl of chopped vegetables for the turkey vegetable soup to boil the day after the big feast.

Step 3: Turkey that is salty!

I don’t mean to put pressure on me, but really skip this step! Bright work is my favorite way to get juicy, amazing turkey all the time. Grocery stores, of course, do their job with overly salty solutions with questionable ingredients (which eliminates the need for weight gain).

Areas for finding local organic turkey Some areas are better than others, but if you can get your hands on one, it is worth the extra planning and expense. Yellow pasture at home Turkey can’t be beaten just for its amazing taste and texture.

A frozen turkey can also slow down the defrost in salt water. Ever since it goes bad, you have an amazingly juicy turkey ready to roast! I will explain step by step how to be salty in this post.

Step 4: Make dessert (or two)

Pumpkin and Pecan Pie We need Thanksgiving at home. Thankfully, we’ve mastered the grain-free version of all our desserts (and I’ve included some extras below for good measurement).

I usually plan some time in the kitchen a few days before Thanksgiving to start one or more of these activities so that they are ready for the big day. As my kids get older, one or more of them can’t take anything in the name of sweets.

For grain-free rolls, make a batch or two of coconut flour biscuits. We love them for making sandwiches from leftover turkey and cranberry sauce on the second day of Thanksgiving!

Step 5: Put them all together

The day before Thanksgiving, we collect cannabis, soup, stuff and basically anything that stays fine overnight. I actually save the turkey and asparagus for cooking on the big day, and reheat the rest of the food in the oven.

At the end of the day, the cutting board, blender and a few bowls need to be washed, but not more!

Enjoy, and congratulations thanks!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Will you use my shopping list or recipes? Share below!

Thanksgiving menu and shopping list - cereal-free, paleo and healthy recipes

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