How to Reverse MS Symptoms With the Wahls Protocol

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Are you or a loved one looking for a way to reverse the symptoms of MS or autoimmune disease? Dr. Terry Wohls is a widely renowned physician and researcher who has been able to turn his back on multiple sclerosis through lifestyle changes and specially tailored diets.

(To hear that Dr. Wahs personally narrated his story, listen to this Valence Mama podcast when I got the interview to interview him.)

The journey began as it does for many of us… looking for answers to amazing health problems that can turn our lives upside down.

How did Dr. Terry Whales and Ms find out how to reverse

Dr. Wohls began experiencing the symptoms of MS during medical school. The first official diagnosis of multiple sclerosis resuscitation was in 2000.

It started with episodes of facial nerve pain that was eventually diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia.

Over the years, the frequency and severity of these episodes increased. In 2000, after he developed a weakness in his left leg, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (again). She went to the internationally recognized MS Center, saw the best doctors, and took the latest medicines costing thousands of dollars each month.

Unfortunately, these efforts did not stop his fall.

By 2003, this former national Tae Kwon Do contender needed a tail rack wheelchair. His disease changed at a progressive stage, secondary to progressive MS. Her therapists told her that once lost functions would not come back. They agreed to take more powerful drugs but continued to deteriorate.

The future looked serious. Dr. Walls feared she would fall into bed and suffer from indigestion, suffering from uncontrollable facial pain due to light, sound, touch, speaking and swallowing. But he had two young children and was a devout wife, and decided not to give up.

Fighting his way back

Dr. Wahls began to study everything he could find about the science behind MS, the principles of home health, evolutionary biology, and practical medicine.

Then, he began designing diet and lifestyle programs around these principles. Four years ago, Dr Wahs changed from a low fat vegetarian diet to a yellow diet, which had given up whole grains and milk and had eaten meat again. The Paleo diet did not stop him from needing a wheelchair, but he continued to think that changes in fitness could take years to change the course of his illness.

Based on his theory that mitochondrial dysfunction was the center of the symptoms and decline of progressive MS, he began experimenting with cocktails promoting mitochondria of vitamins and supplements. These supplements reduced fatigue and showed that the reduction rate had to be reduced to some extent.

In the summer of 2007, she called it “Ah!” Moment: What if they redesigned their Paleo diet to focus on getting specific nutrients in the form of supplement from food?

After deep research, he started a new, very serious, modified pet diet.


Dr. Terry Wohls - Changing MS With Real Food

The results shocked him, his family, and his medical team. Here’s what happened:

  • Within three months, his fatigue, mental fatigue, and facial pain were gone. She started walking with a stick.
  • After six months on the protocol, she rode her motorcycle around the block.
  • A year later, he completed the 18.5-mile bike ride with his family.

Dr. Terry Wohls knew he was up to something, and millions of other MS sufferers needed what he learned.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

What is this horrible disease that seems to go away?

There is still a long way to go in understanding MS, but it starts with microglia, the immune cells of the brain, and causes inflammation in the brain. It damages the brain and spinal cord.

Immune cells target the myelin through the fat shield around the nerve fibers in the brain, which disrupts communication between body and brain cells. This disorder can result in many debilitating symptoms, including difficulty in vision, pain, and / or muscle weakness.

Although the exact cause of MS is not yet known, there is growing recognition that MS is the result of genetic impairment combined with environmental stimuli. These triggers may include an infection that is correlated with immune cells, low vitamin D levels, smoking history and other environmental toxicities, levels of physical activity, adverse childhood events, hormone levels and other unknown environmental factors. But not clean.

Dr. Wahl’s diet and lifestyle protocol addresses many of these potential triggers.

Whales Diet Protocol: Hope for MS Victims

I met Dr. Wohls when we talked about sitting with him during a session at a health program, and we both attended. I found it very exciting and inspiring.

His work is now focused on researching the impact of the protocol on others with MS and on delivering its results to the world. She does clinical trials at the University of Iowa and writes a book, Wahs Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autopsies Using the Paleo Principles, The full protocol for explaining how it improved. The advice given in this book is great for everyone.

The latest and expanded version of Dr. Wahl’s book provides detailed guidance for meat eaters, vegetarians, and ketogenic eaters. It guides me on topics like ketone testing, different fasting approaches, calorie restriction, and timely eating.

He also wrote a cookbook, Wahs Protocol Cooking Life: Revolutionary Innovative Paleo Plan to Treat All Chronic Autonomic Conditions, Recipes that follow the protocol and can help restore health.

So what are the plans to reverse the symptoms of MS and to regain growth by barely surviving?

Here are the highlights:

Dr. Wahl’s dietary protocol for reverse MS

Mitochondria are the body’s electricity generators. They are inside our cells, running our cells, organs and body functions. It is therefore understandable that Dr. Wallis identifies his role in improving the health of the brain and the immune system. The basic principles of its protocol are specific terms related to MS and auto power.

  • Remove processed foods.
  • Remove foods that trigger the immune system response, especially these three: gluten (protein in wheat and many grains), casein (protein in dairy), and albumin (protein in egg white). ).
  • Eat 9 cups of vegetables and fruits daily (fresh, blended or lightly steamed). Especially:
    • 3 cups leafy vegetables (spinach, banana, lettuce, etc.)
    • 3 cups of bright fruits or vegetables, each of a different color, and all kinds of colors (such as beans, blueberries and carrots) do not count for bananas, apples and pears.
    • 3 cups sulfur-rich vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, onion, and garlic.
  • Consume bone broth and fermented foods daily.
  • For dinner, eat high quality, wild caught fish or grass fed meat.

I love that Dr. Wahls focuses not on eating foods but focuses on nutrient-rich foods that support the function of mitochondria, which is very important for MS and autoimmune sufferers. ۔ The main message is: Eat vegetables, eat vegetables, eat more vegetables!

This protocol can not only help reverse MS symptoms but also help anyone with chronic disease, leaky gut, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, arthritis, psoriasis, chronic pain, diabetes, mental trauma, depression, PTS. De … and can help those on the list. Food is really medicine!

Of course, getting support from your medical team is always key when you consider changes to a protocol or diet. Functional Medicine Practitioners and the Whales Protocol – Certified health professionals can also be very helpful. They can help you evaluate your specific health concerns and personalize your unique problem protocol.

Research, help, and hope on the horizon

Dr. Wahl’s research is now gaining attention from the mainstream medical world. In 2016, the National MS Society awarded a million 1 million grants to further research, a wonderful breakthrough for MS sufferers and the movement of food in general! You can read her research posts and watch before and after videos showing study participants’ improved ability to walk.

More neurologists and neurologists are now suggesting that all patients with multiple sclerosis initiate diet and lifestyle interventions to protect their brains and reduce the risk of early memory loss and brain damage. ۔ Recommendations include improving dietary quality, preventing smoking and reducing toxic disorders, including meditation exercises, and increasing physical activity and exercise.

Sounds a lot like what Dr. Whales suggests! Agree? I do not think!

If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of Dr. Whales. If you want to see it, take a few minutes to watch Dr. Terry’s viral TEDX talk from 2011. It’s worth watching!

This article was reviewed clinically by Dr. Terry Wallace, a clinical professor of medicine and medical researcher, and has published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific summaries, posters and dissertations. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk to your doctor.

This article was edited by Dr. Scott Soares, MD, Medical Physician and Family Director of Medical MD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk to your doctor.

What do you think of Dr. Wahl’s protocol? Do you struggle with autoimmune conditions or even MS, and dietary changes help you?


Find out what Dr. Terry Wohls (MD and PhD) knows about powerful natural ways to reverse MS symptoms with their real Food Whales protocol.

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