How to Train For Your Body Type


You’ve been listening to your mother all your life: You are special. And, at least when it comes to weight training, you are. Every body is different – some respond well to one type of exercise, while other exercises can be just as dangerous. For the best long-term benefits, you need to find out which exercises are most effective and safe for your build. The following two routines will help you with this journey, which illustrates how the taller man can train for the best results, and how a small, stalker man should go about it.

How it works

If you are 6% taller or taller than the long arms or legs, you will have trouble with classic bar bull exercises like bench press and back squat. You are not ready to perform these lifts effectively. You will work better with a dumbbell bench press, which allows your hands to move freely, making for safer and more comfortable movement for your shoulders and elbows. At the same time, front squatting will be easier in the direction of your waist and allow you to deepen.

Stackier guys, about 5 5’10 “and younger, who have naturally wider shoulders and shorter limbs, may need to increase their speed on certain exercises to activate most muscles. The Bulgarian squat squats will stretch their hips while working on maximum leg muscle. They can also take advantage of the ABS rollout. They do not have to walk long distances.


Choose exercises that are appropriate for your height and limbs. For example, if you are 6% taller or taller, go with a longer workout; if you become like a battery. If so, use another routine. The exercises that mark A and B rotate, so you will do a set of A’s, rest as needed, then do a set of B’s, rest, and repeat until the pair. Not all sets are complete for

Click on the exercise that works best for you:

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