I Used the COVID-19 Pandemic to Try a 5-Day Fast. This Is What I Learned.


It was just a short text conversation with a friend who planned to keep the quarantine weight off to find me for the algorithm. In an hour, my Instagram feed is full of ads featuring different sellers selling weight loss juices, estrogen-suppressing health bars and military-yoga routines. One ad I often saw was for an app that guided the user through the “intermittent fast” program. A cheap, dynamic graphic showed a translucent, gentile-free body emptying itself of some ugly red liquid as if it were falling on a glass of sand for an hour. Fasting was easy enough: you have an eight-hour window to eat every day. For the remaining 16, you fast and drink only water. If I stick to it, I will become a new and better man. I will burn fat, increase my ability to concentrate and gain more energy. I will also slow down my aging process, prevent Alzheimer’s and treat cancer.

I always wanted to try fasting but never got close to it because I was afraid it would affect my lifestyle a lot. But orders to stay home during a global pandemic gave me the best opportunity, as I no longer have a lifestyle. It will cost me nothing less and it would be helpful to know what it would be like if our food supply chain worked. Although intermittent fasting may seem like a reasonable, everyday program, we are not reasonable in every day, so I decided to do something more intense. Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights. The longest fast was performed by a 456-pound Scotsman who used only water and supplements (supervised) for 382 days. I set out for a more realistic fast of five days and nights. From Monday morning until Friday night, I drank only water.

On Sunday night, I ate a big meal and I weighed 205 pounds. I put my data on the internet in an online body mass indicator calculator. At 6’3 and 205 pounds, I was considered “overweight”. insulting. But he also said that I could be 145 pounds and “normal weight”. I went to bed and dreamed of cookies.

Day 1

There is more food than I expected. On the first day of my fast, I am surprisingly strong and I do not experience an accident after lunch that wipes out an hour of my day. Wow, I’m bored though. Didn’t realize how much food the day revolves around food. The process of prep, self-eating, pot-making. I bet I have at least three hours to wake up each day. Now, I have more time than I can do. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Food, if done happily and not strictly like calorie fuel, is far from work day and your competitors will eat you (metaphorically) alive. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a supporter of fasting and more recently Tweet About her habits:

The predicted culture reacted to the war, and pundits who wrote about women’s physical problems responded quickly. Roxanne Guy tweeted: “Ah yes. Unable to eat to assess the suffering caused by poverty and / or access to drinking water. It’s fun to play. Feminist author Virginia Sol Smith “When teenage girls do this before prom, it’s eating disorder … but when (very rich) little white people do it, it’s still … I don’t agree with that. It may be, but it is reasonable to assume that eating three square meals a day is a relatively recent trend for mankind.

Day 2

Even more angry today, and maybe a little irritable. Stands on scale and weighs 202 pounds. I think it weighs a lot. The energy I felt yesterday is gone and I sleep a lot.

Proponents of fasting claim all kinds of extreme health benefits. And science seems to be backing it up. In 2016, Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work, which revealed how cells “eat themselves” to regenerate and repair their damaged bodies. Fasting stimulates this process, which helps slow down the process of viruses, bacteria, cancer, infectious and immunological diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, and even aging.

However, most doctors and associations do not recommend fasting as chaos. To me, a conspiratorial thinker may be convinced that fasting cures most things, but since it is the simplest health treatment, our healthcare industry has little reason to promote it.

Day 3

I stop pooping and weigh in at just over 200 pounds. Now, the fish is hungry. I spend most of my morning and afternoon dreams. Baguettes and Brits, pizza and enquies. I’m chewing about a dozen toothpicks. Those who fast say that the most difficult part of fasting is between the second and fourth days. At this point, the body has used up most of its glycogen, the sugar fuel that feeds the body’s organs.

The brain uses amazing energy for its size. It makes up 2% of the body’s mass, but it uses up 20% of the rest of its energy. I find that my ability to think is slower and more deliberate. I stay with a train of thought for longer, longer, longer moments than usual. I ride a motorcycle without any problems, but when I try to pedal a steep incline, I feel helpless, sit for a moment and ride my bike the rest of the way.

Day 4

One hundred and ninety-eight pounds. I find myself taking long, long, long reflections in the mirror more than usual. Whether I look really thin, or it’s a psychological reaction to my hunger, I definitely feel thin.

Health is no different from falsehood. I look thinner and more powerful than most survivors. This may be because I see results now and the idea of ​​living longer does not always appeal to me. But, I also know that she doesn’t exist. The maple syrup on Blue Bubble Pancakes seems more sexy than sex itself. If I’m not fully interested in getting the benefits of it, does sexy look good?

Day 5

One hundred and ninety-seven pounds. I stop being hungry, and start feeling lonely. I can tie all six seasons سوپرانو I don’t spend all my time with food. I see Tony drinking beer and never want a cold in my life. I miss the beer. But what I miss most about beer is drinking beer with other people. I realize I haven’t seen a person since I left. Even if my social life is a shadow of his former self, I was looking for a time to share food safely with my family or a select group of serious friends. Fasting turns me into an epidemic monk.

Back to normal

On Saturday morning, I weighed 196 pounds. I have decided to break my fast slowly: a thick PB&J and a whole pint of salted caramel ice cream. Fasting is good, but fasting is an exercise in solitude. Food goes beyond our nutrition. Do we eat to survive? Or do we live to eat? I call my friends and say I’m picking up beer for the night.

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