Inside David Boreanaz’s Intense Full-Body Workouts For ‘SEAL Team’


David Buranaz knew when he signed on to direct the CBS military drama Cell Team, He too was signing up to spend some serious time in the gym. The show follows the Bravo team, an elite sub unit of Cell Team Six, as they train and execute dangerous missions around the world. This is not the type of group you exercise to guide and exclude.

“Being a Tier 1 operator is a tremendous drive,” Boreanaz said. Men’s JournalGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

He photographed team commander Jason Hess for three seasons. On a surface level, the character is a highly decorated military inlay, but the real story is much more complicated. He also fights emotional and physical tools with his services. This season is more than ever.

Boreanaz’s biggest asset is the series’ creative team, which stands with former Special Forces members. They highlight the mental and physical aspects of the job, from going through the BUD / S, to the deployment, to counteracting the consequences.

“I can’t explain how important they are to the character,” Boryanaz said. “During those operations, he can’t go below 100 percent, and he always goes on and on. I get a lot out of being around these guys, and it forces me to work harder.

One person who can attest to this is Roy Ray Pars, the founder of EPX Training, Boreanaz, who hired the actor and spent the past year fitting for duty.

“These are all true sailors of the Navy SEAL boys, and there are no shortcuts to look like a badass,” Parris said. “You have to train this way.”

So he devised a program to keep boorinas healthy and put an end to it.

'Cell Team'
Courtesy of CBS

The Borians report to Paris six days a week. Since the show lives on so many days of the year, there is a trailer filled with gym equipment where the entire cast Cell Team Get your pump. In those days when he is not filming, Boreas goes on EPX, but no matter where he goes, the program stays the same.

Their workout is complete and multi-stage, which helps to pump heart and warm the organs. A small cardio is applied. Before he can exercise further, Paras places Borenaz on the table through soft tissue work, to identify any potential problem areas.

“Working in advance is as important as any other part of the session,” Pars said. “It’s all about the long game, whether you’re in the field or the lot. If you are injured you cannot do your job.

Boreanaz is no stranger to injury. He suffered some discomfort last season, and even went through platelet-rich plasma therapy, which injects the body’s natural healing functions to bounce back after home-based trauma. The show’s intense action scenes also placed a significant toll on its bottom, legs, and joints. He admitted to being less disciplined in his previous training, but now with Persia, he has found a way to push it forward without these lasting results.

'Cell Team'
Courtesy of CBS

That’s good, because the rest Cell Team Cast is a little boy who everyone wants to get to. Not only does Boreanaz serve as the commander of his team, he also serves as an executive producer and director on the show. For him, it’s not just about maintaining, it’s about mentoring. For example, he directed an incident in which a group tied the hill to a stop while the pack was full.

“The scene started with the helicopter exiting the Ruspei and then we climbed up the hill,” said Boryanaz. “I could probably spend a few minutes, but I didn’t want to. I just kept pushing us hard up the hill, the rocks all around us. When we were done, we were sucking the air. Didn’t like, but they looked great. “

This season the cast was taken to Serbia, where they could be seen jumping from cars and the bad guys had to chase down the highways with their full kits on.

“I enjoy being involved in such elements,” said Boryanaz. “Running into physical space rather than a sound space around Belgrade.” Everything we do is to better convey the story of these boys. That’s why we are engaged.

The 'Cell Team', played by David Boreanaz. Workout
Courtesy of CBS

In one day Cell Team Training

Boreanaz stands at 6’1 “with large shoulders, and he quickly bounces. During his research, he found that many of the seal’s operators were wired with a lot of flexibility and athletic blood.

“At this point, they have to break the door,” Boryanaz says. “But there are also a lot of controlled movements, sitting down and crawling for their secret missions. Everyone is in their pack.

Therefore, Pars has developed a high representative enumeration program that will lean on and retain its meaning.


Motorcycle or Treadmill: 5 minutes
Soft tissue / table preparation work: 10-15 minutes


Band Hip / Gullet Activation: 4 minutes
Band Shoulder Activation / Dynamics: 4 minutes
Dynamic warm-up (ham / hip / green openers): 4 minutes


Circuit A

Complete 2 rounds of this circuit with no rest in between.

Lateral side coil / crunches on previous extension (Full room)* 12 representatives
Back extension (Pull the weapon back up into the scapular retraction)* 12 representatives
Jump rope: 1 minute

Circuit B

Complete 4 rounds of this circuit with a short break in the middle.

Hex bar dead lift (Weight gain with each set)* 5 representatives
Short Box Hop (Full extension, Swimming to the top, Soft soil, Stepping): 5 reps
IPS dot walking lines (Hold the weight on the left step, lunge 5 steps with the left leg, then switch sides): 5 reps
Motorcycle Sprint: 10 seconds
Rhythm recovery: 50 seconds

Circuit C

Complete 3 rounds of this circuit, moving the weight fast with a little rest in between.

Mix Grip Bench: 15 representatives
Push: 15 representatives
The Ultimate Row: 15 representatives

Circuit D

Complete 3 rounds of this circuit with a short break in the middle.

Wonderful stand single sleeve overhead press: 12 reps
Stretching (Hold w / knees for 20 seconds from chest): 12 reps
Complex Circuit for Tree Ext / Curl / Shoulder Lift: 12 representatives

Boxing over

Flowery finishers on heavy bags (Corn and power hooks): 30 seconds

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