Is a Low-Fat, Plant-Based Diet Better Than Keto? Scientists Investigate.


It can be frustrating to try to figure out what kind of meal plan works best for you. There are many trends and trends, all fighting against solid advice and well-known research. Finding the right nutritional balance can be quick. Enough for the boy to constantly snatch and return the girl’s carrot bag. But a recent study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) sheds more light on the dubious state of the diet by repeatedly filing annual macro-carbs and fats against each other. Which is better: Cato or a low-fat, plant-based diet?

->In a small but controlled four-week study, researchers analyzed 20 diabetes-free adults and found people who ate a low-fat, high-carb diet. Less 550 to 700 calories per day compared to low-carb, high-fat animal-based plans, or ketogenic diet articles. And, although subjects on a low-fat, high-carb diet consume less overall, they end up with lower levels of insulin and blood glucose. A quarter of their diet may contain carbohydrates.

There was no weight gain in any of the subjects, although everyone had access to three meals a day, as well as breakfast, and they could eat as much as they wanted. There was no difference between appetite, enjoyment of food, or satiety between the two foods. And although both groups lost weight, only those on a low-fat diet burned a good amount of body fat (plus no fat was found in the high-fat subjects).

For people with a plant-based, low-fat diet, the study macro diet was 10% fat and 75% carbs, while animal-based, low-carb people ate 10% carb and 76% fat. Each meal contains about 14% protein. All meals were processed with at least similar veggies.

Brussels sprouts with equal Caesar and crushed croutons
Chelsea Kyle for Men’s Journal


“Interestingly, our findings suggest the benefits of both foods, at least in the short term. Although a low-fat, plant-based diet helps control appetite, animal-based, low-fat diets A carb diet results in lower and more stable insulin and glucose levels. In NIH

“Despite eating a diet high in glycemic carbohydrates, which results in good fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin, people who eat plant-based, low-fat diets tend to lose calories and lose body fat. Showed a significant reduction, which challenges. It is believed that a high carb diet leads people to overeat. On the other hand, animal-based, low-carb diets do not lose weight despite being high in fat. she does.

Although studies do not give a definitive answer as to whether or not you should cough more than fat, it does show that consuming too many carbs daily can interfere with your insulin levels, which in the long run May occur during Pre-diabetes or worse and this, as shown earlier, does not lead to weight loss or increase fat stores by eating high levels of fat.


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