Khalil Rafati on Remembering How to Live

I’m here with Khalil Rafati, one of my favorite speakers and writers. He’s also a businessman (are you surprised ?!) and he has a series of juices and smooth bars in Sun and Life Organics, which I love.

Khalil also owns Riviera Recovery, a temporary residential facility for drug addicts and alcoholics, and that’s one of the reasons. I will let him tell my story because he tells better than that. in short. Khalili, a drug addict, is dying nearby, standing several times in large quantities. – Have a successful entrepreneur who is dedicated to changing the culture through business. He is convinced that if he can do it, anyone can do it.

He credited his “one time a day” approach to turning his life around, and it’s definitely one of my “secret” weapons to deal with stress. I highly recommend all of his books; preferably read in gold! 🙂

Episode Highlights with Khalil Rafati

  • The story of her amazing transformation from being homeless to a successful business owner
  • A morning routine that helps you stay optimistic and happy even during challenges
  • How can we do anything for a day and why this is the key to lasting success
  • Reasons why we can’t eat one day or walk all day
  • Why the “One Day” approach works and how to test it
  • Their advice to traders is just beginning
  • Advise parents on inculcating this mindset in children
  • Advise anyone who is struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety or discouragement
  • And more!

The resources we mention

Books suggest Khalil

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