Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece on Training Right and Eating Clean


Reaching the status of “couple” is no easy feat – the pair, who are in great shape, are eating right, and are wildly successful in their fields – but if there is one person who can hit that level and back it up. You know how to live a healthy lifestyle. , These superstar players are Laird Hamilton and Gabriel Ross.

Both legendary surfers and former pro volleyball players are in excellent shape, and the main reason for this is their strenuous workout and clean eating routines, which they have spent in their time in Malibu, California, and Maui, Hawaii. ۔

“Gabby’s discipline has always been a great example for me,” says Hamilton. “We both just try to encourage each other.”

A catch? They don’t really hit the gym at the same time.

“We don’t work together in the pond or except for breathing exercises,” Race said. Men’s FitnessGeneral Chat Chat Lounge “We use each other as voiceboards for new ideas and information. Certainly when you see your partner working hard, week in and week out, it keeps you energized these days. After which you don’t feel it. ”

Depending on the schedule, Hamilton likes to exercise six days a week, but when the weather is surfaced between October and mid-March, he stays in the water for three to six hours daily, instead of breathing and breathing. Focuses on dragging. Lots of weight.

“I’m not a big fan of what is normal – I want to change things,” Hamilton said. “We joke that we could work together because we are underwater, and no one else can be around.”

Both Hamilton and Ross have developed unique exercise programs: Rush with its HighTex Training Exercise, and Hamilton with its signature XPT Extreme Pool Training Exercise. The pair showcased their workout at the Sambasan “Train Like a Warrior” event last year, where they talked about some of the foods they use to recover from their workouts.

The race program includes high-intensity circuit training, combining several aspects – strength, cardio, propriety, and some stretching – with six 30-second sets in three stations. The purpose of the exercise was to do with a group, “so you have accountable,” says the race, which was made a decade ago.

Hamilton’s program consists of underwater exercises and breathing exercises that help improve strength, heart health, endurance and overall fitness. The program also includes sauna and ice training to help the body recover and cool down after exercise. The video below shows some of the movements Hamilton and Recece used during XPT workouts.

And while exercise is essential, that’s exactly what their nutrition and duo put into their bodies. Hamilton and Reese both try and be as close to their source as it comes to eating, or as they say: “Absolutely, real food.”

Reese said, “Lerd is a little bit harder than me, and is really good about sugar or processed foods.” I would say that we observe a Paleo-style diet, but it is on both plants. Based on, Whole Foods Supports. We still want to add high quality fish and a small amount of meat. Laird gets organic produce without a smooth pre-season for a pleasant post-workout, or a bowl for a hearty and tasty breakfast. He’ll add coconut meat and drizzle a bit of raw local honey and it’s good to go for a few hours. However, if I go to Italy, you can bet I’m eating home-made pasta. “

Hamilton advocates an action-oriented approach: “Start by removing one of your worst habits and then go from there. Also munch on the foodstuffs and see what style of food you choose best. Eat like a vegetarian for a few weeks and see your sleep, digestion, energy and all that. Then if you eat animal protein, notice how you feel in those few weeks. Don’t let anyone tell you there is a way. The right path is for you. Put some energy into figuring this out.

Hamilton and Ross’s commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape has worked wonders for the couple.

“First find activities that show who you are and what you enjoy doing,” said Hamilton. “If you hate it, you won’t be able to keep up with your routine. So if you don’t enjoy the gym, go out. Work with your people. It’s easier when you have a group or group of people to train with. “

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