Linebacker Luke Kuechly’s Muscle-Building, Upper Body Strength Workout


NFL stars like Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Coachley begin training for the next season in early April. And when it comes to training camps in August, they are going to lean heavily in the weight room to not only fit in for the upcoming games, but to build a strong body that lasts for seasons.

Update: Coachley announced in January 2020 that he is retiring from the NFL at the age of 28: “There is only one way to play this game because I was a kid – playing fast, playing physical. And played strong, “the coach said. “And at this point I don’t know if I’m still able to do it. This is the part that is the most difficult.

Editor’s note: This post was originally written in 2016.

When the camp is approaching, Coalie, a three-time All-Pro, divides his week between heavy lifting and explosive energy work, followed by tons of lean protein (small only on the bear’s board). Joined, A sports nutrition company based in North Carolina, too). “It’s important to lose weight and keep it going, so I’m a big protein and branch chain guy after exercise,” he says.

Its other secret weapon – in addition to protein – is the workout, designed by Panthers’ strength and conditioning coach Joe Cain. “This routine challenges every muscle in the upper body of the kidney,” he says.

Although Coach and his teammates are bodybuilders, their exercise (like this one) does not focus on making one-rap max or pushing the biggest weight. Coaches say, “What is heavy for me when I lift up, is not really a weight.”

We suspect the 6’3%, 240-pound linebacker weight is ineffective, but Ken explains that the team focuses on the heaviest but heaviest loads as the original focus is on developing long-term muscle function ( So they can play for longer) A number that looks amazing on paper. “Most football players succeed after the Structured College program, which is designed to improve as many core movements as possible.” But, “as the NFL athlete’s career continues to grow over the years, we find that it is beneficial for our athletes to handle longer unadjusted burdens and to carry more burdens in their careers. “

For any gym rat, this is a philosophy of rationality, but upper body exercise cochlea shared with us (courtesy Kane) is still brutal. Use just enough weight to fail your last set. Rest two minutes in between. And start with warm-up for at least 10 minutes. Ken recommends a mix of simple shoulders, neck, and basic tricks.

Luke Cochley’s Upper Bridge Bridge Exercise

Late pull down
Sit on a bench, reach and grab the bar. By pulling down, be sure to use your sticks, not your hands and wrists, to lift the weight. Hold the upper part of your chest, then return to the beginning of the movement. Kane says each made 3-4 sets of 10 representatives.

Oscillating overhead press
For this move, Ken has fastened two kettlebells (one weight) to the end of a barbell using rubber exercise bands. The idea is that the weight is not stable and challenges the shoulders to control the bar. Start with the bar in your chest and press. Set 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps.

Dumbbell overhead press
Your shoulders will be tired from the previous move, but stay strong through these sets. Purpose of 3 sets of 8 representatives.

Russian kettle swings
With your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, hold a heavy kettlebell between your legs between your two legs. Keeping your back flat, sit back and grab your hips and use your legs and butt to swing the kettlebell, while keeping your chest elevated. Set 2 to 3 of 10-20 reps.

Kettle bell literal squats
In a wide position, place the kettle between your legs. When turning the right knee, bring the kettlebell to your right foot, being careful to place the right foot behind the right foot. Straighten your leg, then shift the weight to your left. Repeat, representing 6–8 on each leg and a total of 2–3 sets.

Kettle Bell Lateral Rise
With a light kettlebell in each hand, attach it to your cover and stand upright. With your arms straight, lift the weight to the side and shoulder height. Lose weight and repeat. Set up sets of 2-rep reps.

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