Loaded Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

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I loved making potato soup, clam chowder, and other potato soups and stews. Now that we don’t eat white potatoes very often, I haven’t made any of them in years. While I was cleaning my cabinets, I found a recipe for my old potato soup, and decided to try the sweet potato version instead.

The results were amazing, and I didn’t miss the white potatoes at all! Here’s how to make it:

How to Make Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

The soup is already quite healthy, so it’s easy to substitute for those who make the recipe a truly nutritious ingredient. I used sweet potatoes instead of nature white potatoes to avoid high nutrients and inflammation of white potatoes. To avoid the soup being too sweet, I also used winter squash.

In order to cook sweet potatoes and squash, I will either sprinkle, dice, and then boil them, or fry them in the oven and then, when they are cooked, add the dice. The second option is a good choice if you have the time because the taste is fantastic and thus easier to peel and cut.

After the sweet potatoes and squash are cooked, I add half of them to stock, coconut milk for cremation, and spices. The spice blend adds depth and flavor. Black pepper and red pepper cut this soup a bit, while garlic, basil and thyme flavors blend beautifully.

I add the remaining sweet potatoes and squash cubes to the pure soup and add a pound of whatever protein I have. The leftover chicken works very well and ground beef, sausage, and bacon and can be cooked and added really quickly.

If you’re a potato soup person, try this recipe!

Easy freezer on table tip

I have to be very organized to get healthy food on the table 3 times a day. One way to do this is to prepare meals ahead of time and paste them into the freezer for later meals. Soups are a great choice for freezing. They’re easy to bulk, easy to freeze, and easy to heat!

Here’s how:

  • Cool soup at room temperature.
  • Divide the soup into freezer-safe containers (I prefer glass). Do not overdo it as it will expand as the soup settles.
  • Label and refrigerate for up to 1 month.

Get out of the freezer at night before you want to serve the soup. This helps to melt before the heat. If you are in a hurry and you have stored the soup in a glass, you can place a glass container in a cup of room temperature water (not hot) to help melt.

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Filled sweet potato soup recipe

A filling and nutritious sweet potato based soup.


  • Peel the squash and sweet potatoes and cut.

  • In a large pot, boil at least 2 quarters of water and add sliced ​​squash and sweet potatoes.

  • Cook until the fork is tender, then drain and allow to cool slightly.

  • Using a blender, hand blender, or food processor, combine half the cooked squash and sweet potatoes with stock, coconut milk, and spices.

  • Return it to the pot.

  • Stir in the pot with pure half in the other half of the cooked squash and sweet potatoes.

  • In a large skillet, use the meat you are not already cooking and add to the pot if cooked.

  • Slice the onion finely and cook with coconut oil or butter until soft in the skillet and add to the pot.

  • Heat the pot on low heat until the soup is warm.

  • Offer optional toppings such as cracked bacon, cheese, green onions, and roasted squash seeds and side salad.


  • Don’t throw those squash badges out! Toss them with a little olive oil and spices and fry at 325 ° F until a delicious breakfast or soup topping with a delicious crunchy crunch.
  • You can try squash and sweet potatoes in the oven to ease the peeling and give your soup a deeper taste. Skip the boiling step in the directions and go straight to the cleaning.


Service: 1.5Cup | Calories: 363kcal | Carbohydrates: 26Yes | Protein: 11Yes | Fat: 25Yes | Fats fat: 19Yes | Cholesterol: 24Magra | Sodium: 534Magra | Potassium: 633Magra | Fiber: 3Yes | Sugar: 7Yes | Vitamin A: 12098IU | Vitamin C: 5Magra | Calcium: 50Magra | Iron: 3Magra

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What is your favorite soup Share below!

This healthy and grain-free sweet potato soup recipe is hearty and nutritious with sweet potatoes, winter squash, onions, broth and meat.

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