Moisturizing Men’s Lotion Recipe (Easy DIY)

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I am a huge fan of lotion bars because they are portable and dirt-free, but sometimes it’s good to have regular lotions on hand. I wanted to make something specially for men, so I came up with this men’s lotion recipe. This DIY men’s moisturizer is not overly lubricating or complex … and it contains essential oils that my husband smells like!

What is good for men?

Most men do not use a fancy skincare product and prefer to keep things simple. Let’s face it, my husband won’t use my lavender scent lotion no matter how much I love him!

The best men’s lotions will have a fragrance that appeals to men. This recipe combines intensely moisturizing options like shaver butter and coconut oil, which are more masculine, such as cedar or mirrored (given the combination of several fragrances).

Excellent unhealthy body lotion

Many homemade lotion recipes call for coconut and other heavy oils. While I’m a huge fan of coconut oil (there are over 100 ways to use it) some people prefer not to use it in lotions. More concentrated options like coconut oil, shea butter, and even olive oil should be balanced to prevent a healthy feeling.

In this recipe lightweight oils and butters have been used for moisturizing, nourishing, non-greasy lotions. The result is quick and easy to tell with no greasing glow.

Essential oils for men

Essential oils really help to customize the ize and appeal to this lotion for men. When they smell fragrance, essential oils also come with protective measures. Some essential oils can irritate the skin when used in large quantities, especially when used in body lotions.

Here is a list of essential oils that have skin-friendly and skin health benefits.

  • For dry or cracked skin: Balsam, Mirror, Patchouli and Sandal wood
  • For dry or sensitive skin: Sandals, balsam and chamomile
  • For Excessive Sweating: Cypress and Patty Green
  • For oily skin: West Indian bay, cinnamon, patchouli, patagarin, sandalwood, and tea tree
  • For Swollen Or Irritated Skin Atlas: Cedarwood, Chamomile, Mirror, Patchouli and Tea Tree

I’ve added some fragrance combinations for inspiration, but feel free to use whatever appeals to your nose. I want to keep the total amount of essential oils down to about 1% to prevent skin sensitivity. However, most oils lowering 2% can be safely used for those who prefer a strong scent.

Tips to use

Lotion involves mixing oil and water together which can be difficult. To avoid the pressure of trying to combine oil and water, I have kept the water away from this formula. Oil-based products also have a longer shelf life.

Non-GMO Vitamin E oil can be added to extend the life of carrier oils, though it is completely optional. Although the ingredients label must be read. Most vitamin E is actually a bit of vitamin E mixed in a carrier oil (a.k.a. tocopherol acetate), which does not prevent the lotion from oxidizing and going into the air.

Home Lotion for Men

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DIY Men’s Lotion Synthesis

Try this simple, non-greasy homemade men’s lotion recipe with a natural scent such as patchouli, cedar wood, or mirrors.


  • In a heat-safe glass bowl, combine grape oil, mango butter, and wax. 2 TBSP wax creates a thin lotion that will work in the pump bottle, while 3 TBSP extracts more suitable lotion for a jar.

  • Fill 1/3 in a pumpkin filled with water. Place a glass bowl over the sauce pan.

  • Heat pan on medium flame, stirring occasionally with metal spoon until all ingredients are melted.

  • Remove the pan from the heat and use the essential oil and add vitamin E.

  • Put the mixer in a mixing bowl and place in the fridge to cool.

  • After about 30 minutes, the mixture should be vague and semi-solid. You don’t want it to be hard, but if it’s soft, it won’t flush. Using a stand or hand mixer, whisk the mixture until it becomes white and creamy.

  • Transfer the finished lotion to a glass container or lotion pump and store it in a cool, dry place. This lotion has a shelf life of about 12 months, especially if vitamin E is used.


Don’t forget that these blends contain some floral essential oils! Lavender and geranium really help to remove the scent and don’t feel feminine at all when used with more robust and woodsy oil. Masculine essential oil perfume blend options:

  • Mix # 1 – 20 drops cedar, 5 drops lavender, and 15 drops tea tree essential oils (good for sensitive or irritated skin).
  • Blend # 2 – 25 drops Back and 25 drops Sweet orange essential oil (good for oil or dry skin).
  • Compound # 3 – 10 drops Mirror, 10 drops geranium, and 30 drops essential wood oil (good for dry, sensitive or irritated skin).

If you prefer a strong aroma, top oil blends can safely be doubled.

What scent would you try with this lotion? Share below!

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