My Favorite Health Apps for Mind, Body, and Hormones

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In my recent podcast about change and weight loss, I mentioned several health apps that have helped in the process. I’m sharing more details about each one below, as well as using them as part of my strategy last year.

As with any aspect of health, I think the apps that are most helpful vary from person to person. These are the ones that are the most helpful to me, and I love to hear which ones you like the most in the comments. If you have any medical conditions, talk to a doctor or qualified professional before trying any new programs or fitness plans.

My top health apps

I’ve tried dozens of apps and these are the things I still keep on my phone and use on a regular basis.

Zero Fasting App

Last year, I used fasting and timely eating as part of my plan. Timely eating and fasting are not great for everyone and should not be done until hormones are balanced. I personally feel better when I eat my first meal at lunch and skip after dinner. To keep track, I use the Zero app, which allows me to fast water fast for up to 7 hours, from 12-18 hours a day.

Again, ask your doctor before fasting, especially if you try to fast!

Rainbow Scale app

I used the Renfo Scale and related app to track my weight loss. Although I’m not completely sold on accuracy, this app shows BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age and more. I saw improvements in all of them when I lost weight and was motivated to see all these changes. Scale and app are also compatible with many other health and fitness apps.

And the color

I use my color to track my sleep and HRV all the time. HRV is a measure of variability between heartbeats and is the number you want the maximum number of times. Since I started tracking Aura, I have sometimes increased my HRV from 30 to 40s to over 100. Factors that make the biggest difference: sleep, alcoholism, deep breathing and coping with stress.

I also track my sleep with Aura carefully and make sure to get enough sleep and REM, especially during times of stress such as weight loss. Differences: Gold at night with tea or organics, tapping before bed, regular use of gold, exercise (especially cars from Hunter Fitness), and hydration.

To answer the most frequently asked question: Aurora has the ability to operate in airplane mode, so the EMF has no worries when wearing it. Use the WELLNESSMAMA code on this link to save $ 50 on the ring.

My flu

Hormones can have a huge impact on all aspects of health, and I wanted to make sure I was okay after I gained weight. I did regular blood tests, but also tracked my routine as I have done for years. Before the wedding, I learned to do natural family planning and could know my cycle and I knew when I was fertile. Now, I do this through the MyFlo app, which also advises on how to support the body during each stage of the cycle.

For a full overview of MyFlow and how it works, check out this podcast interview with creator Alyssa Witty.

Tapping solution

I used tapping to cope with stress and it was also part of my weight loss. I read Tapping solution Used the Tapping Health app to book but specific tapping programs. It was especially helpful for sleep and I think also contributed to weight loss.

Check out this post or this podcast with a good listener for how tapping works.

Head of Health

In the past year I have experienced many health variables simultaneously. To maintain all this. , I used the Heads up Health Dashboard and app. It integrates with many of these other apps and lets you see all the data in one place to see trends over time. I used it to track everything from weight and HRV to blood pressure and blood test levels. It can also track fast, activity, blood glucose, ketones, blood oxygen, and sleep information, so it provides an excellent snapshot of health data all in one place.

Real projects

This meal planning app was a life saver and I still use it daily. It allows you to select food based on any criteria (allergies, macros, favorite foods, etc.) and plan for more people. I use it to create nutrient meal-rich meal plans and similar shopping lists! So that I only have to shop once a week and save a lot of time!

Here I read more about how my meal planning system worked.

I use this app daily in some form. We run a deep sleep program during sleep and see reliable changes in the length and comfort of deep sleep. While working I often use their “focus” programs.

My fitness pal

I used this popular app to make sure I was getting enough calories. Many people use it to limit calories for weight loss, but I found that as my body adjusted and I didn’t want to eat that much, especially especially enough calories and protein. I have to pay more attention to the use of I don’t use it all the time, but occasionally add my daily diet to this app to make sure I’m eating enough calories.

The weight loss tracker was also encouraging because it showed me the graph of how much I had lost in a given period.

Spar and Diet Bait

I’m a little competitive (okay, very competitive). Both of these apps played to my natural competitiveness and were helpful in losing weight. The Spark app allows me to create challenges with friends and regularly check in (drink plenty of water, move every day, etc.) and keep it fun. Diet Bets let me make some money so I can lose a certain percentage of weight in a certain period. Although it was not a lot of money, I found it really stimulating and I gained extra money each round.

Stable MD

You know how I always tell you to check with your doctor before I say something? Well, that’s how I check in with myself.

Study MD is a new type of concierge that combines you with a doctor who meets you and knows your health history and needs. For example, my doctor, who is also recovering from Hashimoto’s, has pediatric experience so he can answer questions about my children, and give advice on fasting and weight loss. The app lets me contact him at any time via text, app, phone, or video. I can easily explain it to new supplements, any problems that arise, or any questions I have.

Find out more about Study MD hereā€¦ I recommend it.

A blood

Throughout the test, I found that my iron levels were high. To help maintain balance, my doctor suggested regular blood transfusions. It’s a win! I want to help someone in a potentially life-threatening situation, and make my blood healthy. Other benefits? Your body regenerates new blood cells, burns 650 calories, and according to a 2013 study lowers the risk of some cardiovascular diseases.

I used and the app to find a place to donate but there are many options. Search locally for a nearest one.


I like this app for animation. It has many mobility and mobility programs that are easy to do on the go. My phone is always with me, so it’s helpful when I’m traveling. Most routines take about 15 minutes, which is easy to fit into almost any schedule.

I love the coaching aspect of this app which helps you to understand your body’s anatomy and biology. This education is very important in avoiding injury and choosing these types of movements most of your body.


This app attaches to a wearable device that helps with stress. In fact, it is the first medically validated therapy that is proven to help the body adapt to and handle stress. Depending on your setting, choose what you need to do: sleep, rest, focus, strengthen, and more. Interviewers take notes: It even has a setting to help you be more free to socialize!

Apollo works through gentle vibration that restores the natural feeling of balance, using the power of our sense of touch. It’s not a small investment, but compared to other treatments for stress, anxiety, insomnia, it seems like a bargain!

Health apps penalty

The digital revolution brings its own flaws, but using these apps has helped my health a lot. Most of them are cheap and change my need for an expensive gym or coach. I am able to inspire by watching my progress and connecting with others on the same journey. I hope some of these tools do the same for you!

Do you use the Health app in your daily life? What are your favorites Please share below!

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