My Favorite Shelf-Stable Foods for a Healthy Pantry

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I’ve written about how to store in a real food kitchen, and include a whole list of fresh fruits, vegetables, almond milk, and eggs that remain in the refrigerator for a few days.

But what about the staples of the pantry that will last much longer? If you don’t usually rely on processed foods or too many grains or beans, what can you put in the pantry for these quick meals on a busy night?

Fortunately, there are plenty of healthy shelf-stable foods that will last just that long. Here is my list of unused foods that I want to have in a pinch for quick and easy snacks on hand, not to mention an emergency.

My favorite healthy shelf stable food

If you peek inside my pantry, you’ll find all kinds of running snacks, supplements, drinks and more. Over the years, I made many of them from scratch, and I still do, but there are many natural food brands that are widely available in places like Costco and the Pump Market, including favorite convenience items. Has developed.

It’s always good to be ready! This is a list of my favorite picks that I always stock.

Beef jerky

Everyone loves beef jerky (especially my baby!), But finding a healthy version can be difficult. Most brands are full of nitrates, chemicals, and synthetic protective equipment. Instead, I store it on:

  • Cupol sticks: I like it because they taste amazing and are determined for brand quality. Both grass-fed beef sticks and pasture turkey lumber are naturally fermented, flavored with organic spices, and come with a good dose of gut-friendly probiotics. Hint: Use WELLNESSMAMA10 code with this link to get 10% off your order, or get it on Amazon.
  • Wild Zora Bars: These are my “food in the bar” options because they contain a lot of dry vegetables and even fruits, as well as a sweet and funny balance. They’re on Amazon or you can save on your website using the WELLNESSMAMA15 code.
  • Salmon jerky: I eat as much seafood as I can get my hands on, and this epic salmon jerky is delicious and provides some variety and a break from beef. Subscribe and save from Amazon, and it is also generally available from the Twitter market.

Of course, if you have beef and some basic spices, I recommend you try to make beef at home. Here’s my recipe for how to do it.


Canned sardines are the best healthy shelf-stable food. They fit the budget, they last for years, and they are completely nutritious. Sardines are a great source of healthy omega-3 fat, calcium, phosphorus and protein. In addition, they are lower in mercury and other heavy metals, especially compared to larger fish such as tuna.

I like the best price and quality florist market, but we love this brand too.

Energy bar

In the case of a hunger strike, there is nothing more convincing than a packaged bar that you can carry with you. Unfortunately, many “healthy” energy bars are loaded with sugar and soy.

I like to make my own protein bars, like this chocolate coconut energy bar and chia and bar tea with coconut oil. However, homemade shelf does not have the durability that packaged products do.

So how to find a healthy package on the go? Kevin Energy Bars are my first choice, as they don’t use any natural preservatives – just sea salt, vitamin E and chia seeds. Plus, they use standard ingredients and only sweeten with organic honey. (You can hear why Kevin is such a big company in my interview with CEO Angelo Kelly.)

Seeds and nuts

If you don’t eat a lot of cereals and beans, nuts and seeds make an excellent pantry substitute. They are full, nutritious, and contain a lot of healthy fats.

My pantry must be stored.

  • Chia Badge: To make Chia Seed Pudding, go for our breakfast or breakfast
  • Puppets: I top my salad with a key ingredient in cylinder pesto.
  • Baroque nuts: I have standard almonds etc but I always try to bring variety to our diet. These are our new favorite nuts that kids love too. I bring them here.
  • Broccoli badge: This may sound a little different, but these are great options for over-the-counter nutrients for the latest sources of nutrients. Check out this post to find out how easy it is.

Note: Make sure your pantry remains cool and dark, or consider storing it in the freezer for long-term storage so that it does not fall into the trap.

Sleeping cup

Okay, so technically this is a freezer-free treat (please don’t put them in the pantry!), But it’s best to avoid them and fit into the emergency food category.

My kids know that Daily Harvest’s smoothie cups are exclusive to mom. I like that it’s full of healthy and healthy ingredients, so I’m still getting my nutrients while I take care of everything else. In addition, they have flavors like strawberry + peach or mint + cacao.

I also like this gift from friends who have just had a baby, because it’s a plant-based emergency meal that doesn’t take a long time.

Indeed. This is a convenience option that can be an investment, so trying to make your freezer smoothie cup as soon as possible is on my to-do list.

Powdered greens

When you need to promote nutrients, fresh green juice from bananas, celery, and other healthy greens is difficult to beat.

But if you can’t go to the store (or just don’t want to leave the house), it’s not a bad idea to have powdered alternatives in hand.

Replacing whole foods is difficult, but some green powders are close enough. Like any supplement, there is a wide range of quality. Some brands contain hidden sweeteners, gums, artificial colors and have to go through rigorous processing to get to the shelves.

We always stock organic brand green juice. It is packed with super food ingredients such as florilla, spololina, beets, green tea, asparagus, and turmeric, which have a separate, immune-boosting tank. I also have their gold powder on hand to make golden milk in a hurry.

Hint: use WELLNESSMAMA codes up to 15% off your order.

Soups and bone broth

Bone broth is a nutritional power house that I want to keep on hand at all times! It is packed with easily digestible amino acids, gelatin, and other nutrients healing the gut, which also benefits our hair, skin and joints.

This is only if you are using real bone broth, and cannot find the “stock” commonly available at grocery stores. The bone broth is special because the bones are roasted to taste, then slowly grind together for hours (sometimes days) in the water to remove all these wonderful nutrients from the bones into the broth. It makes a great base full of protein for a soup, stew, or sauce.

While you can easily make your bones broth at home (recipe here), it takes a few days and is not stable. I store two types of canned bone broth:

  • Kettle and Fire: My favorite line of shelf-stable soup and broth. They make bone broth through grass-fed bones over a long period of time and are closer to home in terms of taste and nutrients. Find them here or on Amazon.
  • brother: Another quality source for broth, they are easily packaged in pouches for easy use, but they have to be refrigerated or frozen. I bring them here.

Collagen powder

If I had to choose a favorite supplement, Collagen would be high on the list! The gelatin (cooked form of collagen) helped my son to breastfeed again, and he did wonders with my hair, skin, and nails.

However, collagen is more than just a beauty booster. It is an essential protein that plays a major role in joint health and digestion. In fact, it’s the secret ingredient that makes bone broth so strong!

An advantage of hydrolyzed collagen powder over bone broth is that it is soluble in any liquid – and you can barely get it (if not all). It easily gets caught in hot coffee and without interruption becomes a wonderful invisible booster in a cold smoothie that your kids won’t even know it’s there.

There are a lot of good brands out there, but I love Vital Proteins. They get their collagen from grass fed, pasture cows, which is really important for overall quality.

Healthy dressings and fruits

Most prepared salads use highly processed vegetable oils such as dressing and mayonnaise. Instead look for avocado oil-based dressing or fruit from brands like Primitive Kitchen.

It’s easy and inexpensive to make your own dressing or fruit with just a few olive oils, vinegar, and spices at home. Here are some of my recipes:

Food alteration drinks

This may surprise you, as drinks at the grocery store shelves are usually filled with junk. A smart brand called Ample has discovered a way to use healthy, real-diet ingredients for a high-protein, low-sugar beverage that does not require refrigeration. Just pour water, stir and move.

They come in plastic bottles, so I use them a bit, but for emergency eating or street-friendly allergies, they are life-saving. Even at $ 7.00 a bottle, they are less expensive and certainly more nutritious than most fast food that we can resort to.

They are a key part of my emergency food stash. I like the berry option because it is milk-free and has a high probiotic growth. I order them from the Ampl website (welcome to get 15% of the code from your first purchase) or from Amazon.

Snacks and food you can make through pantry staples

Although some of them are breakfast or dinner at the pantry staple, some of them need some thoughtful thinking so that you can turn them into something you can serve a family.

My favorite recipes for these days are that you can’t come to the store and need to rely on the basics of your pantry.

  • Spread canned sardines on healthy crackers. If you are okay with dairy then add a little cheese!
  • Got a box of tomatoes lying around? Pair it with your bone broth and you only need a few other basics for this quick and easy tomato soup.
  • If you’ve got eggs, apple fat, coconut flour and some basic spices, you already have everything you need to make these apple sugar muffins. So easy, kids can do a lot on their own!
  • Want a fast and healthy breakfast tomorrow? Plan ahead and make chia pudding. I love using coconut milk, but you can use whatever milk you like (and taste what you have in your hand. Almond butter, chocolate chips, almonds and bananas are all included!)
  • Speaking of breakfast, these almond flour pancakes are ridiculously easy. All you need is almond flour, eggs, and spices.

What are the main parts of the pantry? Did I miss any of your favorite choices?

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