Is Vegetable Oil Healthy? | Wellness Mama

List box[Hide][Show] Aside from whole grains, vegetable oil and margarine are among the most misunderstood and highly recommended foods in the health community. You may have called them “heart-healthy oils”, a good alternative for those who have heard of “saturated fat filled with arteries”. Only one problem. Science does not support these claims! Vegetable oils […]

Homemade Natural Finger Paint Recipe

List box[Hide][Show] Rainy days, long afternoons; sometimes we uncles need a reliable list of fun children’s activities! Make a list of homemade finger paints. This version can be as simple as two components. Even better, it’s completely edible and non-toxic if they eat anything! Why paint home finger? I usually choose to be home when […]

Homemade Coconut Milk Recipe | Wellness Mama

List box[Hide][Show] I have been using coconut products for years and now you can find everything from coconut cream to coconut flour in your grocery store baking corridor. Coconut milk is a great alternative to wheat milk or rice, almonds, soy, or other plant-based milk and you can find it at most stores. Unfortunately, canned […]

How to Breathe the Right Way With Breathwrk

Baby: Welcome to my mom’s podcast. This podcast is sponsored by Valencia. My new personal care company that develops products that simply go beyond safe and natural and contain beneficial ingredients that nourish your body from the outside. Many “clean” products do not work easily. That’s why I’ve spent the last decade researching and perfecting […]

Maca Root Benefits for Hormones

List box[Hide][Show] I use herbs and spices to help my body. Maize root is a favorite because it helps the body make hormones so much. Because hormones govern many of the body’s functions, corn is a natural natural supplement to help women’s hormones. Mica: Anything l. A root Corn root (Lipidium MainiRadish is a tuber […]

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