‘Pet Sematary’ Star Jason Clarke on Fitness, Racing Cars, and More


He plays CIA agent, a climber, and Ted Kennedy. On the eve of his new movie, The direction of the pet, We talk Jason Clark About car racing, wave chasing, and fuel as candy.

Being from Australia, I love being in nature – climbing, backpacking for weeks. I was following adrenaline, but after having two children, I was no longer mad. But I still race cars. I played an escape driver Public enemy In the 1990s, and got into it. I was sneaking into Chicago Land Speedway at the end of the week. With car racing, it’s very easy to know where your skill level is. If you get ahead of it, you crash.

Surf up

Fitness is something I do for my physical health, but also mental. If I don’t run a few times a week, I slow down. I am currently in Byron Bay, Australia, with my family, where the oceans and forests meet the eastern regions and the cows. Today I had a swim and a surf. I don’t make money from being shroud, so I do very little workouts. I always travel with a good ipping rope. And when I was in L.A. When I am, I train with a guy named Andy Thomson, cross-leg work and lifting, which helped my waist and shoulders. I also do palettes for flexibility and range of motion. I’m 49 years old, and after 20 years of stunts and fighting feuds, I’m having some pain and suffering.

Fitness is something I do for my physical health, but also mental. If I don’t run a few times a week, I slow down.

Save for yourself

When we are together, my wife and I eat a really neat, mostly Mediterranean diet breakfast Eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch, fish or chicken for dinner. On a movie set, eating properly is difficult, as they are cooking for the entire staff, so it may not be what you need. And you have to maintain the same weight throughout the filming. When I shoot and I can easily lose weight I try to get a lot more energy. Recently, I was shooting in St. Petersburg, Russia at 4:30 in the morning at minus 30 degrees. When it was time to go, I would eat snacker bars between scenes to capture so much energy.

– he told Marjorie Corr

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