Push-Pull Workout Jay Harrington Uses to Build Muscle at 49


On the set of CBS Police Drama S.W.A.T., There is a trailer that occasionally appears on the screen as a mobile command unit. But you will not find any techniques to fight crime inside. Instead, it is stocked with gym equipment. This is also where you will find cast member Jay Herrington when he finds a few hours between shots.

->“LAPD is a high level of Swat police operations, and these people are not afraid,” says Harrington. Men’s Journal.

The actor played the role of Sergeant II David ‘Deacon’, a 10-year veteran from Swat and a senior member of the “Last Defense” unit shown in the exhibition. This is a complex role, with a hint of physical, emotional and mental well-being in which you have to strap on a bulletproof vest every day while your family is at home.

Before the series began, the cast was cast through a police-run boot camp. As you can imagine, the best teacher was the raw experience. “I put on tactical gear, picked up the primary weapon, and was shocked by the weight of it all,” Harrington said. As the hours went by, the load became clearer, and the show’s intense action began to take advantage of it, especially given the 50 near the star.

->So while Harrington was preparing for the latest season, he decided to offer some help to get into the form of a senior police officer. He was paired with trainer Andre Bolorchi, his friend Chris Mogdam, and was a pigeon in a program to put solid muscle mass in double ops in Santa Monica. The partnership has been successful, when the 49-year-old’s emotions are stronger than ever, and when they will show a significant size compared to last season.

The benefits go beyond aesthetics, while the Harrington raids go smoothly, led by Otis Gallup, a San Diego Swat veteran of San Diego Swat. “It’s important for us to tell these stories correctly, and Oates makes sure we do,” says Harrington. “Needless to say, he’s also an animal. I have a lot of respect for these boys, and I want to do them justice.”

J. Harrington at SWAT
J. Harrington at SWAT Thanks to CBS

Push-pull workout that got ‘SWAT’ actor Jay Harrington at the age of 49 at the time.

Bolucci developed a bridge program that aims to build power and add size to Harrington without getting too heavy. The trainer’s first step was to dial in the actor’s form and add variations to the classical exercises. This exercise is a look at one of these training days in which the back and biceps are targeted. Move the list down, complete the set number, and rest for 60 to 90 seconds between exercises before starting again. Complete three cycles.

Given that Herrington has already spent a lot of time on his feet during filming, he focused more on the cover than the feet. At the top, one of the actor’s favorite outdoor activities is stepping in the sun in Santa Monica. “I sweat a lot,” he says. “These days I’ve found this to be an important routine for both my mental and physical health.” So if you’re looking to finish exercising, get on the floor. Pound or find some stairs.

1. Hex bar deadlift x 12 reps

->How to: Place yourself in the middle of the trap bar with your legs hip-width apart. Bend at the knees and grab the hips to hold the knees and handles down. Dig your heels into the ground, attach your toes, and maintain a flattened waist while losing weight. The movement must be strong and explosive. Place your movements in the upper part of the movement, then return the bar to the floor in a slow and controlled motion.

2. Reverse Barbel – Grip Row x 12 Reps

->Place yourself behind the barbell, shoulder to shoulder width apart. Bend under the knees and grab the hips to bring the lower back down and hold the bar with the lower grip. Pick up the barbell, fully extend the arms and place them back parallel to the floor. Begin the support by pulling the bar toward your back, using only your arms, bringing your elbows behind your back. Pause for a moment, then return to starting position.

3. Single-sleeved dumbbell row with X12 stable hip extension on each side

Bring a dumbbell to a Roman chair or hyper-extension bench. Lift the dumbbell with your right hand, extend your arm, hold it straight under your shoulder and use the equipment to go into stable hip extension. When you place the dumbbells straight on your back, keep your spine straight, keeping your elbows close to your side. Pause briefly, then return to starting position. Complete all delegates on one side, then switch.

->4. Late pull down x 12 reps with resistance band

Protect your resistance band from the top. If the band is not secure enough, you may fall to your knees to get the correct positioning. Slowly pull the band down from your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together and keeping your head aligned with your spine. Pause briefly, then return to starting position.

5. Barbell biceps curl 12 x reps

Place a barbell with the grip of the hand, keeping the hand shoulder width apart. Keeping your shoulders and upper arms, turn the bar towards your chest. Bring the bar to your shoulders, squeezing your biceps upwards. Pause briefly, then return to starting position.

6. Dumbbell concentration curl x 12 reps

Sit on a flat bench with legs wide and feet wide on the floor. Lift a dumbbell in your right hand with the lower grip, keeping the back of your upper arm against your inner right thigh. Your torso should be bent enough so that the arm is fully extended. Slowly lower the dumbbell to the right shoulder without removing the upper arm. Pause briefly, then return to starting position. ->

S.W.A.T. Now in its fourth season on CBS.

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