Rapha’s New Transfer Collection Is Built for Post-Ride Recovery


When riding kit for the most, most cyclists focus on the clothes they wear. On Motorcycle but British Cycling Outfitters Rafha’s Fresh Apparel Release Centers on Different Aspects of Cycling: What happens before and after the ride, whether it’s snowshoes on the bus between the stages or after a long trip with friends. Knock However, you define “restoration”, the new Rafah Transfer Collection, created in partnership with the Dutch textile studio Bibra, designed to help you relax and recharge. This collection combines Biber’s unique fabric skills with Rafa’s years of experience in designing clothing for cyclists.

Alex Weldman, creative director at RIFA, said in a press release, “Both brands have appreciated each other’s commitment to innovation for some time.” We worked closely with pro team riders to develop such a product. To help them recover from the stage races. “

The Transition Collection includes a hoodie, sweat pants, shorts, long sleeve t-shirt and scarf, all designed to keep riders comfortable in variations. According to Veldman, making such a high performance recovery garment has long been a dream of Rafah.

He said, “For many years we have been chasing the sacred stone of maximum relief. Men’s Journal In an email

To do this, the team needed to find a way to produce costumes that could cool down and warm up on the other, Waldman said. But its current design did not depend on software work. Busbeer stepped in using the studio’s santoni-making machine, succeeding in creating a modern reversible bubble pattern used in the transfer collection.

Each item is completely transformed and is made from a blend of merino wool, cotton and nylon. This means you will get costumes that are soft and anti-microbial, as well as breathable and durable so that they can withstand travel fast. The item also features graphics influenced by Monte Carpagna, a favorite of Italian cyclist Marco Pantani.

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The hood is designed to nail the balance between insulation and breathability with fabric panes, which have a outer layer of cotton / nylon and an inner layer of merino, between which is a lightweight polyester yarn. The yarn provides insulation, while the outer layer makes the hood durable and the inner layer provides a soft feeling against the skin (of course, you can wear it from the inside). Side panels without insulation help prevent hot air and increase flexibility, and the hood comes with a built-in pattern that incorporates extra padding – when you’re on the go or on the race to get a quick nap. Are trying

Like a hoodie, sweat and shorts use the same polyester filling sandwich between marino wool and nylon layers. They cut hand pockets on a slim fit and front pocket, so you don’t have to worry about losing your valuables.

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The long-sleeved T-shirt is made of a double-sided cotton (green fabric) reinforced with nylon, and blends with a merino layer (blue fabric) for comfort and comfort. It does not need to be filled with polyester just like bones do, so it should work well in heat conditions where there is no concern for heat retention. The scarf, on the other hand, uses the sandwiched polyester insulation found on the hood, so you’ll get enough heat in your neck while wearing it.

The collection is now available exclusively to members of the Rifa Cycling Club, and the items will be on sale October 2 to the general public.

[Hoodie: $540; Sweatpants: $410; Shorts: $345; Long sleeve T-shirt: $265; Scarf: 135; rapha.cc]

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