Sebastian Stan’s Workout for ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’


Sebastian Stein’s Exercise It’s not a walk in the park. The star could strap on a bionic arm to play Winter Soldier, but better understood as an absolute weapon without robotic muscles.

“Over the last eight years, being in this role has changed my life,” says Stan. Falcon and the Winter Soldier (March 19), a new series of Disney + series where Avengers: Endgame Left. The actor says, “This action is as big a production as the movies.”

“There were a lot of days when there was a Sewak kettlebell or a pair of dumbbells,” says longtime trainer Don Saladino. Yet he was able to increase the size, strength and endurance to perform the show’s relentless fight. “What he gained from his body weight and a few pieces of gear is exciting.” Here’s a look at Stan’s pre-shooting power routines, completed by hundreds of pull-ups, set-ups and push-ups.

Instructions: Perform Exercises 1 and 3 as a straight set, and exercise as a 2 triceps, moving forward steadily in each exercise and resting for only a certain amount of time between the triceps rounds. Keep dumbbells and kettlebell weights at maximum weight without compromising shape.

Sebastian Stein Falcon and the Winter Soldier Labor

Half-knee one-arm kettle bull
Half-knee one-arm kettle bull Maris Bug for Men’s Magazine

1. Half-knee one-arm kettle bull

How to: With the knees down, in front of your knees, with the bundle on the handle (hand on the handle, hand on the stick), face the palm. Press the weight straight up, rotate your hand and face the palm in front, the torso is aligned in a straight line. Do not bend the back of the press. Slowly lose weight, representing all to one side before switching. Between the remaining 1 minute sets. Complete 5 x 8 reps on each side with 1 minute rest between sets.

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