The 20-minute Stair Workout to Light Up Your Legs


Can’t go to the gym but need some cardio admission? Chances are, you already have a great option in your home or nearby park or track.

“One of the most effective ways to work on your lower body during cardio endurance and burning fat is to climb ladders,” explains Erin Hund, founder of the Brooklyn Bridge boot camp in New York.

In addition, regular ladder workout increases your VO2 (how much oxygen your body uses during exercise) and increases your metabolism by 36 hours after you work out.

This 20-minute workout is put together by the hound, which burns more than 200 calories while targeting all major muscles, especially the legs and ankles. Place it on the stairs with at least three flights, or about 50 airs. (If you can’t find one of these big things, turn and repeat at the top of the flight.)

End the routine with a few minutes length.

warm up

Duration: 5 minutes
Why it’s effective: Mobilizes glutes and feet

  1. 20x Squat: Keep the hip width of the feet apart, the arms in front. Push the heels on the floor, and squeeze the glutes as you come up. Finish with 30 second squat hold.
  2. 15 X stationary manipulation: Complete 15 reps per leg, and complete each set with a long hold of 30 seconds.
  3. 20x Squat Jump: From the squat position, jump, then into the deep squat position.
  4. 20x Reverse Range: Complete 20 legs per.
  5. 20x Chair Lounge: Complete 20 legs per.

20 minute ladder routine

Instructions: The remaining 20 seconds between rounds

Round 1
Run 1 ladder at a time, 3 flights at a high speed (about 50 stairs). Step back, then hold the wall squat for 60 seconds.

Round 2
Run 3 flights at a fast pace, taking 2 stairs at a time. Step back, then hold for 60 seconds.

Goal 3
Take 3 or more stairs at the same time, moving up to 3 flights (with legs, starting and descending in a squat). Step back, then do 20 push ups.

The final push
Repeat all 3 rounds, but double the flights to 3-6.

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