The Best 20-Minute Bodyweight Legs Workout for Busy Guys


We’ve all heard the voice of the boy who regrets his brutal leg workout. As his squats, leg presses and hamstring curls left him wandering out of the gym, he suffered pain for three days.

There is a place for these exercises – if you are into bodybuilding, masochism, or quad building, they can only be appreciated in a short couple. But if you are looking to train your legs for strength, strength and practical movement, you do not need to hurt yourself through full gym workouts.

In a seamless world where we spend most of our time sitting behind tables and steering wheels, it is important to emphasize that we have to open our hard hips and move on in everyday life to avoid injuries and colitis. Should be imitated. That way, you’ll create a stronger, more powerful lower body, using your body weight as a resistance.

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In this eight-step, 20-minute leg exercise, you’ll get two sets of circuits. The next time you want to lose a lot of weight, shoot it, you’re short on time, or you’re traveling.

Pete Williams is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and author or co-author of numerous books on performance and training.

1. Knee Throat

Why it works: This easy move extends from your next toe hamstring and glute to the hip flexor of your back leg. This is an effective range for lower body exercises.

How to do it: With your hands below your right knee, clap your hands. With your left knee, pull your knee from your chest. Return to the starting position and repeat on the left. Continue alternating.

Prescription: 2 × 10 representatives, on each side

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2. Warm rocking

Why it works: This move is a combination of two familiar yoga poses – cow and baby poses and provides a great part for the quads and hips.

How to do it: Get down at all fours and lower your waist. Push your hips backwards as far as you can, holding the spine. You should feel a tension around and around the hips. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Prescription: 2 × 10 representatives

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3. Wall set

Why it works: Wallsets are an easy, extremely free-forming bodyweight exercise that you can do. They challenge your quads and hips quickly and effectively.

How to do it: Stand one foot in front of a wall and sit upright, flat as if you are sitting in a hidden chair.

Prescription: 2 × 30 seconds (or up to 2 minutes)

4. Ultimate hamstring

Why it works: This step forces you to activate (activate) your lane. Performing such movements should become a routine in your training and everyday life.

How to do it: Balance your right foot, keep your stomach tight and shoulders back and down. Bend your waist to your sides with both hands. Imagine your body resembles an airplane. From here, stretch your left leg back as you fire your left glute. Your shoulders and heels should move together, forming a straight line. Return to the starting position and switch legs, performing a set of 10 on each side.

Prescription: 2 × 10 representatives, on each side

Lateral manipulation
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5. Lateral manipulation

Why it works: Lateral movement is important in sports and everyday life, but we often overlook it even when training. The lateral lounge collides with quads and glutes, but specifically targets your hamstring.

How to do it: Exit on the right, keeping your toes straight forward and your feet flat. Squat just below your right leg, keeping your left leg straight. Wait for two seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat for all delegates, then change sides.

Prescription: 2 × 10 representatives, on each side

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6. Lateral binding

Why it works: It builds the power of the background in your feet and challenges the hamstring in a different way than traditional stretching exercises.

How to do it: Stand on your right leg, lift your left foot off the ground. Squat a bit on your right leg and use your leg and glite to jump late (left). Land on the opposite leg, maintaining balance. Wait for three seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Prescription: 2 × 10 representatives, on each side

7. Split squat

Why it works: Split squats strengthen the lower body strength by increasing balance and strength throughout your legs.

How to do it: Step into a lounge with dumbbells on your sides. Lower your hips up and down. Drive your weight back up from the front leg, without touching your back to the floor.

Prescription: 2 × 10 representatives, on each side

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8. Squat jump

Why it works: The move is working on your hips, knees and ankles, but using your glutes to generate key strength.

How to do it: Stand with your feet out of your shoulders and hands in front of you or behind your head. Squats, squeezing your lane as you come down, keeping your knees behind your feet. Jump vertically after holding the bottom position for two seconds. Pull your fingers into the squat position starting midair and from the ground, hold for three seconds, and repeat 10 times. Keeping your hips down from behind, make sure to go down gently.

Prescription: 2 × 10 representatives

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