The Hardgainer’s Guide to Building Muscle


This is the ultimate fallback for any boy who has difficulty muscling: “I’m a tough guy! Boys like me just can’t grow bigger and stronger – it’s not in our DNA.

And of course, there are some genetic benefits that a person always gains from other heights, he is able to put his tongue at the tip of his nose and nose, but there is no reason why any man is surprised. Can’t take advantage of the hot (even you, Benpool)). The so-called tough guy is usually a rough guy whose long arms and legs make up for the flawed levers he has to lift. Fiber synthesis and hormones on its muscles benefit more slowly than natural athletes.

But this is not a clinically recognized condition, and it is certainly not a short life sentence – in fact, it is just an excuse, according to Charles Staley, a strength coach with 30 years of training experience ( What is the solution? Stay tuned for the same style of training that any smart lifter uses, but pay close attention to these three rules, which can turn tough guys into a solid body once and for all.

Don’t think “better is better.”

If a hard worker, or someone looking to gain muscle immediately, make a mistake, it’s better to think more.

In 2011, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research It was found that the subjects who underwent full body training three times a week for each session yielded the same results, who performed the upper-lower splits in four training days, with both groups completing the same set. So as long as you work out, it doesn’t seem to matter how often you go to the gym.

Still, Staley recommends staying with the three-day, full-body model, forcing you to limit the amount of work you do to each muscle group in a single session. An abusive trainee (including hardworking ones) prevents them from doing more than they can handle. Each exercise should begin with squat, bench press, or deadlift variations, then follow along with dumbbells and machine exercises. For example, you can start with squats, then hit the dumbbell bench press and cable row.

Alternative high and low representation

Hard genres believe that traditional training does not work for them, so they like to experiment in innovative ways such as dropsets and forced agents. “I don’t want to bring a huge artillery unless you’ve already made some good income,” Staley says. “But loneliness is a big impetus for muscular development.”

You can change your workout and jerk your muscles more easily and easily by switching back and forth between periods of high training and heavy lifting. “For three to six weeks, train representative reps in the range of six to 12,” says Staley, who best targets pure muscle development. Then spend the same amount of time on sets of three to five reps, which improves the power. On the contrary, repetition has a great advantage over time. Staley says, “Try to gain weight and set up every workout.

So you can start with two sets per lift and increase it to five sets in four weeks. “Stack the sets until you get more wounds, then start a new phase with new exercises.” Wound is not the best indicator of growth, but if you have never been injured by an elevator, it will probably mean that your body is much more efficient in improving its performance so that it can promote new growth. ۔

Your Choose the best lifts

“If you can’t stretch the quad because you have long stretches,” says Staley, “back squats probably aren’t the best thing for you. “Lifters with long legs often find that they have to bend their torso too much to complete the lift, and this can cause injury to the lower back as well as changing the width of the trigger. In this case, Staley recommends adding more leg presses and hack squats in your program to maximize the thighs.

By the same mark, if you have long arms, it is not necessary to touch the bar with your chest on the bench press. Instead, Steele says, “press the floor so the range of motion is not too large,” which allows you to use more weight safely. A 2012 study found that lifters who use partial range achieved the same biceps thickness as the full range. Dumbbells and pressing machines, which you can do with the full range, are good options to keep your power balanced.

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