The Rock Is Sharing His Kickass Bodybuilding Workouts for the World to Try


Yes, Dwayne Johnson’s life is very epic. It should also be completely tired. Case in point: the exercise routine. After raising an eyebrow and being absolutely jacked with it Hercules And Watch Exercise is releasing a new set of ongoing workouts for the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Zaman, Which he posted in a post on his Under Armor record account, titled #InsideIronParadise. (Johnson teamed up with the apparel company to produce its project Rock Gear.)

And clearly: Exercise looks cruel, like a fever dream cooked in the lab of a full-time bodybuilder who is also a very busy entertainer and star. Ready to hit the bell like The Rock? Read

About exercise

By mid-October, Johnson listed three Zaman Exercise: Back, chest and legs. The other #IndideIronParadise workouts are: Chest / Trace and Back / Biceps.

These are all classic bodybuilding routines, with tons of volume and isolated work designed to hit large muscle groups and individual muscles at every angle. He is also a big fan of cable drills, and wants to change his grip position to get the most out of every move.

Under Armor / Project Rock
Under Armor / Project Rock

Before you begin

– Johnson does not list the weights we used. Well with us, because we’re talking about rock here, so we don’t expect most people to weigh what it does.

– The volume of work in these exercises is enormous, so make sure you are lifting your weight that you can see in designated representatives and sets. Calculate your weight before you lift it, and track your performance as you do each exercise so you know whether to add weight the next time you exercise.

– Where relevant, we’ve included Johnson’s notes regarding the movement. In certain exercises, such as back hypertension and lethal pulldown on the back of the head, Make sure you have a speed limit Trying these tricks before plowing through 20 reps can be tough on your joints and again, you’re not rock.

– In the cases where Johnson uses certain equipment, we have noted this as such, and have included alternatives for your use.

– As we noted, this exercise involves a lot of volume, so make sure you get enough rest and fuel before trying. If you are trying to do this workout on an empty stomach, it may not be a bad idea to increase mid-exercise with some carbs to make sure that your muscles have glycogen.

Being rock is exhausting and absolutely epic >>>

Dwayne Johnson’s “Dr. Breston” Jumanji Exercise

Exercise 1: Back

1-sleeve late pull down
3 sets x 15 reps
Johnson uses a hammer machine that allows independent handles to separate each part of his back for each hand. If you do not have such a machine, you can download an armed cable bridge.

Reverse-grip cable pull down
5 set x 12 representation
Rest 30 seconds between sets.
Hold the bar with your palms (sopin).

One arm dumbbell row
3 Set X12 Reps
Hold on top of each second for 2 seconds.

“Charles Glass Style” Hammer High Row
4 sets x 12 reps
In a Charles Glass-style upper row, place the dumbbells in the victim’s grip in front of your waist (so that your palms are facing) and extend them to the chest height.

Super set: 4 sets x 12 reps
A. Wide grip cable line (use the pull down bar)
B. Rope Bridge
Rest 45 seconds between supersets.

Back (Hyper) Extension w / Hand Head Back: 3 sets x 15 reps
Make sure you go slowly over the move. Don’t get too close to a neutral spine – your waist will get excellent exercise without leaving your tour.

Dumble Shores
4 sets x 20 reps

Exercise 2: Chest

Fly stand cable
7 sets x 15 reps
Rest 30 seconds between sets.

Mile fly
4 sets x 12 reps
Note: Johnson uses the Star Trek machine, which ensures that the resistance is coming from a constant angle. You can duplicate the inclined benches with these cables: set the bench on an incline, and then angle the cables so they stand for your torso.

One Arm Incline Press (fully expanded)
3 sets x 10 reps
Note: Johnson uses a hammer-powered inclined press machine, but you can duplicate with dumbbells, cables, or similar machines that allow an armed press.

Flat Dumbbell Press (palms facing each other)
3 Set X12 Reps

Chest SuperSet: 4 sets
A. Flat Dumbbell Fly (12 representatives)
B. Pushups on failure
45 seconds between the supersets.

Exercise 3: Legs

Barbell Glott Bridge
4 Set X 12 Reps (Last Raid for 10 Seconds)

Single leg extension
3 sets x 20 reps

Leg press
4 sets x 25 reps
Rest 90 seconds between sets.

3 set x 24 reps

Vertical leg presses
3 sets x 20 reps
Rest 60 seconds between sets.

Single leg lying legs
4 sets x 15 reps
If your gym does not have a lying leg curl machine, you can replace the standard sitting leg curl.

The glute ham raises
4 sets x 8–12 reps

Dwayne Johnson’s “Iron Paradise Inside” Exercise

Exercise 1: Chest / Trespass


Hammer Power Inc Press
4 sets x 8–12 reps

Mile Dumble Fly
3 sets x 8–10 reps

Hammer power flat press
3 sets x 8–12 reps

Flat Dumbbell Press (palms facing each other)
3 sets x 8–12 reps
Make 3 partial representations at the end of the last two sets.

Dips with weighted chains
3 sets of failures
Have 5 partial reps at the end of each set.

Dwayne Johnson
Getty Images


Reverse grip pushdowns
7 sets x 8–12 reps
Use a camber bar (alias angle bar, rather than straight bar).
Grip the bottom of the bar (soapine), so you can face the palm roof at the beginning of the set.

Skull Crushers
3 sets x 8–12 reps

Machine dips
3 sets x 8–12 reps

Overhead tricuspid extension with rope
7 sets x 8–12 reps
Johnson does this exercise with a pulley in the back of his head.

Exercise 2: Back / Biceps


We bar let down
4 sets x 8–12 reps

Reverse-grip bent over row
4 sets x 8–12 reps
Use a camber bar. Grab the bar with an under-hand grip.
Hold the bar on your belly button for 2 seconds for the last 4 reps

Hip-lowering 1-arm dumbbell row
2 sets x 8–12 reps

1-arm dumbbell rows upper ribcage
2 sets x 8–12 reps

Low cable line
3 sets x 8–10 reps
Use the bar

Superset: 7 sets of 8-10 reps
A. Late pull downs
Johnson pulls the bar behind his neck, but be careful with the movement – it can cause some tension in your shoulder joints. Make sure you have the best shoulder movement before trying to get behind the neck.
B. Back extension (set last 3 for failure)


Low cable curls
7 sets x 8–12 reps
Use rotation bar (not straight bar).
Rest 30 seconds between sets.

Machine Preacher Curls
3 sets x 8–12 reps
Have 4 partial representatives at the end of the last 2 sets

Front double bicep curls
3 sets x 10–15 reps
Johnson does this on a cable machine using a high pulley, but you can substitute with dumbbells if needed.

Preacher curls
3 sets x 8–12 reps
Johnson does this on a preacher curl bench using a cable machine, but you can substitute for dumbbells if needed.

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