The Rock’s Daughter Hilariously Complimented His Jacked Physique


It is common knowledge that Dwayne Johnson has been torn from foot to foot, one of his most notable features is the impressive combination of pecs that has embarrassed most gym goers. But in a recent Instagram post, Johnson revealed that his two-year-old daughter, Jasmine, was slightly confused about her perky chest.

Johnson wrote on the Post, “After recharging the batteries this weekend, I returned home with all my girls and taught them how to swim this lil ‘storm.” You like brown boobs .. Thanks baby, but daddy’s not a box, Pips. “

His innocent, yet hilarious compliments on Johnson’s body can be had with any Jack man. But with a father like The Rock, it may not be too late for Jasmine to learn all about fitness.

Johnson also took to Instagram to express gratitude to fans all over the world during his Monday gym session Skyscraper His latest blockbuster.

Skyscrapers Johnson stars as a former FBI agent and an ampea who has to save his family from a skyscraper that was taken over by terrorists. The film premiered on Friday, July 13th, and earned $ 25 million domestically during its opening weekend.

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