The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Power Couple Workout: Partner Routine


Dinner, check. Movie, check. Gift Exchange, Check.

But, why not stop all the traditional Valentine’s Day stuff, and sweat a little first. Designed by Jacqueline Casein, a Ribokovian ambassador, celebrity trainer, and HUMANFITPROJECT athlete, this intense workout is perfect for a footy couple who never misses a workout – even on the most romantic days of the year. Also


Perform maximum reps for each exercise AMrap (maximum effort of 30 seconds with one minute rest. If you can perform it faster than the rest of the minute you are not done.


Circuit # 1

1. Dumble Literal Rice

2. Cable Woodchips

3. Military Press

4. Rapid Fire Punches (Cross Jobs)

* Repeat the circuit twice

Circuit # 2

1. Push with unilateral hand taps

2. Leg lifting and weight loss

3. Weighted forward lens and kettle bell swing

4. Dumbbell Front Squat

* Repeat the circuit twice

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