The Upper-Body Workout for Big, Strong, and Shredded Shoulders, Pecs, and Triceps


If we had to choose six exercises to grow the upper body, then that would be it. Focus New York trainer and powerlifter Louis Tejeda Demonstrated Upper Body Indoor Animal Exercise.

Exercise (Designed by Tim MacCamsey, TRYMFit)

(5 minutes 5 exercises 2 minute intervals)
(90 x intervals on 4 x 6 exercises)
(60 seconds interval on 3 X 8 exercises)

1. Barbell Chest Press – 5 x 5
2 Pull-ups – Weighted – 5 x 5
3. Barbell Standing Shoulder Press – 4 x 6
4 Barbell Shores – 4 x 6
5 Visit dips – 3 x 8
6. Barble bicep curls – 3 x8

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